Riddick: Eagles Pulling Away From Division

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys

Louis Riddick spent five years with the Eagles, including three as the team’s director of pro personnel.

He now works as an analyst for ESPN, but has been keeping a close eye on his former employer and likes what he’s seeing.

Speaking to the Jon & Sean Show on 97.5 The Fanatic, Riddick said he believes the Eagles are separating themselves from the rest of the NFC East with their recent moves.

“Philadelphia, quite honestly, is pulling away from the rest of the division as far as their team-building right now,” Riddick said. “They’re locking up young players that Chip [Kelly] has identified as being people he wants long-term, whereas the rest of the division is either trying to cut a bunch of dead weight like Dallas and New York, or is a team that’s in constant turmoil like Washington where every year it seems like they’re doing something new and they’re always spinning their wheels. Philly’s pulling away. Chip’s got a good thing going.”

He also made the point that drastic changes are always possible when new management teams take over. Riddick suggested a couple weeks ago that the Dolphins could shop Dion Jordan. And like many others, he connected the dots to the Eagles.

“I know how Philadelphia felt about Dion heading into the draft last year,” Riddick said. “I know that they were more than prepared to pick him, and then Miami jumped up there and took him. And so now whenever you have all those things add up, all those things come into play, now you have a new management team, I have heard that his name is being floated around out there. I know there are other teams that talked about it. Obviously Philly is an easy projection to make, considering the fact that you only really have one 34 outside backer who’s a natural at it with the other guys being all conversion people. So it just makes too much sense.”

Click here to listen to the full interview.

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  • GumboGumbo

    Riddick is right that we are pulling away as far as team building. Our talent evaluation is better than it’s been in a long, long time (Kelly, Gamble, and Roseman). With valuable pieces added through free agency and future stars/depth coming via the draft it looks like the Eagles could be contenders for years to come. It’s a good time to be an Eagles fan!

    • myeaglescantwin

      damn right.. That’s why i am quite hesitant to offer trades to move up that would burn our later round picks..

      the past two years have shown that we can get starters in the later rounds.
      trust Chip, trust howie,, keep building the cheap and smart way.

  • cliff henny

    pulling? Eagles are Secretariat and rest of NFC East teams are being loaded into trailers heading for glue factory

    • NickS1

      Dallas broke it’s back and needs to be put down.

      • cliff henny

        and the jockey, Jerrah, is standing over dead horse still whipping the poor guy

        • NickS1

          Gives a new meaning to “beating a dead horse”

        • Romo & Sean Lee are restructuring their deals as we speak lol

      • mackenzie wunderlich

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        Ford Focus ST by working off of a computer. try this B­i­g­4­1­.­ℂ­o­m

        • moby dick

          Nice. I have a brand new red Mercedes E-Class and I did not work off of a computer or that stupid site.

          Yeah, Eagles are pulling away from the division. I predict a SB in about 3 yrs.

  • ztom6

    don’t see why Dallas can’t be competitive next year. their defense was injured and underperformed last year under Kiffin. A new DC and better health could easily turn it into a solid unit. Their offense is still stacked with good talent across the board. I would not write them off.

    • EaglesFanInPhx

      You forget one key fact. They are Dallas, known choke artists.

      • ztom6

        Not forgetting this at all, just don’t think we should count on it so glibly. As long as they hold onto the across-the-board talent on offense they currently have, they just need to be less awful on defense and they can compete. Plus, keep in mind they pushed around the Eagles both times they played them last year.

        • Joe from Easton

          Dez Bryant and Demarco Murray (when healthy). Where is the rest of this “across the board talent”? Romo is aging and has a bad back. Witten is not a timeless commodity. They have a very good tackle and an above average center.

          The Eagles have Jackson, Maclin, Cooper, Ertz, and Shady. Foles is coming off of a historic year and they have arguable the best offensive line in the NFL. That is across the board talent, not to mention every guy I just named is 27 years old or younger.

