Three-And-Out: Eagles-Lions Predictions

Eagles QB Nick Foles tosses the football to RB LeSean McCoy.

Photo | Jeff Fusco

McManus: Todd Herremans

Alex Henery was college teammates at Nebraska with Ndamukong Suh and says he has been texting with him this week as the Eagles get set to welcome in Suh’s Lions. Henery noted that when he and Suh were at Nebraska the Cornhuskers faced a Nick Foles-led Arizona club in the Holiday Bowl back in 2009. Nebraska rolled 33-0. Henery remembers Suh creating all sorts of problems for Foles.

“I think he was 0-for-20 or something,” said Henery.

Actually, Foles was 6-of-20 for 28 yards with an interception.

This isn’t 2009 and the Eagles aren’t the Wildcats, but Suh can still be a giant pain the neck. The 26-year-old has 5 1/2 sacks on the year and has racked up 46 quarterback hurries and nine QB hits, per Pro Football Focus.  Fellow defensive tackle Nick Fairley has 3 1/2 sacks, 11 QB hits and a pair of fumble recoveries on the year.

Herremans has played pretty well over the last few games. This will be a big challenge for him and the rest of the interior linemen.

Kapadia: Billy Davis

Alright, I’m cheating a little bit by naming a coach instead of a player. But understand that I wouldn’t do such a thing unless I felt it were absolutely necessary.

The Eagles have a lot going for them defensively right now. They’ve limited opponents to 21 points or fewer in eight straight games. The pass-rush has received a boost in recent weeks. And aside from the Earl Wolff injury, they’re relatively healthy.

But to me, scheme and game-plan are going to be especially critical against the Lions. Detroit has 52 pass plays of 20+ yards, third-most in the league. How will Davis deploy his resources defensively to contain Calvin Johnson and still account for the Lions’ other weapons?

Will he blitz? Matthew Stafford is completing just 50.4 percent of his passes and averaging 5.9 YPA against extra pressure, per STATS Inc. But doing so means less help on the back end.

The way the Eagles play defense, it’s not about one corner shutting down one offensive weapon. It’s about Davis coming up with the right plan and guys staying disciplined with their assignments. That’s what I’ll be watching Sunday.

Prop bet of the week: Nick Foles interceptions — 1. Whaddya got?

McManus: A push is most likely in my mind, but I’ll go over.

We talked about this on our show last night: Foles’ numbers are so ridiculous (19 TDs, 0 INTs, 125.2 quarterback rating), it’s only natural to assume that he will come down from the clouds and re-join us mortals at some point this season. Maybe it will be a gradual descent, maybe it’s a crash landing. Maybe Nick Dynamite, as Brian Dawkins likes to call him, will defy the odds and continue to show off his awesome skills.

Foles’ performance to date has been absolutely impressive. With one more touchdown, he’ll tie Peyton Manning for most TDs to start a season without throwing an interception. When this season is a wrap, his overall numbers will be jaw-dropping even if he does cool off some. No matter how well you’re playing, picks happen in this league. Just seems like he’s due for one.

Kapadia: I understand your choice. There has to be some kind of regression coming in the weeks ahead. If the season ended today, Foles’ 125.2 QB rating would be the best in NFL history. He would be only one of four QBs since 2000 (Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers, Kurt Warner) to post a 9.1 YPA average. And you mentioned the TD/INT record.

So yes, it’s important to let the season play out and remember that this has been a six-start sample size. But I can’t say this Lions secondary scares me. They’re 15th in the league with 12 interceptions and have some injuries at cornerback. If the offensive line gets manhandled, it could be a rough day for Foles.

But I’m riding the hot hand for now and going with the under.


McManus: Detroit 27, Eagles 23

These teams have similar resumes through 12 games: Both are 7-5. The Eagles are 6-2 in the conference, the Lions are 6-3. Detroit has a plus-39 point differential, the Eagles are at plus-19. Detroit is 3-3 on the road, the Eagles are 2-4 at home.

The Lions are prone to big swings in both directions. They can look dominant or anything but. That makes games they’re involved in a little tough to predict. The forecasters are calling for a wintry mix on gameday, which is another variable. One thing we do know is that the Lions are one of the best teams in the league against the run despite using some of the Jim Washburn Wide-9 that drove fans here in Philly crazy in a former life.

Much of the burden could fall on the shoulders of Foles. While he has proven more than capable, I’ll predict that he and the Eagles fall just short in this spot.

