What They’re Saying About the Eagles

Here’s what the media are saying about the Eagles:

Most of the conversation today surrounds draft prospect Michael Sam, who could very well become the league’s  first openly-gay player. If you missed it, Peter King  pointed to the Eagles specifically as a team that would likely not hesitate to draft the Missouri product.

It could be that a liberal owner and progressive coach like Jeffrey Lurie and Chip Kelly of the Eagles will not care at all, and if he’s there in the fourth or fifth round will grab him.

When asked by Mike Sielski whether Sam’s announcement would affect the franchise’s willingness or unwillingness to draft him, a team spokesman responded, “Why would it change anything?”

Phil Sheridan says that, based off experiences with the Eagles, “any talk that Missouri defensive end Michael Sam will be a ‘distraction’ that affects his eventual NFL employer is mere hyperbole.”

What we learned in each case was that NFL locker rooms are far more mature, far more diverse workplaces than they appear from the outside. Vick was accepted immediately by his teammates and developed into a respected elder statesman during his five seasons in Philadelphia. After some early wariness, Cooper was embraced by many teammates, accepted by others and at least tolerated by the rest.

Those things pass, they really do. The Eagles went to the playoffs after each of their first two seasons with Vick on the roster. They went back to the playoffs this year just months after the Cooper incident.

For a team to pass on drafting Sam because of the possible media attention or issues in the locker room is ultimately a copout.

NFL.com’s Daniel Jeremiah compared Sam to Trent Cole.

“He doesn’t have a clean position in either the 4-3, or the 3-4. He’s a little undersized to be a defensive end. You question his athleticism to play linebacker. To me, he’s a pure pass rusher, which, there is a lot of value for that, but for me, that puts him in that fourth-, fifth-round area,” Jeremiah said. “… I want to see how he runs (at the combine), how well he runs will be important. But I want to see him in the linebacker drills, how he moves around. There are some questions when you watch him on tape, you worry a little but about him being tight in the ankles, tight in the hips. He’s going to have to transition to linebacker, you’re going to have to drop and cover and do some things in that area. I’d like to see him do that at the combine.”

Although Jeremiah, a former Eagles scout, said Sam isn’t quite as talented as Cole, their styles are similar.

“Trent is also a little tight in the ankles, tight in the hips, but he’s got explosive hands and he plays with a relentless motor, and it’s served him well and the Eagleswell during his NFL career,” Jeremiah said.


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  • VA Eagles Fan

    What the hell is “tight around the ankles”?

    • Andy124

      Just means his socks are too small.

    • Brian DawkinsWestbrookMitchell

      In other words; if he has poor agility, or is slow when it comes to cutting and changing directions with his ankles.

      More so its the time it takes for him to start and stop, he’s tight if he has problems changing direction vertically and/or horizontally

      • cliff henny

        only joint left on me that’s not tight is my elbow…miller lites keep that in good shape

        • NickS1

          Low weight, high rep. Best kind of working out to do.

          • cliff henny

            it’s simple math. i burn 100 cals an hour. every sip is 2 cals. ML is 129 cals…means i can drink 2 and hour and lose weight if each beer takes 15 sips. howie has cap management…i have beer management

          • Tikkit

            Are you taking into account your resting metabolic rate? You might be able to drink more by that offset.

          • RIP illa

            Sorry to go all “Maggie” on you…but I recently found out that there are people who do a similar calculation and use a “beer diet” where they substitute beer for food. Your ahead of the curve cliff!!!

          • anon

            Yeah they are called alcoholics.

          • RIP illa

            Ha. That too.

          • Maggie

            What do you mean “go all Maggie”. I’ve never said one word about cliff h. drinking. During WWII, while there was such strict rationing in Europe, somehow beer was still manufactured and pregnant women were encouraged to drink a bottle per day for the high level of carbohydrates. Other than the alcohol, beer can be quite nutritious. Other than the pesky carbs and calories, also! Besides, my father used to brew his own small batches because he worked in an aluminum plant, and when he came home hot and sweaty, one cold beer would go down just fine.