          I’m sick of hearing about Dallas’ “talent”. They are paper champs, and barely even that anymore.

          • Buge Halls

            Regardless of Romo’s back or age, he’s never been more than a mediocre talent. I have no idea how he keeps getting such good press proclaiming him as an “elite” talent. In the 10 years he’s been in the league, he’s 1-3 in the playoffs and 0-3 in games with playoffs on the line. That’s just sad!

          • Maggie

            Romo would be an excellent quarterback with a real team and real coaching and management around him. You need to look at more than just a few mistakes. He doesn’t block for himself or throw passes to himself and has to put up with that dreadful play calling system. No I am not a cowboys fan and try not to watch their games very often. Don’t let your distaste for a team cause you to say silly things about individual players. Next you’ll be saying DeMarcus Ware wasn’t a very good pass rusher!

          • KobraKai7474

            I would agree that Romo is a good NFL quarterback. I am not sure I would make the case that he is “excellent”, but we can agree that he is plenty good enough to win in the NFL. The problem is that he is going to be 34 in a couple of months and, as of the end of last year, he had a bad back. Bad backs don’t get better, they get worse, but let’s wave the magic wand and decree for the sake of conversation that his back doesn’t get any worse over the next few years. The fact remains that he is near the end of career. Pocket QBs (Brady and Manning, for example) can hang on and play well even as they are pushing 40. Romo is not that kind of QB, so even for all his great throwing stats, when his body goes, his game will go. Look at Donovan McNabb. He was NOT a “running QB” in his later years, but he was a guy who was alway a great athlete. Once his knees and the rest of his body started to give out, he was a shell of his former self. The same will be happening to Romo over the next few years. He will NOT be one of those guys playing every Sunday at a high level when he is 39. He will start to decline in the next year or two, and that is assuming that his back condition is not a chronic one.

          • all of this. Romo willed that team to some wins last year, it’s a long shot to consider him “holding constant”. OL is a mess (not good for QB coming off surgery). Oh, and increasingly convoluted play call system as Jerrah has lost all faith in sitting duck coach.

          • Maggie

            It looks as if Jerrah keeps adding more and more people in the chain of play calling because he can’t stand not being able to call every play himself. Doesn’t want to give any other individual any real power.

          • Buge Halls

            What are his excuses for the last nine years of his/ career? He is the definition of mediocre. I won’t bother to restate the stats above the prove my statement!

          • DoctorRick

            I guess the fact that he’s the owner let’s him feel he doesn’t need to explain anything to anyone. I think he figures he only goes around once and wants to have some fun playing king. That’s all I can figure, because if he were his GM he would fire himself.

        • peteike

          oh they are the main competitor for the division for sure. I also expect the gap to get wider but that doesnt mean they cant challenge for the division, they can. Anything can happen during the course of a season, injuries, lucky or unlucky breaks. Romo can still ball a bit, he actually for the first time this past season seemed to make a jump to me. More comeback wins, less late gm mistakes. That goes a long way I think. Dez, Murray and Witten can still produce. I really have no clue about Gmen, just thinking that hole gets deeper for them.

        • KobraKai7474

          “Across the board” talent? A good quarterback with a penchant for big mistakes at the worst possible times; a rapidly aging tight end; one good WR who always seems to be on the verge of an implosion; a good RB who is always hurt; a mediocre offensive line; and no second (or 3rd) WR do NOT bring to mind “across the board talent”. Moreover, not only are they so completely out of cap space that they can’t improve any of the weak points, but they are so far over the cap that there is a reasonable chance that at least one key offense player will have to be cut and replaced with a free agent with a pulse. That is NOT a prescription for anything but, at best, mediocrity.
          Yes, they might have a better record than the Eagles next year (though I doubt it), but they will NOT be a Super Bowl contender and, unlike the Eagles, they are a team on the way down rather than up. They will keep getting worse until Jerry Jones finally agrees to blow up the team, accept a couple of 3-13 seasons, get out off salary cap hell and rebuild from scratch starting with a new quarterback (not because Romo is awful, but because he is old and won’t be around if/when this team finally gets around to rebuilding).

