Odell Beckham To Visit Eagles

Add Odell Beckham to the list of receivers coming to Philly for  a visit.

The LSU wideout told Sirius XM that he is meeting with the Eagles this upcoming week. The team has already reportedly entertained Texas A&M’s Mike Evans, Indiana’s Cody Latimer, Kelvin Benjamin out of Florida State and Marqise Lee from USC. Latimer is projected as a Day 2 pick; the rest of the group have first-round grades.

Sheil took an up-close look at Beckham recently. The 5-11, 198-pound standout caught 59 balls for 1,152 yards and eight touchdowns in 2013. He was also the Tigers’ return man and averaged 26 yards per kickoff.

When we asked Greg Cosell which receivers in this class appear to be the best fits for Chip Kelly’s offense, Beckham was the first player he mentioned.

“In an ideal world, you’ve got a guy like Odell Beckham who could easily fit that role. Beckham is terrific. He really is a smooth, fluid athlete with quickness, with speed, really good run after catch, he has really good hands. He knows how to run routes at this point, which is usually rare for a college wide receiver.

“He can do a lot of things in a Chip Kelly offense. He was also willing to block. He blew up Alabama linebacker C.J. Mosley this year; last year he blew up another Alabama linebacker. He is willing to block. Overall, he is a quick, polished, dynamic, versatile wideout with explosive traits both as a route-runner and run after catch. He would absolutely fit a Chip Kelly offense.”

Kelly attended LSU’s pro day earlier this month.

There is no guarantee that Beckham will be there at 22. Daniel Jeremiah, for one, believes he could even be a top-10 pick. If he does slip into the Eagles’ range, he’ll be a tempting target.

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  • Joe L

    Yes, please.

  • dante

    I said once they release Desean I want be happy but getting someone like Odell Beckham Jr who has a similar skill set of Desean Jackson not as fast but close enough and might be even a better rout runner then Desean and willing to catch passes in the middle or anywhere big hands willing to block he checks off all the boxes to fit chip Kelly offense even in areas Desean Jackson didn’t Excal in even despite coming off a career season

    • Andy124

      Honest question, do you talk like you type? Because that would be awesome.

      • Vet Linc

        Maybe he’s a grad student like Geagle and just blowing off a little steam; therefore, things like grammar, punctuation and spelling don’t matter.

        • dante

          Lol No I just type fast

          • PhillySean

            it’s like reading Faulkner or Cormac McCarthy.

          • G_WallyHunter

            The Road, fantastic read, almost no country for old men, another fantastic read

          • oreofestar

            oh yes LOVE the Road

          • G_WallyHunter

            you see the movie? Very well done as well..

          • oreofestar

            never saw it

          • PhillySean

            Check out Blood Meridian if you haven’t. If there is a polar opposite of It’s a Wonderful Life, that would be it. A lot of people feel that Blood Meridian and the Road are a set.

          • Tikkit

            I’m about halfway through BM, what a different, great, piece of art.

          • GW.Fisher

            How does using punctuation slow you down, exactly?

        • G_WallyHunter

          Geagle was a grad student? Yeah, and pigs fly

      • Maggie

        Consider his screen name. When you’re on fire you can’t be bothered with sentences. ;~)

      • cliff henny

        if you read it in a Christopher walken voice, makes alot more sense

        • HowieGambleChipsAllDay

          Holy sh%t you’re right!

        • Andy124

          OMFG, that is amazing. Bravo Cliff.

  • Andy124

    Why does everybody keep misspelling Beccham?

    • Johnny Domino

      That’s the soccer guy in the underwear ads, right?

      • Maggie

        As in “bend it like”?

  • Tom w

    Jets like odb and cooks a lot. Making it to 22 really depends on them. In a perfect world we get a nice offer to trade down and take latimer or Robinson in the early second round or Kyle van noy and w 54 take Marcus smith or attouchi.

  • mtn_green

    I think eagles are creating a run on wr so an OLB will fall to them at 22

    • UKEagle99

      Bring the top tier guys in so when you evaluate the 2nd tier (where you are more likely to dip in) then at least you have a decent benchmark.

      • mtn_green

        Last year eagles tried to create a run on QB and had Lurie at a workout. Didn’t work tho.

        • UKEagle99

          I dont buy 1 team can create a market. I think you bring players in to evaluate them, either A) You may draft them and B) Your opponent will.

  • Glenn

    If the Eagles had their pick of Beckham, Cooks, or Lee, at 22, who would you pick?

    • Justin

      Calvin Pryor.

      • Glenn

        I agree. Pryor before a WR. But I assume Pryor is taken before 22. Among the three WR, I think Cooks may be the best. Was wondering what everyone else thought.

        • Maggie

          Are you sure about Pryor? The Eagles at least partially addressed safety concerns in FA. Corner can wait a round or two. Surely the first round should be used for a real pass rusher? Second, WR, third OL, etc. Seems logical, but I’ve been wrong before. There are undoubtedly DBs out there, who we’ve never heard of, but Tom Gamble likes?

