Jason Kelce On the Effects Of the Hurry-Up

Last year, if you remember, Jason Kelce was handed more pre-snap responsibilities. He would survey the defense and set the protections accordingly to lessen Michael Vick‘s load. And if Vick wanted to overrule him, he could.

Well, the plan went up in smoke when Kelce suffered a season-ending knee injury against Baltimore in Week 2. Dallas Reynolds replaced Kelce and was asked to perform similar duties, but couldn’t perform them at the same level. Eventually, Vick took the pre-snap responsibilities back.

Kelce said on Tuesday that the protection calls are on him again this season. But as the center points out, there won’t be much room for adjustments in Chip Kelly‘s hurry-up.

“In this style of offense, there are going to be very few times when you are going to be changing things around — you’re going at too fast of a tempo,” said Kelce. “The good thing is that the defense is going to have to show their hand a lot sooner. But you also have to know that sometimes the call is going to be wrong just because you are trying to push that tempo, push that defense into a difficult situation, so sometimes they are going to get us on a blitz. The quarterback has to see it and we’ll have to go from there.”

Kelce brings up an important point: a byproduct of the up-tempo attack is that you become vulnerable to the blitz in some cases. You’re rushing to get the play off. If the center is trying to switch protections while the quarterback is calling out the signals, chances are not everybody is going to get the message. So it’s best not to introduce that element of confusion.

“That’s the thing: if we’re going to be wrong, we have to all be wrong, 11 people on the same page, and then let the quarterback use his hot read on the blitz that we didn’t pick up,” said Kelce. “The biggest thing — and it’s the reason [for] the hand signals and everything else we’re doing, is that we want all 11 players on the same page. Because when everyone is doing the same thing it tends to work out better.”

This is likely part of the reason why Kelly wants a quarterback who can get rid of the ball quickly, and why quarterbacks coach Bill Lazor desires “accuracy and decision-making” above all else. By nature of the design the QB will often be asked to go mano-a-mano with the blitz, and beat it.

Last season, Vick completed 51 percent of his passes (7.7 YPA) with six touchdowns, two interceptions and an 85.4  passer rating against the blitz, per Sports Illustrated. He was sacked 14 times. Nick Foles completed 56 percent of his balls (7.2 YPA) with two touchdowns, a pair of interceptions and a 76.6 rating. He was sacked five times, but did not face the blitz as much as Vick in 2012.

The flip side, as Kelce points out, is that the defense will have to show its hand early much of the time. That will help the Eagles’ offense, especially when they choose to bring the pace down a notch. And the up-tempo approach will limit the defense’s options.

“They are going to have to do different things with their personnel, obviously, because they’re not going to be able to get into the specially-designed packages with specific personnel,” said Kelce. “If you’re in nickel you’re going to have to stay in nickel because we’re going too fast for you to get out of it. I think defenses are either going to one, blitz us more, or two, run man-to-man and try to play it safe.”

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  • rm

    Barkley threw 44 TDs and 6 INTs when opponents blitzed in college (per Cecil Lammey). https://twitter.com/cecillammey/statuses/330394326985211905.

    • Jmtyl

      That’s college Kevin Kolb and Mike Kafka had similar stats. THIS IS THE NFL!!!

  • rick

    Tim, you mentioned that they didn’t blitz Foles as much. There are two things that should be added to that. One, the opponents by that time did not need to blitz because the offensive line was horrendous by the time Foles took over (they were just bad when Vick was QB) and also CREDIT Foles because he felt the pressure better then Vick and the opposing teams did not want to take on too many high risk blitzes because that would have been one way the Eagles could have stayed in the game. Foles is pretty good against the Blitz. Foles would throw it away or make a short minimal gain play. That offense last year was so bad that it would be impossible to evaluate Foles fairly. His numbers showed he did well compared to other QB’s in the league that are big time players now. Also the thing I want to see most with Foles is exactly what your article is primarily about. He has shown he is accurate in both college and the NFL. His decision making has to be completely evaluated with a healthy offensive line. It could great or very average but we can not truly evaluate Foles yet. Vick has been evaluated and revaluated a dozen times I do not see the upside other then he is a calming veteran at times. Now lastly the things the QB Coach/offensive coordinator & head Coach want most are accuracy & decision making. Based on many sources that follow the Eagles Barkley is always complimented on those exact attributes. It sounds like he is the best fit for what Coach Kelly wants!

