Week 5: Eagles Snap Count Analysis


Here’s a look at how the Eagles divvied up playing time against the Giants Sunday afternoon.

Overall Snaps
Snap %
LeSean McCoy6479%
Bryce Brown1417%
Chris Polk34%

A week ago, LeSean McCoy had trouble with the mile-high air, but his playing time bumped back up against the Giants. He had 20 carries for 46 yards.

With Michael Vick in the game, McCoy ran 12 times for 48 yards. With Nick Foles in the game, he had eight carries for -2 yards. McCoy added six catches for 46 yards.

Bryce Brown had 11 yards on five carries, and Chris Polk ran twice for 3 yards.

If you’re wondering about the QB snaps, Foles played 43 and Vick 38.

Overall Snaps
Snap %
DeSean Jackson7694%
Brent Celek6479%
Jason Avant6378%
Riley Cooper6277%
Zach Ertz3341%
Jeff Maehl2025%
James Casey34%
Damaris Johnson34%

DeSean Jackson had a monster game with seven catches for 132 yards and a touchdown on 12 targets.

Riley Cooper saw a bit of a dip in playing time. He played 77 percent of the snaps, a season-low. Replacing him was Jeff Maehl, who played a season-high 20 snaps. That’s as many as he played in the first four games combined. Cooper and Maehl combined for no catches on one target.

Jason Avant had three catches for 33 yards.

At tight end, Brent Celek caught all three balls thrown his way for 47 yards, including a 25-yard TD in the fourth quarter. Zach Ertz has seen his snap count go up in four consecutive weeks. He had two catches for 38 yards on three targets, including a 24-yarder. Ertz has four catches of 20+ yards.

Perhaps what we learned Sunday is that the Eagles’ best chance at providing Jackson help in the passing game is to use the running backs and tight ends more. Those positions combined for 12 catches and 137 yards on 16 targets. Wide receivers not named DeSean Jackson had three catches for 33 yards on eight targets.

James Casey played three snaps and continues to be a non-factor offensively.

Overall Snaps
Snap %
Fletcher Cox5374%
Cedric Thornton4664%
Isaac Sopoaga2738%
Vinny Curry2535%
Bennie Logan1825%
Clifton Geathers1014%

Nothing really glaring about the defensive line rotation. Vinny Curry rotated in for the third straight week and played 14 snaps.

Rookie Bennie Logan had the Eagles’ lone sack.

Overall Snaps
Snap %
DeMeco Ryans73100%
Mychal Kendricks73100%
Connor Barwin6690%
Trent Cole5474%
Brandon Graham2230%

DeMeco Ryans and Mychal Kendricks played every snap. Connor Barwin left the game briefly in the second quarter with a leg injury, but returned in the third.

Brandon Graham played 30 percent of the Eagles’ snaps, his highest mark of the season. He did not register a tackle, QB hurry or sack according to the official box score.

Overall Snaps
Snap %
Earl Wolff73100%
Nate Allen73100%
Bradley Fletcher73100%
Cary Williams73100%
Brandon Boykin4562%

Patrick Chung missed his second straight game. Nate Allen and Earl Wolff played every snap. Same goes for starting corners Cary Williams and Bradley Fletcher. Williams had an interception, and Fletcher, who was tested all game long, was credited with five pass break-ups.

Brandon Boykin played 62 percent of the snaps. He pressured Eli Manning on the Kendricks interception and came away with a pick of his own.

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    • Johnny Domino

      Thank you, Mr. Geathers

  • Bullwinkle

    Logan got a sack when Curry flushed Eli foward in the pocket. Curry sacked Manning when Manning was called for intentional grounding. They should play Curry more and perhaps use the 4-3 more, since it fits the current personnel better.

    • aub32

      Eli really mscrewed the stat sheet with his 3 (should have been 4) intentional grounding penalties. I agree Curry should see the field more. He’s so productive in such a limited role. It’s hard to imagine he couldn’t do more with more playing time.

      • jabostick

        The frustrating part is that it isn’t like there are play makers playing in front of him. Even if he doesn’t do much with extended playing time, you’re not getting much from the other guys anyway (even accounting for run defense). Seems like a logical gamble…

    • Brian

      It may turn out that switching to the 3/4 was the biggest mistake of the off season.

      • Buster

        If you take a short-sighted approach then you might have a point.

        Eagles are looking more long term and feel the 3-4 is the best option moving forward.