          • ztom6

            In other words, good QB, good RB, good WRs (are you forgetting Terrance Williams?), good TE, and good OL as well. Yes they are injury-prone at some positions, yes the QB has made his share of blunders, but yes that’s across the board talent.

    • cliff henny

      historically terrible defense that wont be bringing back both Hatcher and Ware. Sean Lee coming back from yet another neck injury. speaking of backs, Romo coming off his 2nd surgery after his worst statistical year. last 2 drafts are about as good as Eagles ’10 and ’11’s…zero depth and no money to sign anyone.
      not writing them off, but conventional wisdom was Dallas should own NFC East in ’13 and ’14. fact that Eagles are better already, have better younger talent and still 25m to improve team in FA, is quite remarkable. Dallas FO certainly has helped a lot by colossal mismanagement of pretty much everything. gap is only going to get wider

      • Mark Schmidt

        The Cowboy’s owner loves to stick his nose in managing the team and has no idea what he is doing. I still applaud Jeff Lurie for hiring Chip Kelly and staying our of his way.This is gonna get real good.

        • KobraKai7474

          I will be the first to admit that Jeff Lurie annoyed me from the day he bought the team. However, I will absolutely give him great credit for being a mostly hands-off owner who only has one rule for the guys he hires to run the team: Don’t ever screw up our salary cap flexibility. As long as a team is not up against the cap (we are looking at you Dallas, Giants and Washington), they are ALWAYS in position to make a fairly quickly turn-around, and Jeff Lurie was smart enough to recognize that.

    • pjcostello

      Define ‘competitive’. 8-8? That would make 4 years in a row!!

    • anon

      I’d be surprised if they can even figure out who is calling plays over there.

    • KobraKai7474

      Puh-lease. Dallas, when healthy, has a mediocre defense and, perhaps, an above average offense that tends to melt down when the pressure is on. That, by itself, might be enough to make them a mild concern because, in any given season, any decent team can get a few breaks and become a real contender just based on luck. HOWEVER, the Cowboys have NO salary cap space and, in fact, must cut some guys just to get under the cap. In other words, not only will they be unable to improve any aspect of a team that has gone 8-8 for three years running, but they will also have to cut several veterans and replace them with free agent warm bodies just to get under the cap. How is that a recipe for success??

  • myeaglescantwin

    Realistic Trade options for Dion Jordan??

    • EaglesFanInPhx

      Reports are saying Miami said he’s not available for trade.

      • Weapon Y

        Could be leaked by the Dolphins themselves to regain leverage in trades.

    • myeaglescantwin

      I’d say, Graham & our 2014 3rd.

      possibly Curry+Graham for Jordan+4th or 5th

      • ihatetheoffseason

        while we’re in fantasyland, i would like a money shitting unicorn please. No way the value of those trades equals out. Jordan did not suddenly lose that much value in his first season in the NFL. Look at what Indy recently traded for Richardson? he and Jordan have been disappointing so far in the league. The difference is that TR doesn’t even play a premium position like DJ. it would take at least a player and second. most likely even a player and next years 1st.

        • myeaglescantwin

          by your logic with the Richardson trade, it should only take our 1st round selection to lock up Jordan.. I’m on board. with that.

          lets explore your fantasy land though, does this fantasy land have two 2nd round selections landing you a probowl & fanchise quarterback? how about a 4th round selection landing you a hall of famer & the TD-record setting WR? or two 3rd round selections landing you the league’s best possession receiver??
          or a 1st rounder being moved for a 6th round pick the next year??

          cause REALITY would have you check out the trades of Alex Smith, Randy Moss, Brandon Marshall, & Gabe Carimi.

          more particular the Gabe Carimi trade..
          he went in rd 1, and then was traded after one year for 6th round pick.. The issue here was production and scheme fit..
          when you look at Jordan, the lack of production is there and the scheme doesn’t fit as well..