          • RIP illa


  • ace8842

    No one cares about Michael Sam. My goodness, the media is obsessed with this. I just saw profootballtalk with 8 stories on this today! I wouldn’t want him,because they minute they cut him, gay activists will be suing the organization. Seeing how the media obsesses over this, they will ruin it for Sam if he doesn’t ruin it for himself.

    • Tikkit

      Bottom line is the guy told his team, found out that other knew when he went to the Senior Bowl, and instead of hiding it, got in front of the story. Savvy move. But savvy doesn’t make a good player, that’ll be proven on turf.

    • Michael Deen

      You don’t believe there are gay athletes who have a genuine rooting interest in how this all goes down for him? Like all things with controversial ties media will report on every facet in every way imaginable. However, it’s silly to say “no one cares about Michael Sam”. I don’t believe all of the attention will take away from the fact that he is paving the way for younger athletes (hopefully older athletes as well) to be exactly who they are and to be proud of who they have become.

    • OldDocRoss

      No one cares about Michael Sam.

      I do.

      Kid saw one brother killed, another’s been missing since he was a child, older sister died before he knew her, two further brother’s in jail, first kid in his family to *go* to college never mind graduate and now likely to be the first openly gay player in the NFL.

      This is the sort of life that makes people in Holywood say “we should employ actors to re-enact this man’s life at some point and film it and such” resulting in the making of $$$s for said Holywood types.

      It’s just silly to say nobody cares about him.

      I wouldn’t want him,because they minute they cut him, gay activists will be suing the organization.

      Except in the unlikely event of him being hounded out of the organisation *because* he’s gay leading to Michael Sam suing them, no, they won’t.

      I don’t really want us to draft him because I’m not sure he’s a great fit in a 3-4 but if we took a late round flier on him I’d be thrilled to see him prove me wrong.

    • Justin

      “the minute they cut him, gay activists will be suing the organization”

      Lmao, let them try. All the organization would have to do is point out that they fucking drafted him AFTER he came out.

  • Tikkit

    I care more about Michael Johnson:


    6’7″ 265. Big people indeed.

    • anon

      Big people earn big money. I think Johnson is exactly the guy we won’t pay with the “paying good players like great players” mantra that howie has.

      • GEAGLE

        I gotta see this 10mil per year with GUARENTEED deal to believe it.dude is coming off a down year in a market that has Hardy who has like 30 sacks in two years..Bennett notched like 8 sacks playing wsituational pass rusher snaps..then 4-3teams who would consider MJ, would also have 3-4 guys like lamarr Houstson to consider.

        I’d sign MJ regardless, but the dude is coming off a 3 sack year. I get that Geno got hurt, but it’s not like teams just started to Tripple team MJ and left Dunlap to rush free. I have to see it to believe it. I don’t see how he signs a crazy 40million dollar deal coming off a petty 3 sacks in a contract year…..but if you can get him to sign a Barwin contract that pays him 40million if we keep him for the duration, but also has out clauses that can make it an average deal if he doesn’t produce, we would be foolish not to go after him!!

        Sign a FA pass rusher, and you can spend you draft pick on Cristian Jones or Van Noy who can add depth both inside and outside… Wouldn’t mind something like:
        Barwin, Mykal, Meco, M. Johnson
        KVN or Christian Jones
        Naje Goode
        Telvin Smith or Lamin barrow
        Then next offseason you replace Cole and BG with more athletic youth..

        I would absolutely break the bank open for MJ as long as it has out clauses that we can get out of it after the 2015 Super Bowl hunt season, if we aren’t satisfied with his production

  • distantfires

    Not understanding why B. Graham and V. Curry aren’t perfect for the Eag’s pass-rushing OLB slot. (Admittedly, hockey was my thing, but your explanation is welcomed.)

    • southy

      Before you get pounced on, assuming this is an honest question:

      V. Curry is now a 3-4 DE. He’d have to slim down a lot and even then wasn’t able to prove himself as a pass rusher enough to get him to dress during the wide-9 days.