        • Dutch

          Well the long term had better include changing out current Defensive Linemen, including Cox because the 3-4 two gap system negated the best features of Cox and Thornton and obviously Vinny Curry and Brandon Graham.

          It’s best for everyone involved to tank this season and have a fire sale to improve the Eagles draft position up and down the entire draft.

        • Brian

          I agree with the long term aspect, but this offense is good enough to win games. If we kept the 4-3, the Team would be in a better position to win. In my opinion.

    • Dutch

      Asinine game plan considering the Giants have no rushing game and it’s expected Eli would throw better than 30 times and the Eagles response is to leave Curry and Graham on the bench except for 12 plays.

      I just can’t get onboard with how Davis is making the calls.

  • All In Eagles

    Completely unrelated but not sure where else to post. Thoughts on adding Byrd, Gordon, Britt? Articles are swirling about all and how they are available. Byrd is our first target I believe as he fills our worst position but Gordon is a stud.


    • G_WallyHunter

      Byrd would be great to add for a 3rd or something, providing the plantar fascillus is curable. Britt and Gordon are both great options, I’d much rather Gordon, Britt has way more red flags all over him. Imagine Gordon alongside Jackson for rest of season, damn, exciting.
      PLEASE DO IT, for Byrd or Gordon

      • All In Eagles

        I hear ya, go for both somehow, get creative with picks and players without giving away too much for next year.

        • G_WallyHunter

          If Josh Gordon’s behaviour can be controlled, he could be a very intriguing piece going forward. Maclin but about 3x better

      • BlindChow

        Gordon gets a year-long suspension next time he messes up. Not worth a draft pick, unless it’s low.

        • G_WallyHunter

          I knew that too ya, kind of gets in the way. Hey, at least it helps Eagles in bargaining with Banner… 5th rd?

    • aub32

      I would only go after Byrd if 1) his injury is more a “coach I’m too hurt to play under the tag” type of situation and 2) we can sign him to a long term deal. I don’t want to give up picks for a rental. I would love to go get Gordon. i think he might be a better compliment to Jackson than Maclin, and he’s proven. There are so many misses with WRs outside of the Megatrons and Greens of the world. I think it’s better to get a young proven stud with upside left to be shown.

    • JofreyRice

      My thought is that its better to use our draft picks to acquire guys other gms have drafted than to let our gm use the picks on draft day.

      • All In Eagles

        Haha, so you’re on board!! Great!! Seriously though, if Byrd’s feet aren’t falling off, we should go after him and lock him up.

      • Token


        Howie and this scouting department are not finding a safety. Just give them what they want for Byrd, arguably the best deep safety in the game. We have way more than enough money to offer him in the offseason.

        Plus, he went to Oregon so you know Chip loves the idea.

      • Brandon Boykin, OLB

        Still not understanding Howie hate. Not trying to be argumentative, just trying to understand. Here’s why I need help

        Huge Contributors (these were all chosen without Tom Gamble, mind you):
        Fletcher Cox
        Vinny Curry
        Mychal Kendricks
        BRANDON BOYKIN (a 4th round STEAL)

        Guys who probably need to grow:
        Lane Johnson
        Zach Ertz
        Bennie Logan

        All chosen under the watch of Howie. Help me understand.

        • anon

          VC is a huge contributor? You’d also have to add BB and NF who i think were great selections as well.

          I think Howie gets a lot of criticism (a) for drafts occuring before 2012 and (b) for his inability to draft secondary. It’s also a little silly to add a coach that makes 2/3 of your D (mainly the lineman which we draft a lot of) bad fits for the scheme, really negating the only good picks he had made.

          He’s also not been great responding to his team’s needs in FA.

          • Brandon Boykin, OLB

            Whenever VC is in, he wrecking havoc. Also, the last two drafts have been solid.

            I, for one, trust Lurie in saying that these two drafts have been Howie’s. It’s pretty understood that Andy Reid demanded full power (see: Kansas City). When that power was taken, we had two pretty good drafts. I think the last one was “weaker” due to Howie & co. trying to listen to Chip. But I could be completely wrong while trying to use hopeless optimism to give myself comfort.

        • Token

          Man, its boggles my mind how people can think the way you do.

          Lets just live in fairy tale land where Howie had nothing to do with any draft before the last two, which is a load of bull.

          Even if you take just the last two drafts and FA signings, what are you seeing that the rest of us arent?

          Cox, I think hes a beast. But with the system change im not sure he will be around here in 3 years.