Kapadia: Eagles 24, Lions 23

These teams are pretty evenly matched as far as I can tell. And the game means an awful lot on both sides, which should make for a fascinating matchup.

Offensively, there are things the Eagles can do against the Wide-9 that we saw from opponents in years past: Keep extra guys in to block, get rid of the ball quickly, etc. There will almost certainly be times when Foles gets hit, but he just needs to protect the football and realize a sack isn’t the end of the world. None of that “flip it to McCoy at the last second” stuff we saw on a couple occasions last week.

Defensively, the Eagles will give up some big plays to Johnson, but I think they can keep Reggie Bush in check and force Stafford into a turnover or two. Expect another close game, but the Eagles should have a coaching edge and come away their fifth straight win.

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  • Adam

    McManus you’re never going to shake your perception as a Foles hater if you keep predicting him to fail. What does he have to do to make you believe?

    • JofreyRice

      it’s funny, because I remember certain pro-Vick folks accusing Tim of hating Vick, as well.

      It seems like all he’s saying is: Nick Foles is probably not going to put up the highest QB rating in the history of the NFL. Seems pretty reasonable to me. In that last game, I thought he kind of “got away with” at least 3 throws that could have been picked.

      • Adam

        Haha yeah but the big difference is they were probably serious.

      • cliff henny

        dont most qbs get away with 2 or 3 throws a game? think that’s what surprised me most about foles during non-dallas stretch, he really wasnt even close to terrible throw ints, here and there, sure. one that bounced for d-jax, couple others, but mostly he read defense and just made good easy throws over and over. didnt feel like he was doing that great, then look at stats and another 60+% 300 2/3 tds.

        • JofreyRice

          Oh yeah, sure. I think I should just re-state the context. We’re talking about him returning to Earth from an interstellar level of play. The guy has been playing on Gliese 667Cc since the Dallas game. For me, I am expecting to see a guy that has started less than 15 NFL games–I think it’s only natural, really. An interception or two should not change anyone’s opinions on him dramatically. He takes shots, it’s going to happen.

          I know Rob has said that Foles reminds him of Flacco, but Nick strikes me more as Eli. Sometimes looks haphazard with the way he heaves it up there, but more often than not gets the job done. Also has that “unflappable” thing down.

          • cliff henny

            guess that’s the hard part, when the game is over you dont think ‘there’s a 125+qb rating game” and then you look at boxscore and there it is…again. can see why it’s so hard to figure him out. my best guess is his greatest attribute is hardest to see, his football iq, and all that goes into it, reads, study, decision making, ability to process information. foles seems well above average in that area, especially after 10 starts. that’s why i wonder about the regression to normal at times, because what they are saying is he’s going to get dumber. his physicals are only getting better, and we’ve seen improvement. outside of GB deep ball to jax-was marginal double coverage, about the only time i recall. in todays nfl, cant ever get upset with putting it on the reciever in 1 on 1, and that’s where foles always seems to be going with the ball. wonder what the plays will look like next year, have to figure havent seen 1/4 of the playbook. sure as fast as kelly is thinking and dreaming up plays, foles is soaking it all in. certainly not the coach/qb relationship we were thinking 8 months ago, but watching it develope does make more and more sense.

          • Kev_H

            I’m with you. I expect improvement based on continuity and experience. Even the Raider game wasn’t a complete, 4 quarter effort. You have to think he’ll put together a full game and go nuts one of these weeks.

          • theycallmerob

            my frontal lobe prohibits my brain from making such connections to NYG, WAS, or DAL players. for instance, I would rather not see us get “the next d-ware” this draft; rather, I want the next JJ watt or Von Miller.

            and time has kind of mellowed that early comparison. initially, it seemed Foles was getting a lot of breaks due to the run game and poor D’s. But the more starts he strings together, the more impressive this year is. Sure, much of it is related to Kelly and scheme, but that’s a testament to Foles’ ability to (1) go from classroom to field, and (2) consistently make good reads, progressions, and decisions. Very impressive from a young guy. Flacco relied much more heavily on physical talent from the get-go. Many of his critics still don’t see him as having become “elite” in the cerebral sense.

      • UncleCarm

        I agree that Foles did some risky things last week. By my count is was more like 5, including that strange lateral or handoff to McCoy on the scramble. Having said that, Foles made a big turnaround after his last questionable game against the team that cannot be named, and I am trusting in his film study and self examination to make this a cleaner game than the last. Mark me as under.

