Nick Foles Against the Legend Of Michael Vick

The scene in the locker room following the Miracle at the New Meadowlands was about as memorable as the game itself. The players were absolutely euphoric. They had just erased a 21-point fourth quarter deficit on the road against their top rival, then plunged a stake through the Giants’ hearts with one of the top plays in franchise history — a 65-yard punt return for a touchdown by DeSean Jackson with no time left on the clock.

But it wasn’t Jackson’s name that was echoing off the walls in the bowels of MetLife Stadium. It was Michael Vick‘s.

With the party already in full swing, Vick — who magically whipped up three scores (two passing, one rushing) in a span of about six minutes to set up the dramatic finish — made his way into the locker room. “Mike Vick!” one player called out. Then another. “Mike Vick!” Then another. “Mike Vick!” They were calls like you would hear from a fan to an idol.

“I joke with Mike all the time about in high school, my whole team had his cleats when he was playing in the NFL,” LeSean McCoy said back in 2010 following a comeback win over the Texans. “Now I’m in the same huddle with him, locker room with him, joking with him, texting him, calling him. I’m a fan of his. I just can’t show him too much. But it’s different. It’s the same for me, for Maclin, for DeSean. Us young guys, to be playing with him, we’re excited. We look up to him.”

This helps us put the current quarterback competition in its proper context. It shows us the challenge that may lie in front of Nick Foles.

Given Vick’s stature, it should come as little surprise that Jackson would predict that Vick would win the job, or grab his back when the QB said he’d like a starter named before camp. He’s like a big brother, only instead of playing against him in Madden growing up, you played as him.

How does Foles compete against that?

“I think  what Nick has to do is be himself,” answered quarterbacks coach Bill Lazor Thursday. “His teammates will respect him when they know who he is and that he is genuine. What I see on the practice field is that when we’re out there and he’s running the offense, when I watch him get other guys lined up or tell them what to do, I see them react because they trust that he knows what they’re supposed to do.”

Chip Kelly is looking for accuracy and decision making out of his quarterback above all else, but there are obviously intangibles that are a big part of the position as well. A QB needs the team to respond to him and follow him. Lazor feels like Foles has managed to capture the respect and attention of his peers, even with the presence of someone like Vick on the roster.

“That’s all he has to do: be himself, be assertive when he needs to be assertive. If you walk out onto the field and your teammates know that you are the most prepared person that day for practice, then you’ve got their respect.

“I’m not in the showers with them, but everything I’ve seen on the field, he’s gotten the respect he needs from his teammates.”

Kelly said that every quarterback competition he held at Oregon produced a clear winner. If Foles outshines Vick this preseason, he should have no problem getting the team to rally behind him. If it’s close, you wonder if the legend of Vick comes into play.

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  • ReggieKush

    Mike Vick!

  • Roasty

    Training camp hasn’t even hit full swing and we are getting 4 new articles before noon. Gotta love this site

  • Justin

    I don’t care who wins the QB job, as long as this team plays with heart again.

  • Scott J610

    It’s time for the legend to ride off into the sunset.

  • Chip will pick the best man now. He doesn’t care what happened last year, or how what the guys previous record was, or how long he’s started. He’ll pick the guy that has the best accuracy, doesn’t turn the ball over, and gets the ball out quickly. He’ll pick the guy with the better football IQ and the better decision making skills.

    And that’s simply not Mike Vick.

    • ReggieKush

      Mike Vick will be back ballin’ this year.

  • Andy124

    Can we change the title of the article to:

    “Eagles fans Against the Legend of Michael Vick”?

  • Scott J610

    Mark Sanchez has won more post season games than Vick.

  • GiveMeABreak

    Given the status of our secondary and linebackers (and even some spots on the d-line), I can’t see the outcome of the QB process being all that important. When you look at their relative strengths and weaknesses, they are much of a muchness. We are really fighting Dallas for who has the worst QB in the division (assuming RGIII can play). Meanwhile, we are apparently a lock to have a bad defense.

    • cliff henny

      think about the saints defense when they won SB, it sucked, but had a ton of impact plays. hopefully that’s what we’ll get. have an offense that is threat to put 21 up in 5 mins at any point in game, that’ll force teams into being more agressive than normal. if teams can grind it out with us, hold offense down, we’re screwed.

      • GiveMeABreak

        True, but you need impact players to make impact plays and we just don’t have a lot of them on defense. Also, Gregg W ran a good defense (now we know why although I thought it was apparent during the season) and we have a question mark for our DC. Finally, I am not sure any of our QBs are going to be like Drew Brees. Maybe Chip is the equal of Sean P but only time will tell. We do know that Sean has Mickey Loomis and our front office can’t hold a candle to him. So, no matter how good Chip is, he’ll have a deficit against great coaches with better organizations like Giants, Steelers, Aints, 49ers, Packers, Ravens, etc…

  • cliff henny

    anyone else been watching ESPN coverage of other team’s practices? after watching kelly’s, they look like they’re moving in slow motion. feel like our speed is going to overwhelm teams early on. really makes me want to see what kelly can do with vick. just too many possibilities, i got to see it.

  • Andy124

    Vick vs. Foles always brings out the best in everyone. I love it. And I would just like to let everybody know that those who disagree with me on this topic:

    1) Have the mental capacity of a Raphus cucullatus with
    necrosis of the cerebrum

    2) Have the moral compass of one who enjoys the premature
    termination and prolonged mistreatment of Canis lupus familiaris

    3) Have failed to observe actual Eagles football

    4) Have failed to grasp the simple concepts crucial to
    success in said football contests.

    5) Lack the emotional discipline to make objective
    observances and the self-awareness to recognize this flaw.

    6) Will not win the lottery

    7) Lack proper personal hygiene.

    8) Will be challenged and defeated in a contest of

    • GEagle

      Sounds about right…you get an up vote from me

  • xlGmanlx

    Any player worth having on this team wants to win more than they are 7’s fans, non-story.

    • MV7


    • aub32

      That’s why they want #7 under center because they know it’s their best chance of winning.

  • Josh

    “I’m not in the showers with them, but everything I’ve seen on the field, he’s gotten the respect he needs from his teammates.” I should hope not, you’re the QB coach not the defensive coordinator.

  • Kevin Powell

    In the end, every player cares about getting the win on the field. Off the field they will still look up to Mike and his legend.

  • JBrooks

    Lots of comments without anyone offering up any positive thoughts about each candidate. At the end of the day I would just like to see some wins (ideally more than 4 ><)

    The 2010 Mike Vick could return in this offense that Coach Kelly is putting together and man did I love watching Vick during that span. The past 2 seasons have been hard to watch and Philly needed a change, enter Chip Kelly. Would I love to see Vick play top quality football again, absolutely, but his age and playing style are something to keep in mind. Will he be here next season? 2 seasons from now?

    Foles played great all things considered. Anyone that says he did not have a really tough situation needs to re-evaluate. A rookie playing arguably the toughest position in football with less key players, no defense and the team already had this losing season mentality around them when he started. There seemed to be no one actually playing with anything to prove but him. He had rookie mistakes for sure but, from what Coach Kelly says, a quick-decision accurate quarterback will be great in his offense. Foles fits both of those criteria better than Vick. Can he run, no. Is that a quality the QB has to have in Kelly's system, not according to him.

    I think taking a new offensive scheme with a younger quarterback that could end up being our signal caller for 6+ years sounds like music to my ears. I am a big Vick fan but I think Foles can be the guy. I am just happy football is back and can't wait to watch our new look Eagles!


  • morgan c

    Vick sucks.