    • Um Foles never played under Demeetress Bell – they were better under Foles – overall, but not great by any means. Still putrid – those relatively decent run blockers.

      Also the numbers pretty much speak for themselves:

      “Last season, Vick completed 51 percent of his passes (7.7 YPA) with six
      touchdowns, two interceptions and an 85.4 passer rating against the
      blitz, per Sports Illustrated. He was sacked 14 times. Nick Foles
      completed 56 percent of his balls (7.2 YPA) with two touchdowns, a pair
      of interceptions and a 76.6 rating. He was sacked five times, but did
      not face the blitz as much as Vick in 2012.”

      Vick had a lower completion percentage but a higher YPA, better passing rating and lower INT/TD ratio.

      You can’t spin this into a plus for Foles. SO just stop. Vick was better against the blitz then Foles was last year. It’s just that simple.

      • cliff henny

        the fact that they are even close stats is an arguement for foles. vick is no. 1 overall pick, 10 yr vet making 20m a yr, pro bowler and had whole off-season taking snaps with 1’s plus an offense designed around him…foles is a 3rd round rookie taking limited snaps for all of off-season, was 3rd stringer till mid way thru pre-season. fact that foles is even remotely close in any statistical catagory is shameful for vick. and before you think i’m a vick hater, i’m not, i want whoever benefits eagles most. the last thing vick supporters should show anyone riding the fence between vick vs foles is stats where vick is only marginally better.

        • You’re making arguments I’m not making.

          And these stats aren’t close:

          – 85.5 passer rating vs. 76.6 passer rating

          – 6 TDs/2 INTs vs 2 TDs/2 INTs

          I wasn’t comparing Vick and Foles so much as to point these numbers don’t scream positive for Foles somehow – they don’t.

          Now if you want a real comparison you need to look at how Foles numbers stacked up against other rookie Qbs.

          And to see where Vick stands look at his blitz numbers compared to other vetran QBs.

          • cliff henny

            i made no arguements for or against vick…you must have skimmed over the part where i said i prefer whoever benefits the team the most. realistically, Vick is only marginally better. Foles probably got 10 snaps from august 25th till vicks injury, so he was so far behind the 8 ball when he finally got his shot. you cant compare foles to wilson, rg3 or tannehill or luck, they were running with the 1’s since mid july, if not earlier. wow, 8 better passer rating, 4 more tds…com’on, that’s embarrassing. it should be a landslide. 20-25 better rating, dozen better tds. it’s more what vick didnt do than what foles did.

          • nicksaenz1

            Stop it with that logic!

          • Once again you’re looking at the numbers wrong – They aren’t close. Could they be better sure – but saying they should be better is a little ridiculous. Rookies have come in and out performed Vets plenty – Foles didn’t hence the reason he wasn’t handed the starting job to begin with.

            And once again you’re making comparisons I’m not making.

            “you cant compare foles to wilson, rg3 or tannehill or luck, they were running with the 1’s since mid july, if not earlier”

            I can compare Foles to his rookie class – that’s a fair comparison – there is a reason he went third and if it shows up in the numbers then he is what we thought he was – if he is doing better (comparable to the the first and second rounders) then he may be better than he was projected to be.

          • theycallmerob

            Sorry, but (1) those numbers should not be used to defend either QB, and (2) they should be thrown out the window regardless. Nothing that happened last year should have any say in the Vick/Foles conversation. Their performances this year in OTA’s pry means more to Kelly than last year.

          • I’m not defending either QB – no where have I said that the numbers mean Vick should start or he was so great against the blitz or any of that – my original comment was that you can’t spin them into something great for Foles which is what the original OP did.

            Everyone else seems to be making comparisons I’m not making – you want to make comparisons to last year – compare Vick against other Vets and Foles to the rookie class – I said that. And it’s what I meant.

          • theycallmerob

            I hear you, and didn’t mean to attack/offend you personally, my comment was more a general message board announcement. It’s becoming more and more preposterous which stats are being cherry-picked to support either QB.
            Reckon it’ll only get worse until a starter is named.

          • nicksaenz1

            It’d be pretty funny if Dixon or Kinne got the job. That’d be the last time anyone questioned Kelly when discusses his methods.

          • BrickSquadMonopoly

            Funny? How bout fired

          • nicksaenz1

            Someone struggles with jest.