      • theycallmerob

        after this game, 3 joke defenses in a row. should be a fun ride towards that title! if he does nothing else in his career, I’d like the 21-0 record and passer rating record. it would be the ultimate “Holy sh!t, look what Chip did with this guy! forget Ricky Santos!”

        borrowed, with much pleasure, from igglesblitz

        • JofreyRice

          That would be seriously crazy. I mean, Detroit can get after the passer, but they aren’t Arizona. I guess it could conceivably happen.

        • Eagle in VT

          I’ve already stolen this…

          • Eagle in VT

            In fact, I might just pick a fight with a Pat fan or two this weekend, then offer to let Siri decide… hhahahahhahahhaha

          • theycallmerob

            yup, I’ve been having a grand ol’ time at the expense of my ‘skins-fans co-workers.

    • BlindChow

      I think it’s like when the roulette table shows the last 20 hits were black, you figure it’s GOTTA land on red sooner or later, right?

      • Richard Colton

        hahaha. was thinking the same thing. literally.

      • Adam

        If all passes were either touchdowns or INT, maybe. But it’s not that black and white… or black and red in this case.

        • Andy124

          Sometimes it’s green.

          • Adam

            With Foles, it’s all gold baby.

      • EaglePete

        and the golden rule with that is never go against the run. I learned that the hard way in Vegas.

    • Will

      McManus just has to accept Foles is for real, Nick threw for over 17,000 yds in college that’s not an accident or just lucky…Now we see why…

  • DEBO 215

    I’ll go 17-13 Eagles in a sloppy, rain soaked, turnover riddled game. I think Megatron gets held relatively quiet by his standards and stays under 100 yards but snags a redzone TD.
    For the Eagles, I actually think Shady exploits this defense both receiving and running for two scores and around 120 total yards.
    Player I’ll be watching for Detroit: David Akers. This game could come down to a FG. It will be cold, rainy and somewhat windy. No one knows the Linc better then Akers does.
    Player I’ll be watching for the Iggles: Mychal Kendricks. The Lions love to throw the ball to their RB’s, particularly Reggie Bush. This will be a big test for the LB’s in coverage, especially Kendricks.
    I’ll go over on the int’s. I think Foles throws one this week at some point, whether it be his fault or the WR’s on a tipped pass.

    • JofreyRice

      Fair analysis. I know Megatron’s getting that knee drained every other week or something. For as freaky as he is, it’s a brutal sport for any body to endure.

      I’d love to see the Eagles post back to back to back home wins.

      • Chip Henderson

        It would be back-to-back-to-back wins at home

        • JofreyRice

          you’re right.

      • macadood

        i certainly have more faith in Akers than Henery. Let’s hope it doesn’t come down to a field goal either way.

        • Adam

          I have zero faith in Henery. Honestly, I hold my breath during the PAT.

    • BlindChow

      The Lions worked out some kickers this week, but stuck with Akers. This might actually be a Henery vs. Akers game.

      Last time it came down to that, Henery missed two kicks and we lost by a point…

  • Richard Colton

    Regression to the mean is just a fancy way of saying Foles is “due” for an Int. It doesn’t work in roulette and it doesn’t fly in football. I’ll take the under.

    • cliff henny

      best scenario, get up 21-3, he has 2tds by half and he tosses a hail mary int to close out half. we can stop talking about ints.

      • JofreyRice

        another silver lining is Dutch will probably make an appearance sharing his orgasmic joy after the first Foles INT.


        • cliff henny

          YES! think we’ll ever hear from him again?

          • JofreyRice

            We can only pray.

          • Andy124

            While we’re on the topic, I tried to warn people that boldly predicting the departure of some would only delay that departure.

            My bad.

          • jshort

            Don’t know about you guys, but every time Foles puts one in the air, I’ll be feeling the pressure!!!

        • Adam

          Why do I miss him so much more than the Vick lovers?

          • cliff henny

            he’s the crazy ex-girlfriend…remember them so much more foundly then when you were with’em. wait till he pops back up, we’ll be regret the good feelings after the initial pleasantries.
            i just want to rip on him about geno smith. i mostly agreed with him on foles..mean, who knew?

          • Will

            I saw flashes in Foles but yeah the consistency now is unbelievable…I’ve got Detroit ticket’s don’t disappoint…Amped for kick off….