          Curry doesnt see the field

          Kendricks seems to stink. I liked the guy, thought hed be good so Im hesitant to give up on him, but its looking like hes not gonna get the game mentally. He just isnt a factor. Not gonna stick around especially with the 3-4 switch IMO.

          This years draft looks like a disaster.

          Both FA periods were pretty much disasters.

          But yea, Howie is great. Lurie loves you.

          • anon

            Kendricks is the worst b/c he does show up — 3 fumble recoveries (most in league), also had a pick. He’s gotta clean up the missed takles but he’s a second year. All that said he’s as good as a second round pick should be.

          • Token

            You set a low bar for 2nd round picks.

            Look, I dont know why theres such a large amount of Eagles fans that like to live in fantasy land, but I do know Lurie loves you types.
            Kendricks flat out hasnt been good. You need way more out of that high a pick. But if fumble recoveries are how you gauge a ILBs effectiveness, then theres not much point in arguing with you is there?

          • anon

            I said he flashes, which makes it tough to call him a total loss. He’s also in a new system so i’m lenient for that reason but agree that there’s areas of his game that need to be much better.

          • JofreyRice

            Among his peers, he’s really not measuring up. I really liked Kendricks coming out of Cal, but he’s just not at the level of guys like Wagner, Lavonte David, Demario Davis. Even guys like Vontaze Burfict and Danny Trevathan contribute more to their defenses. He’s really disappointed me.

          • Brandon Boykin, OLB

            “Man, its boggles my mind how people can think the way you do.”

            I think this about you on just about every post you make. Many frequenters of this blog feel the same way. I wasn’t rabble raising. I was trying to understand. That first line, especially coming from you of all posters, gives me little incentive to read this post.

          • CMI82

            I don’t entirely disagree with your point, but I think you are resorting to hyperbole a bit to make that point. Howie’s track record to date has been spotty at best. That said: it’s hard to hold him fully accountable for previous drafts. I know you think people are living in fantasy land for believing he did not have a part in those drafts or free agent signing periods. I don’t absolve Howie of all responsibility, but to think he had more influence on those decisions than Andy Reid or Joe Banner is a bit far fetched.

            Finally, it is WAY too early to call this yea’s draft “a disaster” as you labeled it. How has five games provided enough game tape to arrive at that conclusion? Lane Johnson and Zach Ertz have each flashed in the first five games. There is no question each of them can be capable starters in this league. Bennie Logan flashed in preseason and has been serviceable so far this year. Barkley hasn’t seen the field and Earl Wolf has done some good things, and some bad things in his first few NFL games. Long story short, to label a draft a disaster after 5 games is hyperbole and it cheapens the point you are trying to make – which can be argued fairly reasonably.

          • Maggie

            All the geniuses who think THEY would be brilliant as GM or HC feel quite free to call a draft or FA signing a disaster after ONE game, never mind five.

        • Dutch

          Kendricks sucks, pure and simple. He’s not to be mentioned in the same breath with Cox or Boykins. Johnson was a no brain decision, Logan can develop into a player, Ertz the jury is still out on his contributions.

          There is no justification for Kendricks missing as many tackles and over running plays with the frequency he does. He’s more an agent for the opposition than a contributor for the defense. I’m not to impressed with Ryan’s ability to read and react. Combined both aren’t doing a good enough job backing a 2 gap defensive front because they can not make the plays that are furried to them.

          • JofreyRice

            They have been really bad in the middle,

          • Maggie

            Such depth of analysis. And after 5 whole games! Amazing.

        • JofreyRice

          I think Howie “hate” is a little strong. I poke fun with his glamour shot, but I don’t wish that he contracts MRSA or anything. The bottom line is that I don’t think he’s done a good job as GM. I don’t think he’s showing improvement. Most of the best GMs in the league–the guys that assemble the most talent for their rosters–have been scouts. Howie has no background in football other than salary cap management. Now, his lack of background is not absolutely prohibitive for him being really successful, but we’re not seeing the success, either. His battle with the odds doesn’t look like it’s going all that well.

          I think we may not share a common definition of “huge contributor”. It’s hard for me to agree that all those guys are “huge contributors”. Cox, and Boykin look like solid starters–if you count Nickel cornerback as a starter. Kendricks has been absolutely putrid at times, and Curry’s mostly an unknown outside of his ability to beat interior linemen (one that should obviously get his shot to show what he can do). Is Curry as passrush specialist only? I wouldn’t mind finding the answer to that.