          • BrickSquadMonopoly

            Na…just not funny

          • Now that I agree with wholeheartedly.

          • illadelphia21

            Finally someone else gets it.

      • JofreyRice

        Foles played his first NFL game with Demetrius Bell, in relief of Vick.

        As far as the blitz numbers “speaking for themselves”…Vick, a 10 year vet of the league was a little ahead of Foles, an NFL rookie starting his first 6 games–maybe you can give Vick a slight statistical edge; that doesn’t strike you as a little alarming, in terms of where Vick should be at this point in his career, as a guy being paid as a 15 million dollar “franchise QB”? And PFF’s numbers say Vick actually had worse pocket presence, drifting, or being flushed into pressure and causing himself to be sacked more often than Foles.

        • cliff henny

          dont know about you JR, but i’ll listen to vick supporters and why he should be starting qb. kelly will run the ball, better system, o-line, whatever. i just want the eagles to win. but an arguement using statistics from last year as a reason isnt a good place to start. marginally better statistics for a 10 yr vet vs a 3rd round rookie who saw limited action with the 1’s till vick’s injury, and by end was playing with d-leaguers.

          • theycallmerob


          • JofreyRice

            Ultimately, it will be settled on the field.

            Quite frankly, I’m skeptical the Eagles have a franchise QB on the roster.

          • cliff henny

            been saying since kelly/roseman extended vick, vick/foles are just getting us to ’14 draft and i’m fine with that. better than reaching on manuel or smith. nothing in my mind as changed in 4 months. i still think with weapons/schedule/good health, could see 6-8 win season.

        • No. Vick has never been good against the blitz. His hot reads were his feet. However he’s improved greatly in this department under Reid and crew. Once again – I wasn’t making an argument that Vick was so great against the Blitz as much as I was pointing out that the numbers didn’t scream great for Foles –

          “Foles played his first NFL game with Demetrius Bell, in relief of Vick.”

          And Bell was promptly replaced. SO half/3/4 of a game compared to 9 games for Vick. Come on.

          • nicksaenz1

            If you’re going to harp on that fact that Vick had more (cow)Bell, it’s only right to point out that he had more field time with full time starters like Kelce (albeit 1.5games) and Herremans as well. Foles didn’t have the opportunity to play with starters aside from Mathis. So Vick had more time with some starters and the only reason his rating is higher is because of the 4 more td’s because of the way the QB rating system works. Foles put up a higher completion % than Vick despite the fact that he knows how to throw the ball away, something Vick has seldom done because of his running ability.

          • 1.5 games – come on…really?

            ” Foles put up a higher completion %”

            i said that – Vick also had a higher YPA – More TDs – and a higher QB rating –

            Now if you want to argue QB rating is flawed – hey all for that – but it doesn’t change the YPA or TDs does it?

            Once again I”M NOT MAKING SOME GRAND STATEMENT ABOUT VICK BEING THE BETTER QB – I SAID the numbers can’t be spun to something positive for Foles (unless you look at how it stacks up against other rookies) – ultimately he did worse against the blitz than Vick.

            Not a lot more complicated than that.

          • nicksaenz1

            Dude settle down. No one attacked you personally

          • I’m perfectly calm. Pointing out there is lacking of reading comprehension skills among some doesn’t equate to needing calming.

          • nicksaenz1

            Well when you go throwing out stats like who did and didn’t play with demetress bell you negate your own point about spinning numbers.

          • Really?

            Demetress Bell was HORRIBLE – he was REPLACED after the Cowboys game – that’s a pretty big indictment – pretending like it’s not actually negates your point

          • nicksaenz1

            No one said he wasn’t. But when you claim to not be spinning anything and just stating what the numbers are, and then go throwing in extras like who did and didn’t play, you, again, negate your point about not spinning anything.

          • I didn’t throw in those extras – the OP did – I was pointing out why they didn’t work – which is why I originally said the numbers are what the numbers are and you can’t spin them int something great for Foles.

          • nicksaenz1

            He called the O-line equally bad for both. You went the extra mile to spin it as worse for Vick because of Bell, despite a few of the other starters still there. The numbers aren’t great for either. Thank God it’s a new year. Go Birds.

          • The Eagles in giving up 48 sacks was no worse than typical eagles offensive lines for years, the exception was in 2011 giving up 38 sacks, and 32 in 2009, besides those 2 years, the Eagles were averaging 48 and 49 sacks per season.