      Graham coming out of college would have been a guy we looked at, sure. Now he just looks inconsistent, good bull rush but that’s it. Doesn’t have CK size out there. Almost certain his coverage skills are worse than Cole’s or he’d have been on the field more because Cole’s are nothing to write home about. Graham is the kind of fella you might see with a new lease on life on a new team, but here I don’t see it working out. He’s had plenty of time.

      • guest

        Just because the Eagles are using Curry as a 3-4 DE doesn’t make him one. In fact, he’s used more when the Eagles go with 4 down lineman, lining up at either DE or DT. Does he play some 3-4 DE? Yes, of course.

        But would he have to slim down a lot? No. He’s now 6-3, 279. Trent Cole is 6-3, 270. Curry was listed at 266 his rookie year. He hasn’t bulked up all that much.

        Curry is not nearly stout enough as a run defender to play 3-4 DE full time. He cannot effectively set the edge with enough consistency.

        And the reason he is not being used at OLB is that he can’t cover at all. At all. He’s best utilized as a reserve DL….4-3 DT in pass-rush situations or 3-4 DE in obvious passing situations.

  • Tautalatasi Jr.

    It would of been awesome if his middle name was Will, then we definitely would know he could play linebacker

    • Andy124

      More awesome would be the big section of gay men shouting for us to “Free Willie!”
      Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

      • OldDocRoss

        “I can’t see Willie!”
        “Get Willie out there!”
        “Willie was huge for us today!”

        There would’ve been options, is what I’m saying. Deeply immature options, but still, options.

        • Andy124

          The possiwillities are endless.

    • OldDocRoss

      Dude, you were like one of/have faux pas away from winning all the internets.

      Still awesome work though.

      • Tautalatasi Jr.

        ahhh thank you doc

  • RIP illa

    Glad AZ_Eaglefan stopped reading/posting here…this article woulda blew his mind and sent him over the edge!!! Probably woulda been a significant spike in hate crimes in Arizona if not.

    • GEAGLE

      You made him “never post again” lol.. You are so mean :) change your name to “RIP AZ_eaglesfan”

      That dude hated himself some Micheal Sam

    • EaglefaninAZ

      Well. I was only concerned for a second or too.

  • southy

    “Sam isn’t quite as talented as Cole, their styles are similar.”

    But somehow he’s a 4th/5th, and Cole was drafted in the 5th. Trent’s scouting report from the draft: http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/players/historical/408538

    “The best way to get value out of Trent vs. the run is to use him in a one-gap system in which he can be very effective slipping blocks. For now, he is a situational player that is better suited for a 3-4 defense, where he can line up as either an edge rusher or weak-side linebacker.”

    • RIP illa

      I’m not really sure what your getting at, but the fact that There are valid questions about Sam’s lateral agility, change of direction burst, and exsplosivness off the snap is the reason why the quote is not as talented as Cole.

      • southy

        I wasn’t trying to make too much of a point, except to say that Cole wasn’t considered all that talented back when he was drafted. It seems odd to compare the two in terms of “talent”, especially when Sam is being pegged by everyone as a 4-3 DE and Cole apparently was tagged for the 3-4 coming out of college, even though now he’s a career 4-3 DE.

        • RIP illa

          Ok, cool. Wasn’t trying to seem some type of way. Just wasn’t fully understanding.

  • ochospantalones

    I agree that it is highly unlikely Michael Sam being gay would deter the Eagles from drafting him if they otherwise valued him. Lurie can be a frustrating owner, but I do think he is genuinely progressive on these sorts of issues and would be happy to have his team be the one to break through this particular barrier. Nothing about Chip Kelly suggests he’s the sort of “old school” knucklehead who would have any problem with a gay player. And if this team can integrate a dog-killing felon (and I actually like Mike Vick, but that’s what he is) and a racist white guy into the team I don’t think fitting a gay guy into the locker room should be a problem.

