Keyshawn: Kelly Fell Short Of Expectations

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From time to time in this space, we like to get a national perspective on what’s being said about the Eagles.

While most reviews for Chip Kelly’s first season have been positive, analyst Keyshawn Johnson said during a recent ESPN Radio interview (via 97.5 The Fanatic) that he would give Kelly a “C” for his performance so far.

Asked for an explanation, Johnson said: “Because he started off slow. He thought that his offense was going to work to the point of no return. It’s been OK. It hasn’t been this eye-popping… we’re all of a sudden gonna change the way that football is played on the professional level. It hasn’t done that, and I think that was the expectation. I would say that he’s come up short of expectations.”

Going back to when he was first hired, Kelly has bristled whenever anyone labels him an “innovator” or someone who is going to change the game. He reminds observers constantly that unless you were in the room with Knute Rockne or Amos Alonzo Stagg, you’re stealing from somebody.

As for the Eagles, their offense finished second in yards, second in DVOA and fourth in points during Kelly’s first year.

Reminded that Kelly’s squad made the playoffs, Johnson said: “Yeah, but you and me could have made the playoffs in that division.”

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  • Tim Tebow

    “He thought that his offense was going to work to the point of no return. It’s been OK. It hasn’t been this eye-popping… we’re all of a sudden gonna change the way that football is played on the professional level. It hasn’t done that, and I think that was the expectation.”

    Please find somewhere where the Chipper said something even remotely close to this. The media placed these revolutionize the NFL expectations on the Eagles, not the Chipper. This is why ESPN is not a viable sports source at all.

    • Michael Jorden

      “ESPN is not a viable sports source at all.” Amongst a bunch of other reasons.

    • theedevilsadvocate

      no one will find that anywhere because he never said any of those things the media hyped it all up. btw i got your back son all aboard as our number 2 next year lol!

  • Tautalatasi Jr.

    Wayne Chrebet was way better than you Keyshawn

  • borntosuffer

    Keyshawn Johnson is an analyst? And he gets paid to do it? Wow.

  • moesus

    He would know all about falling short of expectations.

  • shark


  • Gregg Ewing

    Is every ex-player an expert? Maybe he is very smart and has lots of insight, but he does not impress me as an analyst.

    • Jamie Parker

      He didn’t impress as a dancer either. lol

  • Brian

    What a Dope!

  • Mr.SweetDickWillie

    He is a moron…. Kelly said he is not going to revolutionize football.

  • evanphilly

    The only thing Keyshawn is good at is waking up Ditka.

  • cliff henny

    ESPN at it’s best. an espn analyst arguing against a false narrative espn’s analyst’s manufactured, and acting like it’s news.

    • DLRJ

      That is so spot on that a mere up vote doesn’t do it justice.

    • Mr. Magee

      It’s so… them

  • Tom w

    Whoever conducted the interview should have buried that clown. If they’d didn’t and didn’t follow up and bury him, they should get called out. If they did, I’m impressed. That clown who I typically respect is so off base it’s freaking ridiculous. His premise, reasoning are conclusion are entirely incorrect and off base. I’m not even going to waste another breath bc he is so wronng. Basically he said bc Kelly didn’t change the game in one year , he was Average. What an idiot. Best offense in football. Wtf did he want him to do. Fucking dope

    • NickS1

      Agreed, but 97.5 is an ESPN affiliate. That likely wouldn’t have gone over well.

  • Dr Rick

    And that’s why Kelly’s coaching and Keyshawn isn’t. And why I like to listen to Kelly and not to Keyshawn.

  • A Roy

    The last thing they should do is just give him the damn mike.

  • Jason

    Where I went to school a C was 70%. Chip gave himself a 58.8%. Maybe Keyshawn was giving him a compliment.

    • NickS1

      76-79% was a C for us, 73-75 C- and 80-82 C+, so, as long as I didn’t hear any plus/minus at the end, an even better improvement.

      • cliff henny

        hated that grading scale. killed me when i switched schools and had no idea it graded that way till 1st report card. i was the master of 70% c and 80% b’s. one of many reason i hated hempfield

        • NickS1

          Loved summer basketball league up there, though. They had some nice sports facilities, at least when I was coming up. I know you have a few years on me :)

  • George

    The Young Guns

    Kaepernick, Luck, Newton and Wilson—not to mention just-eliminated Andy Dalton or productive talents like Matthew Stafford and Robert Griffin III—are part of the most spectacularly talented crop of young quarterbacks the NFL’s ever seen.

    Look at that. Still no love for FOles in the media. F@ck you b/r

    • theedevilsadvocate

      foles has to win the super bowl before the media shows him any love. i dont think philly fans realize how much we are hated nationwide.