          • JofreyRice

            originality. panache. style. a certain je ne sais quoi one only acquires as a master of all subjects, professions and disciplines.

          • Adam

            I could never say he wasn’t entertaining. Most times I was honestly wondering if I was getting trolled by the most epic troll I’ve ever encountered, but him disappearing put an end to that line of thinking.

          • G_WallyHunter

            Wow. this is ON POINT

        • Max Lightfoot

          Orgasmic joy and Dutch – thanks heaps for putting that image into my head! wahahahahaha

    • southy

      Being “due” would mean he throws 3+ picks and comes crashing back down to Earth. Regression to the mean is “most [good] quarterbacks throw something like 1 INT per game” so Foles will most likely throw 1 pick. That’s not necessarily a fallacious or even a bold prediction; I just want him to throw 2 TDs first.

      • knighn

        He’s had one 7 TD game… and another few games where he’s had three or fewer TDs. In my mind, he’s due for a game where he throws at least 4 TDs.

        • @PhilthyBird215

          I agree, its been a couple of weeks since he threw for 7 TDs.
          he do for 5 – 6 TD performance. cheers lad.

      • Richard Colton

        what you said is the same as “he’s due.” it’s ok if you believe that. just don’t try to explain it mathematically or sit next to me at a blackjack table.

    • Mr. Magee

      So if Foles throws 2 INTs everyone’s gonna be surprised? I’m hoping for the best – and would love to see Foles get the record – but I’m worried about the Lions pass rush and their propensity for cheap shots. I’ll settle for an intact Foles and hopefully a win, but I’m not gonna be surprised if either of those things elude us this week.

    • Dr Rick

      I think Sheil has it right on this one, Davis’ game plan and the D’s execution will be key.
      Eventually Foles will regress to some mean, but until that happens then following the trend has better odds.
      It should be a good game in any event.
      Go Birds!

  • jabostick

    Normally I’d tend to agree with Tim re: Foles regressing to the mean a bit (and it still may happen), but it’s also possible that the ‘regression plays’ already happened and it just didn’t hurt us.

    For example, if you take the INT from last week (that was called back) and the DJax TD a few weeks ago where it should’ve been picked but the defenders ran into each other, etc, those might be the dumb mistakes/regression plays but, through no control of Foles or the Eagles, we got bailed out.

    That’s my hope anyway. Esp the pick from last week. That could’ve ended in disaster

  • Andy124

    Another toss-up game. I don’t know who will win. I do think Nick will have another very good first half unless the OL goes in to full on turn-style mode, which I don’t expect.

    I also expect a better second half, just because he’ll have to.

    If weather isn’t a major factor, both teams in the 30’s.

    • cliff henny

      like eagles chances at home vs Dome throwing team in the cold and rain. not only is stafford one to put 4 or 5 up in harms way, Bush has security issues in the best of conditions. just see lions being too loose with ball and too many penalties to win.

      • Andy124

        How’s this for a prediciton, IF we win this game, we win out.

        • cliff henny

          I LIKE IT! win vs lions and only thing i see as even close is Dallas. Minne a mess, d-line can control AP so he doesnt have 200 and 3tds, i cant even imagine the Linc vs Bears go into that game 9-5, crowd will win that game…and then Dallas…oh boy.

          • EaglePete

            I worry about Minn as much as the others, trap game. They are playing much better these last 3 or 4 weeks. Lets not forget, no easy games in this league, why it drives me nuts when people minimize victories claiming weak opponents.

          • Brennan Hildebrandt

            If anything weaker opponents in the past use to scare me more for some reason. Because they use to makes us play down to their level of play and we played miserably and we wouldn’t have the killer instinct and desperation needed like we do when we play quality opponents especially when their very meaningful games that we needed to win. But this is a new regime so we’ll have to see how this team plays through adversity so far so good for me keep it up guys!!!!

          • Vikes aren’t lying down. While I ultimately beleive we beat them…I won’t be surprised at all if they were to sneak out a win. I’m def not looking past them.

  • joethomas215

    Im loving what Foles is doing right now. With that said, Im not 100% sold on him yet. I wanna see him drive us down the field for touchdowns in some of these late game situations when the other teams making a comeback attempt. I kinda wanna see him take over just like the greamits do. We gotta remember he has less then one season worth of starts so it isn’t a major concern yet. Next season is looking pretty big right now. A winning season will be expected, imo.