    All that said, Sam just doesn’t seem like a good personnel fit for the Eagles. He sounds a lot like Brandon Graham to me, and we already have one of those. We know Kelly values size on defense, so it would be a surprise to see them draft Sam early. If he falls deeper into the draft they may take him as a value pick.


    Much more interested in Dee ford! attaboy! Marcus Smith(eagle sleeper) and Kony Ealy depending on his 3cone. Sams sexuality has gotten all the attention it was going to get out of me…and he damn sure ain’t the answer for us at OLB, so im at my Sam Limit. If Sam is to be an eagle we must view him as a disruptive pass rusher! and we would have had to draft a OLB in an earlier round prior to adding Sam

    • guest

      Um, so you’re saying you are more interested in guys that are projected as 1st or 2nd rounders than you are in guys that are projected as mid- to late- round picks. Groundbreaking stuff there.

      We all know who you like. Because you write paragraphs about it on every single article on this site. I can’t wait until the combine when you start adding underclassmen. Since the Senior Bowl, every player you talk about is a senior. That means you’re letting Tommy, Sheil, etc, do your research for you. Which is fine, but dont come on here writing like you’re some kind of scout.

      Anyway, the point here is that your initial sentence is no different than a fan of a QB-needy team saying, “Much more interested in Manziel, Bridgewater, or Bortles than David Fales.” Uh, obviously. Just like EVERYONE would prefer Ford, Attachou, Smith, or Ealy over Sam. They’re clearly better players

      • GEAGLE

        Peanut gallery?

        • @PhilthyBird215

          to those whom care:Stay Calm, ecognize a “G” and kindly step off GEAGLE’s nut-sack. its only the right thing to do.
          sincerely, an intelegent Eagles fan.

    • guest

      And one other thing…you really should stop with the stupid nicknames you give these kids. You dont know them. Frankly, its kind of creepy. His name is Attachou. Call him that.

      Also, Kony Ealy is a 4-3 DE. Thats great that you like him. He could end up being a great player, no doubt. But he’s a 4-3 DE. He’s not going to be an Eagle. For your sake (and all of ours if he turns out to be as good as some say), lets just hope he doesn’t end up as a Giant or, much more likely, a Cowboy. I could really see him end up in Dallas. I’m praying for another trade-back-15-spots-and-draft-an-interior-lineman-with-a-late-2nd-or-early-3rd-grade move out of Jerry.

      Although I’d rather Dallas take Ealy than Haha or Pryor (I figure we need GB to draft Haha for us to get Pryor).

      • GEAGLE

        Hahahahah insignificant fool. Get a clue..When I write my novels, YOU READ IT…there is a difference lol….and attaboy is a nickname this site gave to the kid not me, so it’s a little to early to be on my nuts. LET ME HAVE MY COFEE FIRST…. how about you gain some merit from your posts, instead of trying to hang from my sack? Do you have any idea how many worthless idiots said the same exact thing about Aldon smith? I prefer waiting to see some 3cne drills before I act like a blowhard and proclaim what a kid can and can’t do… Listening to an idiot talk about what Kony can and can’t do is a little rich, oh that’s right, my bad…you can parrot what type of scheme Missouri runs…my bad hahaha.

        What a joke…dickeating and taking shots just for the sake of it….try letting the quality of your posts get some attention for you, next time…oh that’s right, the most you bring to the table is knowing how Missouris defense lines up hahahaha. Fool

        There, you happy, you got 3 minutes worth of attention from me…for 3 minutes, you mattered lol…now run along, write what you want. I can promise I won’t read it

        • Speaking for everybody

          Just curious why you think you’re some celebrity on this site? Just cause you post a lot doesn’t mean you have some kind of authority over others or instantly makes your opinion right cause i have 10k posts. You just spout whatever opinions you have and always claim anyone countering them as trolls and idiots. Even if the people form better counter arguments and use stats/facts to back up their thoughts you dismiss them. If anything I’ve never seen you have a thoughtful discussion unless someone agrees with you.

          • Maggie

            Amen. 1000 upvotes.