          • oreofestar

            I know it is a boring respnse but it really depends who is on the board

          • Glenn

            Am I sure about Pryor? I think he is the best safety available, and is extremely versatile, and a playmaker. He can play in the box, is a sure tackler, and has excellent coverage skills. Pryor is better than Jenkins, a guy who was the weak link on the Saints the past several years. And, I think Pryor and Jenkins can be on the field at the same time, if Wolff doesn’t work out. I do not think you automatically pick a pass rusher in the first round, because I believe all of the real pass rushers will be gone by pick 22. Unless there is a surprise.

        • Justin

          The thing I’ll be watching is if the Eagles try to trade up for Pryor he he falls into the 15-18 range. Problem is we only have what? 6 draft picks?

      • Maggie

        Lol. Anthony Barr.

        • Glenn

          Do u really think Barr makes it to 22?

          • Maggie

            I really think that most of us don’t know what to think. ;~D

          • Glenn

            yes…Barr would be an option…likely there at 22

          • mtn_green

            Barr is so gone. Higher level pass rushers are always way over drafted.

    • EaglesFanInPhx

      Beckham>Cooks>Lee for me. Lee has too many question marks for me.

    • James Adair


  • cheapmeat

    So the raiders are releasing Pryor Monday, over-under on us picking him up?

    • G_WallyHunter

      that’d be fantastic… I’ve been envisioning this ever since a year ago when rumours started of him getting out of the black hole, if he has the work ethic needed, CK could turn him into something special I think.

  • Will

    Your Picks:

    Round 2 Pick 5 (ATL): Allen Robinson, WR, Penn State (A-)
    Round 2 Pick 32 (SEA): Jeremiah Attaochu, OLB, Georgia Tech (A)
    Round 3 Pick 4 (ATL): Deone Bucannon, SS, Washington State (A)
    Round 3 Pick 24 (CINN): Daniel McCullers, DT, Tennessee (B)
    Round 4 Pick 22: Anthony Steen, OG, Alabama (B)
    Round 4 Pick 32 (SEA): Brandon Coleman, WR, Rutgers (C)
    Round 5 Pick 22: Cairo Santos, K, Tulane (D-)
    Round 7 Pick 18 (NYJ): Aaron Colvin, CB, Oklahoma (A-)
    Round 7 Pick 22: DeDe Lattimore, ILB, South Florida (C+)

    • Mitchell

      REALLY digging the first 3 picks!!!!! I like Brandon Coleman too. I would like one more receiver as well. I might switch out McCullers for Christian Jones, that’s just me though.

  • oreofestar

    Damn when will GEAGLE come back there is a very obvious void with him gone, and what happened anyway he got in a spat with MAG or what

    • G_WallyHunter

      they may have gotten sick of him calling them out on every article lately, saying they were dopes or what not, I dono, just guessing. I agree though, the void is there, we can trust he will return like Gandalf the White just in time for May 6th..

      • Max Lightfoot

        GEAGLE seemed to have a talent for shooting himself in the foot, not to mention shooting off his mouth.

        What goes around comes around.

    • Maggie

      Maggie can only surmise that she was called one too many ugly names. (ontinuing the 3rd person concept sometimes used by people on camera).

    • NYCbirds

      I hope the guy stays banned. As someone who often reads the comments as a supplement to what Tim and Sheil write, Geagle’s tediousness, combativeness and bizarre grammar are not missed. I don’t blame Tim and Sheil for giving him the Desean treatment.

      • DoctorRick

        Guess I missed the spin out, I was out of town and had spotty attendance here at Eagles’ school. I always appreciated his insight, but if I understand correctly he started making things personal?
        Unlike football, we don’t get to hit each other on forums like this. Besides, it’s more fun in this venue to play nice. I hope he returns at some point.

      • wiztopher

        I’ve gotten into it with the guy over nothing. I think football talk is meth to him, he gets way too intense and personal. I got the idea he thought he was a b list pundit on here or something. Hopefully he’s reading this n down votes me to confirm his douchery.

  • Wilbert31

    This place has been amazing this weekend! Maybe my prayers were answered and geagle started his own blog.

    • WEUer

      lol he’s commenting a ton over at Iggles Blitz

      • Wilbert31

        Maybe he received a temporary bam from here. If that’s the case, a huge thank you goes out to Tim and Sheil7

  • http://www.corcommunity.com/ theycallmerob

    RIP O.D.B.
    RIP Geags

    • jade laby

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  • Hiral

    Sorry to hear about Geagles I know a lot of you guys think he is a football guru, but too opinionated and often wrong. With that being said glad this site can can get back to normal and we can stop all this trolling. Lets get Fuller, HA, HA, or Pryor and move on from this.

  • Glenn

    I still rank Cooks above Beckham.