          The argument that the defensive players would all be much better in a 4-3 isn’t terribly convincing to me, considering they had one of the worst defenses in the league last year, running a 4-3. I will agree that switching to a two gap 3-4 is about the most effective way to minimize the talent imaginable. Particularly, failing to fully gauge and leverage the passrushing ability of Vinny Curry is mystifying.

          Finally, I don’t share the opinion that Howie had no hand in the roster moves that have left the team so talentless. The comments at the time of draft and signings, the huge change in the way they did business from the Banner/Reid years, the underwhelming penny ante free agent acquistions, in response to the fear of another big-name debacle like 2011, all add up to a different captain of the ship.

          • Maggie

            Just a thought. How many years has Joe Banner been a GM? Funny, 2 years ago he was the worst GM in the entire history of the NFL. Now many people are saying the same things about Roseman, who has only been GM for a comparatively short time. Odd.

          • JofreyRice

            Joe Banner has never been a GM.

            You’re speaking in extremes. Roseman can certainly be better than “the worst GM in the entire history of the NFL” and still not good enough to build a talented roster, capable of competing with the NFL’s best. Moreover, who, to you, that Roseman has added–either in the draft of free agency–looks like a player on his way to becoming one of the top 5 at his position? top 10?

            At some point, you need talent.

      • B-West

        Just a thought… If the defense is still running a 4-3, do you think Cox and Curry would be more of a factor? In the flashes we’ve seen, I think its possible we’d be talking about how the GM found some great defensive building blocks.

        Kendricks seems to struggle with the mental aspects of the game, so another scheme change is not helping him, either. Although, I admit he looks awful bust-worthy right now and I don’t think Kelly likes being undersized at MLB.

        Kelly wanted the 3-4, and I think the Eagles were right to want Kelly. IMO, it seems that the 2012 draft was a casualty of the Kelly hire.

    • Adam



      Kenny Britt is absolutely terrible, and is not an upgrade.

      • Pennguino

        Can he sign a deal with Buffalo? Like an extension or rework his contract? It has been done in the past. Eagles and Byrd come to a deal. Eagles work out compensation with Buffalo. Then Byrd signs a new deal with Buffalo and then is traded to Eagles.

        • Adam

          Nope, Once the deadline passes you play the year on the tag. Eagles would have to wait till the season is over to renegotiate. Then, Byrd would have all the leverage because he would know the Eagles gave up a 2nd rounder for him. It’s not a situation the Eagles FO will let themselves be put in. They’ll keep their picks and attempt to win the bidding war when free agency starts.

          • Pennguino


      • Maggie

        Absolutely agree on Byrd. For the reasons you give AND the fact that the same posters worshipping at his (broken) feet, are the same ones who flog the front office for every player they bring in who had a previous injury. On defense, I personally enjoy Boykin and Fletcher. They seem to have some talent and give great effort! That’s all we can ask of a player on a sports team, or OUR co-workers on OUR jobs.

        Btw, yesterday I posted a small comment disagreeing with a couple of guys on one topic. They flooded my inbox with FIFTEEN replies telling me how stupid I am. Anybody who doesn’t like my small comment today, don’t bother with the name calling. I used to work with Social Services and you can’t possibly call me anything I haven’t heard before.

    • BlindChow

      Britt is awful. He’s dropped more passes than he’s caught the last two games.

      • Dutch

        He should fit in well in Phila then. He can’t be any worse than what we have on the roster now.

        • All In Eagles

          Dont’ agree with this completely but we don’t exactly have many players that any other team would consider going after if they were available.

          • Dutch

            I love the Eagles, but some of the decisions regarding personnel I can not agree with. It makes no sense after all these years we are lacking talent at receiver. We’ve cut in training camp contributors on other teams. This is a constant.

            Right now, I wish we could get a good look at Shepard. And I think we’re wasting Damaris Johnson

          • All In Eagles

            Agree, he is definitely being wasted. I love going back to preseason and TC articles and reading about Damaris’ excitement about how he fits so well and how he’s lighting up TC and not dropping a single ball. ?? We seriously don’t have a single exciting WR on the field on Sunday’s besides Djax, drives me nuts. I like Ertz but he’s still not there, the others are poop (Cooper/Maehl) and Celek is just Celek, he’s great in my eyes but not exciting. Avant is my boy also but once again.. not exciting.