      • MoreRecentTimes

        Cut day is gonna be huge. Suggs might get the ax! Guys like he, and Woodley have to be serious options, when you consider how they passed on the likes of Shaun Phillips, and James Harrison last yr who each helped their teams. Vets who allow you to enter the draft without urgent needs, so we can take the BPA.

  • cameo

    I’m sorry but I really dont want that attention on the eagles. I dont care about someone’s sexual preference and nobody should care. I’m tired of seeing this on sportscenter all day. Only thing matters is how he plays. There should be a dont ask, dont tell policy in all sports like they had in the military. To me, him coming out is the equivalent of someone coming out and saying ” I like asian women “. KEEP IT TO YOURSELF! nobody cares. We care about if you are good enough to help our team get to the next level and win a superbowl.

    • EaglefaninAZ

      You watch Sportscenter? Oh man. Just know I support you, but please don’t mention it again. Kind of a “don’t ask, don’t tell thing”, ya know?

      • Cameo Cummings

        lol. sometimes you gotta watch . just to keep up with things

    • Samtheman

      I’m sure tons of NFL players walk around the locker room and say things like “I like asian women” in graphic detail. If, however, Sam said something about going on a date with a guy or something similar, invariably someone would break his story and you would hear a bunch of B.S. about how Sam was hiding who he was or sneaking around.

      • Cameo Cummings

        Don’t ask, Don’t tell

        • Samtheman

          You mean straight people ask and tell, but gay people can’t do either, right? Because that’s what don’t ask don’t tell is in practice.

          • Cameo Cummings

            yup. you can’t only look at one side and think about making mike sam feel comfortable. Everybody else on the team has to be comfortable as well. He is not more important than anyone else in the nfl, yet he is getting special attention. Why should he get any special attention. He is a rookie and his not all that good. He is a one dimensional player.

          • Samtheman

            1. His comfortableness should have nothing to do with his playing ability.
            2. Suppressing speech because it makes others uncomfortable is not how America works.
            3. Why would you be more uncomfortable if a gay dude is looking at you in the shower than if a straight dude is looking at you in the shower?
            4. Its not the sexual orientation that should bother you, it’s the behavior. Sam is gay and he deserves the same tolerance as his straight teammates. He deserves equal treatment, not homosexual favors

          • Cameo Cummings

            1. Of course his playing ability has nothing to do with how comfortable he is but it’s obvious that be people are going to have change the way the speak and act around him so that he won’t be offended.
            2. so it’s not only his speech being suppressed , its also everyone in the locker room that has to watch what they say around him.
            3. I said nothing about someone looking at me in the shower. Im pretty sure i am not the only guy in the world that would have an adjusting period showering with a gay dude.
            4. Sexual orientation does not bother. I never said that and i don’t know why u said that. What bothers me is the fact that I would have to go out of my way to make a gay dude feel comfortable when he is around or i may be deemed a ” Gay Basher ” at any moment if i say the wrong thing. What also bothers me is seeing someone get special attention and being singled out just because he is gay. Being gay isnt anymore special than being straight. The media has been pushing this gay agenda for some time now and it’s working like a charm. Sexual preference should be between you and you lover, family and close friends. NOT on the news, not on the newspapers, not on sportscenter and nobody should be having these big announcements too tell everybody that they are homosexual.

          • Samtheman

            I just don’t see it. I don’t see the media’s gay agenda, don’t see how difficult it would be to make a gay person feel comfortable, and don’t see being gay as being special. F me tho, right? I’m arguing with Cameo Cummings on an Eagles blog about the rights of gay people to be open about their sexual orientation in the workplace.

          • Cameo Cummings

            How can you not see it. Me and you would not even be talking about him if he was not glorified the way he is. If he was straight, nobody would be talking about him at all. Why is that? Why is gay special? Its not but they make it seem like it is.

          • Maggie

            Absolutely right. Being homosexual has been increasingly portrayed as glamorous or exciting or heroic or desirable. Like you say, it is none of those things, any more than being heterosexual is. Also right, sexual interactions belong in private.