      • SPaCe iNVaDeR

        Pretty much, we’re in the division where everyone salivates over the Alrington Cowgirls and all their short comings. Either way we will def. have to bring a Lombardi trophy home to get any respect. valid to some extent but his comment Johnson said: “Yeah, but you and me could have made the playoffs in that division.” really rubbed me the wrong way, I don’t see him doing anything Warren Sapp said it best about KJ he is all about the hype not being a team member.

  • Max Lightfoot

    I’m sure his playing for USC had nothing to do with his assessment of the former coach of Oregon.

  • joethomas215

    Keyshawn’s argument is only valid if Kelly was the one claiming he was gonna revolutionize the league. Kelly never claimed such things, so holding him to that standard is ludicrous. That’s a sorry argument, “he started off slow”. That’s what you get for asking a former Cowboy.

    • Ark87

      I somehow doubt Keyshawn had CK on the pedestal at the beginning of the year, himself. Which is to say, I doubt CK fell short of Keyshawn’s expectations, just another former player hating to see a hot shot college coach having success.

  • bentheimmigrant

    For a former first overall pick, former highest paid WR, I’m sure he knows about expectations. And I’m pretty sure he was never #2 in yards or #4 in TDs in his career, not to mention his rookie season.


    Too dumb to try comment on

  • Will

    Way to brutal and harsh….will just motivate Chip Kelly….new system, new Coaches slow start was to be expected…most thought Kelly would go 8-8 instead the team goes 10-6 wins the NFC East and Foles emerges…really excited about the off season and next September….Thrown me the damm ball needs to STFU what a moron!


    Anyone remember who were the highest paid Nose tackles in last years free agent market?

    • RIP illa

      Had to be Randy Starks. Franchised to the tune of 8.45 mil.

  • TNA

    Dealing with the narrative that CK was going to revolutionize pro football is a double edged sword for the eagles PR team. Yeah, it’s good that their coach is awesome and brilliant. But the perception of that narrative got out from underneath them. The PR team could’ve handled this better early on and stressed CK’s supreme ability to adapt to situations and personnel to the work at hand and fought against the idea that CK’s “system” was immutable. If we’ve learned anything about CK’s methods this year, it’s that his system is really about developing a strong football culture and program and work ethic. It’s not specifically about him. For those interested, highly recommend reading Ron Heifetz’s Adaptive Leadership. Seems to mesh with the way CK runs things

  • aub32

    I find it funny how the NFCE is labelled the worst division in football. What about the AFCS. That division is so bad the Colts clinched it around week 10. The Packers won the NFCN at 8-7-1. The AFCE is full of bad teams, excluding the Pats. Just because the NFCE is the most talked about division does not make it the weakest.

  • CaliBird

    Ask Key how the high school team he coaches in CA did this year. Specifically, the wide receivers he is responsible for.

  • John J. King

    Another moronic remark from the Employing Stupid Players Network

  • Robin Wallace

    Not relevant. Just a bunch of static. Consider the source.

  • 76mustang

    Honestly, I have no idea who values Keyshawn’s “analysis” outside of ESPN studios. Has the guy ever provided any insight that enriched your viewing knowledge of any game? Not a fan in the least…

  • mrparabolic

    That’s a great picture of Keyshawn to accompany this article.

  • Antani

    Johnson said: “Yeah, but you and me could have made the playoffs in that division.”

    But Kelly, and noone else did.

  • theedevilsadvocate

    either made him sound dumb or you guys cleaned up his quote for us to understand what he was actually trying to say.

  • theedevilsadvocate

    i think its more he hates the eagles and philly just like everyone else that wants to hate on kelly for proving them wrong in his first nfl season. from the offense with foles and shady breaking records to the defense playing like we never expected. this team is nothing like the 4-12 team and im pretty sure everyone can agree exceeded our expectations.i think his grade of kelly’s first season is a little bias anyhow who cares what this chump thinks though an old wr who always thought he was better than he was and thinks he is a better analyst than he really is…

  • jon h

    Hmmm, remove the colon and the word Kelly, and that headline appears completely accurate.

  • Honest_T

    Chip wasn’t running Keyshawn’s “Throw me the Damn Ball” offense, so he clearly fell short of KJ’s expectations. I mean the best offensive player was a running back for crying out loud.

    Keyshawn didn’t have 1 reception for the Eagles this year, and if Keyshawn is getting the damn ball the offense is crap, I don’t care how many records were set or how many pass catchers had career years!

  • devCal

    F him. that is all.

  • James Vassallo

    Funny…did the Cowboys make the playoffs in that division when Keyshawn played there? Nope.

  • Eagles 1307

    How did Keyshawn ever become an analyst? Take your head out of your butt and see how a team was transformed for 4-12 to 10-6 with a playoff appearance in Chip’s first year. :Not to mention a defense that was switched to a 3-4 from a 4-3 without the adequate talent. Cannot wait for next season to begin.

  • ojdiddoit

    espn if there is no news they will create it