            Key in the demise of the Eagles Offensive Line was Peters injury. It mattered little who else was healthy without Peters protecting the Eagles the Offensive Line was doomed from the start.

          • JofreyRice

            Yeah, Foles had the privilege to play with the inimitable King Dunlap & rookie screwup Dennis Kelly. Charmed life!

          • Still better than Bell.

          • JofreyRice

            Bell & Herremans > Dunlap & Kelly. Foles played with the worse duo.

          • illadelphia21

            Don’t care about the argument in itself, so tired of it. But this statement is 100% true!!!

          • theycallmerob

            Lest we not forget DJax and McCoy as well.

          • nicksaenz1

            They apparently don’t matter because Vick threw more touchdowns a slightly higher YPA and better rating despite the fact that we allegedly shouldn’t compare the two.

          • theycallmerob

            eh….either way, I still consider 2012 a lost year altogether, and thus the ability to use 2012 stats for the all-important QB discussion seems moot. This is what we know so far:

            (1) A 33 yr old QB who has tantalizing physical skills (though they will only be in decline from here on out), yet has been unable to apply those skills in a consistent manner to win, well, consistently. Also, he has yet to play 2 good years back to back, and has only played 16 games once. Lastly, he’s on a 1 year deal.
            (2) A 2nd-year player who was thrown into the fire last year on a losing, disheartened, and injured team playing for a lame-duck staff. Also, unlike his rookie peers, Foles did not see time with the 1’s throughout the season, and did not have a fantastic run game to lean on (see: Gore, Frank; Lynch, Marshawn; and Morris, Alfred). Some positives, some negatives, but IMO an inadequate sample size to draw real conclusions from.
            (3) A rookie who apparently is great value for where we drafted, but was still a 4th round pick.
            (4) some guy
            (5) who?

          • nicksaenz1

            Sold. Although I do give more credit to what Foles did than others. Frankly, given the circumstances, it teeters on impressive. That said, it was only 6 games.

          • Richard Colton

            not sure how anyone could argue with this. I like Vick as much as the next guy, but 33 isn’t the age where QBs start hitting their prime. I’m hoping Foles/Dixon/Barkley do enough in camp that the coaches decide to give one of them an extended look during the regular season. And hey – the answer could very well be “none of the above” but at least we’ll know.

            And knowing is half the battle.

          • cliff henny

            next you’ll be quoting lion-o or snarf

          • Richard Colton

            At least this crowd will know when I do. Speaking of Snarf, the 6’6″ wide receiver the Eagles signed has a name too close to Mumm-Ra not to be a bad a$$.

          • cliff henny

            just dont start quoting He-man…will set off the pedo-alert

          • Let’s not forget Bryce Brown and his 2 100 yd+ games –

            Or Maclin having a pretty good time with Foles as the QB

          • Richard Colton

            Guess what? I got a fever. and the only perscription is less (cow)Bell.

          • You guys make a ton of excuses for Nick Foles doing only what he’s always done. The truth is Foles played in Philly last year exactly like he played in Arizona the year before.

            He’s never going to show any better than he showed in 2012.

            Foles is what the scouting report says he was. Inaccurate, ineffective and slow to react with wretched footwork.

            Kelly coached against Nick Foles and faced him 3 times since taking over Oregon. He knew exactly what Foles has to offer and optioned to pay Vick $3.5 Million to hang around, and hedged his bet with Drafting Matt Barkley.

            The Eagles could have let Vick walk and signed any number of available Quarterbacks, Carson Palmer would have played for $4 Million instead of cutting Vick a major check for $3.5 Million to stay and play for $7 Million and incentives.

          • nicksaenz1

            None of them actually said that.

          • The Nick Foles scouting report detailed exactly what a team was getting, inaccuracy, looping delivery wretched footwork and an inability to make quick decisions in the pocket.

          • nicksaenz1
          • That’s not the only college scouting report………… That’s the one you feel comfortable with.

          • nicksaenz1
          • I suggest you read that entire page thoroughly, it’s obvious you had not read the page.


            Field vision

            Lacks mobility



            Too many interceptions


            Foles completed 69 percent of his passes for 4,334 yards with 28 touchdowns and 14 interceptions. Early in the season, he was doing a good job of avoiding turnovers, but he later threw a bunch of picks. One of the reasons for this was his inclination to lock on to one receiver and not make progressions through his different reads. Foles’ field vision will need work, and that is the big detriment to his game. He also got a lot of help from wide receiver Juron Criner. Over the past few seasons. Foles would throw a lot of passes up for grabs, and his big wide receiver would reward him with many tough receptions.