          • Maggie

            Suppressing speech is not American???? Ask the people who want prayer in schools, ask the immigrant who has been here for 30 years, ask the twits who are adamant that nobody can speak another language, ask the Freedom Riders from the 1960’s, ask the people who were blacklisted in the 50’s by the McCarthy pigs, ask anybody who opposed marching into Iraq for cheap oil, whose lives were threatened by other Americans, and of course you can’t ask the American journalist who the CIA murdered in the street because he was going to reveal their murderous ways in South America. There is no freedom of speech, no freedom of religion and little freedom of assembly in the United States. And right there in Philadelphia, your lovely male citizens burned down the 3-day old Pennsylvania Hall, in 1838, because some uppity women and abolitionists were exercising their so-called freedom of speech and freedom of assembly!

          • Birdgang215

            Wow. A little over the top don’t you think? No freedom of assembly? What did you call all the homeless and hippies at city hall for two months? Have you ever travelled outside of America? It’s pretty great here.

          • GEAGLE

            Over the top? Nah…she is consistently absurd. Which is why I only read the first 3 words

          • Maggie

            I have been looking at the US for a long time. One of my great-great whatever grandmothers came from Philadelphia. Several family members are married to former Americans. I knew a couple of people who came to my country because they did not want to go and kill total strangers in Viet Nam. We see your country a lot more clearly than most Americans do, because you rarely hear the truth. Remember that Lee Greenwood tune about being proud to be an American? Go to YouTube and check Lee Greenwood in Canada. Anyway, this is not really the forum, I originally was just responding to someone else. As well, I read all kinds of vulgar references to reproductive organs from someone on here every time some one disagrees with him, male or female. He brags about smuggling drugs. Yet no one calls him “over the top”.

          • MaggieBTweakin

            Freedom to something does not mean freedom to force everyone to agree with you. People can, and do pray in schools. There just cannot be organization-mandated group prayers. You know, so you don’t infringe on others’ freedom of religion. Immigrants can speak whatever language they want. People could, and did speak out against war, McCarthyism and racial inequality. (Never thought I would be putting those things in the same sentence.)

            You can say the word “thug” or even the “N-word.” That’s the price of freedom. You don’t go to jail. You might make other people angry. Justifiably, so . But you still have that right.

          • pjcostello

            In point of fact, are you kidding with that — “Suppressing speech because it makes others uncomfortable is not how America works. “??? Speech is suppressed constantly!! It’s simply done in an insidious fashion. Recall how Richard Sherman said the word ‘thug’ was the new N-word? What??? Why is that done? To suppress the word ‘thug’ — to remove from the common lexicon a word which someone doesn’t like, regardless of its use, or the merits of the argument. It’s ALL around us. Yesterday I was reading one pinhead’s opinion about how the word ‘distraction’ (referencing Sam specifically) was ‘code’ for ‘homophobia’. What???

            Speech is suppressed ALL the time on the basis of someone’s comfort. Wrongly, in my opinion.

          • Cameo Cummings

            If it was me in the locker room i would not feel comfortable. I have nothing against him or his beliefs but i would just be uncomfortable and i would think that is i was a veteran on a team , that my feelings would be more important than a rookie who has not proved anything yet on a skill level in the nfl. Nobody cares about those guys in the locker room though. The world revolve around Sam. FOH with that bull. Don’t bring him to my team please!

  • daggolden

    We already drafted a 6 2 266lb DE who actually had 1st round talent/ His name is Brandon Graham. Why would we want a 4th round talent of the same stature with less pedigree?

    • MoreRecentTimes

      Not to mention Vinny, who I love, but damn if he ain’t a man without a position.

  • Richard Holstein

    It will be interesting to see if he drops because of this announcement. I think players of this generation don’t really care anymore, but a GM might. I think we already have enough tweeners at 3-4 OLB’s that can’t cover. Packaging Graham and a pick for Dion Jordan would be a win-win because both are in the wrong system. Graham has proven he can play 4-3 DE. Jordan is better fit at 3-4 OLB. Would love to get something for Graham because I think he has value at DE.