    • Broadcasting Wisdom

      I love when the greamits take over games too. Foles hasn’t lost a game all year in which he started and finished. That Cowboys loss was well within reach when he got his concussion (down 7 points). Would have loved to see if he could have shaken off his first 3 quarters to put some points on the board in the 3 4th quarter drives that Barkley got.

      • Brian

        I think he would pick apart a ‘prevent’ defense, in the fourth quarter. I wonder what it would look like, as well, with Foles coming from behind.

  • TNA

    It’s telling that Sheil’s person to be watching is Davis. That infers that players are executing the calls and generally on the same page. What a difference a year makes.

  • Andy124

    h/t Brandon Lee Growton:

    Some will question if Nick Foles can play in the cold. Funny enough, one of Foles’ best college performances came in the cold during a game against Chip Kelly’s Ducks in 2010. Foles threw for his collegiate career-best 448 passing yards.

    • GEAGLE

      Please don’t post that idiots opinion on this site :)

      • theycallmerob

        What’s wrong with BGN?

      • Andy124

        Technically, not an opinion. Never struck me as an idiot either.

        Now, with the brain damage SIlva and Hunt inflicted on each other last night, those guys might be candidates. Freaking amazing.

  • Broadcasting Wisdom

    Personally I love that Foles has avoided sacks on several occasions by flipping it to McCoy. Not only do we avoid a sack, but McCoy usually picks up positive yards. I’ve seen other crafty QB’s, Big Ben, Favre, Brady, etc, do this when the opportunity presents itself. Foles has a mind for the game, let him make plays.

    Also I love the people criticizing the fact that Foles “should have been” picked off a couple times already. Even if they are right, which they are not, isn’t 19TDs, 3INT still a pretty ratio for many QB’s? How many QB’s have ever had that good of a ratio. McNabb went 31/9 one season and everybody said it was one of the best QB seasons ever? Aaron Rodgers’ undisputed best QB season ever was 45TD, 6INT – which Foles would be on pace for even if we give him 3 Int’s. Also the reason those naysayers are not right is that the two most common plays discussed – the Green Bay tip to Jackson and the Arizona bomb that Jackson had to break up – very rarely result in interceptions. The GB one obviously shouldn’t have been a TD, but 99% of the time those defenders don’t actually catch the ball, it’s just batted or dropped when they hit the ground – that’s why they aren’t receivers, they rarely actually catch it when it’s a bomb like that unless they’re not touched (like Nate Allen’s last week). Same with the one-on-ones against Patterson – the more common result is exactly what happens – the WR can bat it away.

    What the naysayers neglect to mention is that Foles avoids the two biggest causes of interceptions: tipped passes and losing track of a defender. Foles almost never gets his passes batted, rarely throws inaccurately or needlessly rifles passes to receivers 10 yards away that they can only tip instead of catch, and he always knows where every defender on the field is. He’s thrown 200 passes – how many of those made your heart jump because a lineman or one of our receivers tipped it? How many have hit an undercutting linebacker in the chest but he has just dropped it? I’ve watched every snap, and I really am having trouble thinking of any, whereas with most QB’s there’s at least 4 or 5 passes every game in which it was a very close call.

    In sum, if you’re not on the Nick Foles bandwagon yet, hope the fuck on board. Even if he plays terribly against Detroit, he is still better than any QB in the league not named Manning, Brady, Brees, or Rodgers, so let’s just see what kind of ceiling the guy has.

    • anon

      In many of those situations better to take the sack — he had some Vick like plays where he tried to get rid of the ball while getting hit (including that pick). I’m fine with the rest of what you said. Foles, like most QBs has a little trouble with pressure.

      • Brian

        What pick? The one in the preseason?

  • theycallmerob

    Player(s) I’ll be watching: Bill Bentley and Jonte Green

    you may be asking yourselves, who? with Houston and Slay likely out, these are the only other 2 CBs on their roster (after Mathis). Would not be surprised to see some more 11 personnel than the 12, even with the predicted weather issues. Spread these bums out, get the ball out quick to the playmakers (and keep away Suh), and let the guys making the big $$ find their way to the end zone.

    • @PhilthyBird215

      good point Lad. With this offense (Kelly’s offense) I believe its over all design is keep away from the pass rush. as in neutralize the pass rush/rushers via up tempo and create confusion. which also i believe is the explanation for the low turn over numbers by QBs. Low turn overs/interceptions are a constant with Kelly’s QBs dating all the way back to his UNH days. while at Organ, none of his QBs threw more then 10 interceptions in a season.