            That page reveals the same information on Foles as some others I frequent. Maybe you were just ignoring the details contained in Foles scouting reports coming out of Arizona.

            In any event, now you can’t deny the basic truth about Foles and what’s in his scouting reports.

          • nicksaenz1

            It was in response to the things you pointed out, some of which it addressed. Let’s not act like anyone called him the second coming either. The last few sentences sum it up: “For Foles, it will be all about him landing with the right coaching staff and offensive system. If that falls into place, he could be a better pro quarterback than his draft slot would indicate. Foles could go as high as the third round or as low as the fifth round.” I think he showed improvement last season, and there’s room for more under Kelly. Better than watching Vick stagnate.

          • All this dialogue is about is Foles and, what Foles was according to his above scouting report. The information which you claimed didn’t say what I said it “pointed out”. All of the flaws I detailed in his game from 2012 are listed in that scouting report. Those are not all of the Foles flaws contained in the various scouting reports I’ve seen.

            List another report that is detailed and lets review the report. All of the reports I’ve seen on Foles as this one has, says the same or similar.

            Foles has shown all he has to show and that’s frankly not good enough as it wasn’t good enough at Arizona. He is not ready to take the reins of a NFL Team and his scouting reports confirm that notion.

            Eagles fans are not supporting the idea of Foles leading the Eagles to losing in the name of development. A development that may or may not take place.

          • nicksaenz1

            Here’s his pro summary from Lawlor:


            Sums up what most of us in favor of him have been trying to get across

          • That’s a pre packaged manufactured opinion. This guy seen the same flaws but paints over them to suggest those fatal flaws in Foles game are alright. No, they aren’t alright.

            I seen none of what he or many of you describe out of Foles having potential.

            I seen a young man that was in a state of panic making bad decisions, steering down receivers, not processing information and often confused by what he seen throwing flutter balls and easy picks behind and over receivers.

          • nicksaenz1

            So when it goes against your thoughts it’s a pre packaged manufactured opinion. Nice. I can concede having misspoke regarding the some of the scouting reports but I’m not sitting here saying that these guys are just regurgitating what other scouts are saying as a way to discredit something I don’t want to regard as true or having happened. Here’s one that is hardly damning of a 3rd Rd pick and speaks opposite to your original points: http://network.yardbarker.com/college_football/article_external/nick_foles_scouting_report/9279443
            However, because it isn’t the scouting report that you want to believe in you’ll probably discredit it. Either way, they’re just scouting reports. He did enough on the field to warrant himself a QB competition with a 10yr vet in year 2 because of things he showed. Yes, you can say that because he didn’t win the job that he didn’t show enough to win the job. It’s not invalid. But for a guy who was supposed to be a multi-year project for Reid, being in the open QB competition with a former #1 pick says he’s ahead of schedule in the development cycle.
            Regardless of what you saw behind a make-shift O-line, I, and many others, saw something entirely different. So, we’ll let the best man win the competition. Go Birds.

          • The information is right on that page, you’ve not read the page before linking that page in your post but I’m not making up the scouting report as you can see with the scouting report you’ve accessed to link in your post. That report says the very same things about Foles.

          • nicksaenz1

            One of the 50 different scouting reports doesn’t make it the be all end all. There are a few differing reports on the guy, the first one that came up had a couple strengths listed that spoke to a couple of the things you had mentioned. However, based on what I saw last season, I disagree with some of it the negatives. He certainly has room for improvement, but his upside is worth developing instead of another losing season with Vick.

          • One of 50? post another detailed report on Foles and let’s review it…… Every scouting report I’ve seen says the same things about Foles flaws, and the conclusion is he’s just not ready to start in the NFL and last season in 6 games he didn’t show he was anywhere near ready.

            He definitely didn’t convince Chip Kelly he was ready. I can’t believe there is more than a handful of Eagles fans that may think Foles is a starter or good enough after what we’ve seen to take control of the Eagles offense and we be competitive.

          • JofreyRice

            You said Foles never played with Bell, I pointed out your error; never said that they played with Demetrius “Horri”Bell for the same amount of snaps. I think you’re also conveniently forgetting that Vick at least had the benefit of Herremans, for 9 out of his first 10 starts, while Foles was playing with 2 backups at T.