          My original trade ideas would have given Miami two DE’s ;; one a former #1, the other a recent #2 1-starter in Curry, & a above par rotational player in Graham. .

          Potential doesn’t mean ish when you’re part of a struggling franchise and playing out of position. If you want to challenge me, get some facts and come correct.

          • ihatetheoffseason

            uhmm, dude you’re taking this personally. no need for that, when we both want the same thing. no reason two adults (im assuming you are) can’t debate.
            You’re spot on about Carimi, he struggled badly and was traded for next to nothing the following year.
            Every other one of your trades you mentioned were all established veterans, years removed from when they were drafted. They don’t compare at all to the trades we’re proposing. We’re talking about a player who only completed his rookie season, then gets traded.
            As far as the Jordan trade, I agree it would take our 1st, seems like you would be ok with that. I trust the FO, if they think thats reasonable, then go for it. They’re the hired pro’s, not me.

    • Chip Kelly

      since miami used their #3 overall pick on him i doubt they trade him for anything less than a first, maybe early second round pick. Graham and Curry dont have 1/4 of the upside and talent Dion has and I would rather keep them for depth than trade one or both plus a pick.

      • Chip Kelly

        2015’s first round pick is our current offer. Signing Byrd and acquiring Dion, while keeping all our 2014’s picks are our top two priorities.

        • myeaglescantwin

          See Chip, that’s why we like you.

      • myeaglescantwin

        while i agree with you, I’ve seen crazier thing when addressing NFL trades. Curry has some real value at DE. Graham,, not so much.

        Most people forget that Jordan was injured for much of the 2013 year. He didn’t go into the season 100%. Miami knows he isn’t a 4-3 DE. Graham or Curry would be considered their starter.

        If we could add either of them + our first, i’d pull that trigger. As long as there was some sort of plan for the Safety.
        & Byrd is young enough so that we could sign him now, and have him carry over to when this defense is past the rebuilding phase.

        • anon

          They’d be starting where? Have you seen Cameron Wake? I’m not sure why everyone things a Graham / Curry trade gets it done, doesn’t Miami need OL??

          • myeaglescantwin

            yeah man. Wake is sick, but he only plays one side of the line.

            & someone will give us something for either of those guys. Graham looked lost last season. I know his work ethic is off the charts, but something can be said for natural position.

          • anon

            I totally agree both those guys could get moved — I even really like Curry — both should start somewhere and have a chance of making $$

  • 76mustang
    • Steve

      How does Jason Peters not show up on the “undrafted” chart from the 2004 draft? I would have thought he would be near the top of the first round.

      • myeaglescantwin

        peters was just a fat TE when he came out of college. I’ve seen videos of him playing special teams.. especially kickoff,,, destroyed blockers.

  • GenvoaItay

    The only team the Eagles have to worry about in the NFC East is themselves.

  • Andre’ Redmond

    Now Dallas is thinking about letting go of Ware. Man I hope we get him if they do.

  • Frank Lagola

    I signed up for Redskins season tickets…thinking I could attend the Eags at Wash game and a few NFC east gms or a sun nite/MNF gm…well I got a call 2 days ago , saying that my name came up , and I can purchase season tickets…Landover MD is not that far from New Castle DE where I live…I could sell tickets I do not use at a decent profit…IF the Skins can start winning again soon…

    • Frank Lagola

      I have been to a few games down at Fed Ex Field…Had a Blast….Great tailgating down there…May have to get the season tix …until I can get Eags season Tix…

  • The Legend

    Eagles fans have a Dallas Cowboys fetish lol! Even when the cowboys are terrible y’all still obsess about them, oooh wait the eagles have never won a superbowl!! haha!