      • theycallmerob

        yup. some folks just decided they knew more about Kelly than he would “care to admit”, including what he looks for in a QB. No matter how many times he said decision-making and repetitive accuracy, it was hard for some to let go of the mobility angle. oh well….many of those talking heads are now mocked, and many of those “fans” have moved on to some other blog. win-win

      • Dr Rick

        That’s “Orygun,” not Organ.

        • @PhilthyBird215

          actually, its “Oregon” but lol at “Orygun”

          • reb

            Since a huge number of people in the US – especially in the Midwest – mispronounce the name, we took to using bumper stickers that spell it “Orygun” to proactively counter the mispronunciation. It’s not “Oar – uh -gone.” It’s “Orygun!”

          • @PhilthyBird215

            i see. thank you sir. your lesson is welcome.

  • Tom w

    Riley cooper — lions dline and lbs will contain our rushing game and double djax forcing foles to turn to cooper to beat up the lions porous cbs.

    Birds build an early lead again after frustrating stafford and connecting on a couple big pass plays to cooper and McCoy.

    Lions attempt to relay late but stafford remains erratic despite 100 yds in total offense by bush and megatron. Constant pressure and sure tackling keep the lions in relative check all game.

    Birds 30-lions 20

    • reb

      In that case, you have to add the TE’s to the list, too.

  • EaglePete

    Bend but dont break better come to play. Our D line has to get serious pressure on Stafford and force him to throw out of timing, hopefully get some turnovers. Sack fumbles and INTs otherwise it may be a shootout.

  • anon

    NFL Kickoff just spent a segment talking about how great Philly D is. They were like you can’t go by the numbers but red zone and third down they are one of the best in the game.

    Started from the bottom now we’re here.

  • redemption

    Alex Henery is a putz who will likely cause us the game this week. Hey Alex, why don’t you worry about your miserable kicking % rather than your man crush on Suh?

    • GEAGLE

      Lucky for us, they have akers

  • Kev_H

    I liked the McCoy flips and thought they were pretty safe noting that a forward flip is a forward pass. Noting that it has been over 1 month since another team slowed down the Eagles’ offense, I predict a tough Lions team resulting in the Eagles keeping the pedal to the metal. Eagles 45 Lions 34. Five TD passes for Foles, three of them 30+ yards.

    • DLRJ

      I admire your optimism, but I think it’s a bit of an overstatement to say it has been a month since a team slowed down the Eagles’ offense. After the first drive of the second half, the Cardinals definitely did so last week, and I wouldn’t say 24 points total is exactly an offensive explosion in today’s NFL.

      • Kev_H

        I take it as the Eagles jumping out to big leads and then dialing it back rather than AZ stopping them. I think if the game stayed close, the Eagles would have kept scoring.

  • Brian

    I expect Stafford to have more issues with the wet ball, than Foles. Cooper and Jackson may have two touchdowns a piece. Eagles 38 Lions 17.

  • Token

    Another tough week.

    Chung has to play much better this week. I know hes not capable of it, but I can hope he plays out of his mind for what could be his last week ever starting in the NFL.

    Im guessing they will do what they did to Fitz and try to make the rest of the team beat them. I thought they did pretty well on Fitz, besides the kind of weird TD play where Chung basically took himself and Boykin out of the play. Megatron is a better play tho.

    Lions play the wide 9 which could give us chances in the run game. But its also a test for the tackles. Hopefully Kelce and Herremans can have a solid week. Foles will need the space to step up.

    The weather looks like its at least gonna be cold. maybe snowing. I wanna see how Foles deals with that.

    Maybe im just in full homer mode, but I think the Eagles win. The Lions secondary could be short handed, and they arent great to begin with. I think there will be chances there. The O line and the D line are really the keys.

    • Andy124

      Anybody else see the bit where the Lions are 4-0 when Megatron is contained. That means they have a losing record (3-5) when Calvin goes over 100.

      I don’t think it means jack, but it’s interesting.

  • Game will come down to turnovers. Stafford and crew have been turning it over quite a bit lately and you just can’t do that against this offense and not pay for it. Ask the Cards. If they have multiple turnovers Lions lose. IF they play a clean game however, Lions win. 33 – 31 to whoever turns it over less.