  • Richard Colton

    Our first round pick from 2 years ago is playing 30% of the snaps and Vinny Curry is still the missing man. I can’t understand why, in a below average defense, they can’t figure out a way to get them on the field.

    • Token

      And Boykin, the only guy in the secondary who has shown the ability to make a big play, consistently only plays 50-60% of the time.

      This stuff kills my brain cells. This should be a year of growing a guy like Boykin, Curry, Graham. Not sitting them so you can get the bum FA signings more snaps.

      Isaac Sopoaga gives this team nothing on the field. You could argue he is the most worthless defender, you could not play him a snap and notice no difference.

      Barwin, hey you set the edge well. Congrats. But you cant rush the passer to save your life. I tend to watch him alot and he gets handled by tackles every play. He is just not disruptive like you want in your OLB. They could afford to try working Graham in more, just to see what happens.

      And why does Chip hate Johnson? He seemed to be able to get open last year in a small sample size. What could it hurt to see what he can do?

      • anon

        Boykin doesn’t play as well outside, so he only plays nickel. Barwin is good, has gotten sacks, is good in coverage w/ batted balls and pbus.

        • Token

          What do you base your “Boykin doesnt play as well outside” comment on?

          • Dutch

            I don’t think he’s seen enough of Boykins outside to make such a determination. Boykins is the best cover corner the Eagles have on their roster, period.

          • anon

            pre-season + chargers game.

        • Dutch

          Barwin for his size gets hung up on blockers in the same way as every linebacker with the exception of Cole. Barwin was labeled as a capable pass defender and that’s not showed up in his games so far. In no way is Barwin a reliable pass rusher, despite the sacks he’s managed.

          I said in July there was no way Barwin was coming in here and acquiring double digit sacks this season. I still hold that point of view.

          • Token

            Yea, I tend to watch him a lot. He brings next to nothing to the pass rush. One blocker is always enough to shut him down.

      • Dutch

        Not only is Boykins on the bench for 40% of the defensive snap, he’s featured as a pass rusher for a portion of the plays he’s on the field in lieu of Curry. .

        • Token

          yes good point, its crazy.

          You hear Chip talk about it in the PC today, you can tell hes just not a Boykin fan. The guy has picked his favorites. Said hes happy with the outside corners, for whatever reason.

          Said it a hundred times. Chip, you aint winning the SB this year. Grow the little bit of young talent you have now. Having arguably your best corner not playing outside is nuts.

          Neither Fletch or Williams will be here 2 years from now, who cares about cutting their snaps or if they arent as good as Boykin in the slot. If its possible you have a young playmaker at corner, he needs to play 100% of the time.

          • Dutch

            Boykin showed well against Welker and Cruz. It’s absurd to say Boykins is limited by his size. Kelly favors bigger defenders, but Boykins is the most sound DB in Philly since the days of the big boys roaming center field for the Eagles.

          • JofreyRice

            Agreed, anyone who thinks Boykins is limited by his size, doesn’t know just who Boykin is. Boykins played quite a bit on the outside at UGA, and Boykin was able to shut down some of the best SEC receivers. Very often, the last thing they’d see on the jersey running away from them with an interception was the last name “Boykins”. Or possibly “Boykin”, depending on whom you asked.

          • Always Hopeful

            I saw what you did there (Earl Boykins)

    • Eagledelphia

      Exactly how I feel plus the whole “he can’t two gap” thing is pointless when the guys playing over him can’t either

  • Harrison

    I need a serious explanation — other than ‘this is this roster we’re playing with the entire year” — how Avant and Cooper continue to get trotted out there each Sunday. They bring NOTHING to the table. They can’t get separation. They drop passes. The defense needn’t worry about them. We wonder why the offense isn’t working – well, when there are really only two legitimate threats on the field, it’s easy to plan against.
    Can the Eagles please go get Gordon or ANY wide receiver that would upgrade this passing attack? I understand they are still ‘rebuilding’ but the division is still up-for-grabs, why not try to make the playoffs, too.

    • Andy124

      The way your question is worded: Easy answer, the coaches think those guys give the Eagles the best chance to win.

      Perhaps a better question would be: Why on Earth does the coaching staff still think these guys give us the best chance to win?

      I can only think of three good answers. 1) Those guys practice the best. 2) The coaches are doing a poor job of evaluating their own players and instead have chosen favorites and are sticking with them. 3) They love to piss off GEagle.

      • Maggie