            I’m not a Foles fan, but I don’t think his numbers were all that bad, considering. The larger point, however, is that don’t think the statistical edge you’re claiming for Vick is as great, or as impressive as it probably should be–which is really more an indictment of Vick than anything else. Vick edged a 3rd round rookie in his first 6 starts by less than 10 points, according to the passer rating, and like I said, was actually worse at working himself *into* sacks.

          • nicksaenz1

            He’s not cherry picking stats…

          • Herremans isn’t much better than Bell. Herreman’s was a guard, and Tackle in previous years the Eagles Offensive Line gave up 48 and 49 sacks in a season. Herreman has to depend on Celek to help seal that edge and then he’s still prone to give up constant harassment and sacks.

            Herreman playing RT makes nobody forget Runyan. by Herreman’s own admission he was horrible in 2012 and not much better in 2011. The evidence of that is Shady McCoy’s drop in production from 20 rushing touchdowns to 5 in 2012. The bulk of Shady’s yards and TD runs came behind Peters not Herreman and Watkins.

        • Foles was only sacked less because he was injured in game 6 as he relieved Vick. The Eagles gave up 48 Sacks last year, in the 6 games Foles started when Vick was out with the concussion, Foles was sacked 20 times.

          Foles was sacked more than 20 times in his 235 passing attempts. In the 235 passing attempts, Foles either threw an interception, fumbled, or was sacked a combined 33 times. On approximately 15% of his dropbacks Foles showed an inability to provide ball security, or make quick decisions and process information in time to get the ball out.

          All of this was/is information that was highlighted in Foles scouting report coming out of Arizona.

          The long looping whine up delivery, the inability to make good decisions, questionable accuracy, horrible footwork and slow processing of information in the pocket impedes Foles from having a quick enough release before NFL back end defenders break on his balls. He’s pretty much characterized as a gift to defensive backs in the NFL as he were for defensive backs in the Pac 12

          That’s the same Foles Kelly played against 3 years in a row while he was coaching Oregon. the same Foles on tape from 2012 that forced Kelly’s decision to resign Vick in March for the 2013 Option year and, that was followed up with Chip Kelly drafting Matt Barley.

      • Flat out, if the Eagles and Chip Kelly saw any good in Foles, they would not have signed Vick for 2013 and kept their $3.5 Million.

        They could have signed Carson Palmer and kept Trent Edwards and both salaries for 2013 would have cost much less than they are on the hook for to Vick.

        Chip Kelly’s Oregon Ducks played Arizona lead by Nick Foles every year Kelly was at Oregon. Who knew or would know Foles any better than a competing Conference Coach who spent time preparing for him?

        Foles has shown what he has to offer the NFL in those 6 games in 2012. It’s insane to suggest benching Vick for a career back up, Benching Vick and starting Foles would amount to writing the season completely off before the games begin.

        Giving up before the first kickoff isn’t going over well with Eagles Fans.

        • ThanksUnclePhil

          Chip had a lot of respect for Foles every time the Duckies played AZ. Dude gave my Duckies fits at .times…

          • It’s easy to respect someone who’s butt you kicked regularly.

          • JofreyRice

            He’s also giving him an equal shot to win the starting QB job with Mike Vick–so far showing him preference over “his” guys, Dennis Dixon and Matt Barkley, and even Vick, to a certain extent, being that they invested 3.5 million to keep him around to see if he can play the way Kelly wants QB played.

            Based on the evidence so far, I think it’s safe to say that Chip thinks Foles has potential to be the starting QB for the team.

    • What Eagles game were you watching? Foles was a utter disaster and there is nothing about his game as demonstrated in 2012 to suggest he’s ever going to be a starting QB in the NFL. Kevin Kolb showed more than Foles did in 2012 and Kolb wasn’t impressive in the least.

      You’re basically ignoring the blitz stats in the article above to come up with your own Foles storyline. That would be consistent for you that come here with tales of what Foles did in 6 games last year.

      In 6 games Foles threw 6 ints, and fumbled 8 times and was sacked 20 times. There’s nothing in those details that screams good decisions, pocket presence or accuracy.

      If Foles was not sacked, and harassed into all those turnovers his performance would be contrary to the actual Nick Foles Draft Scouting Report.

  • Daniel Norman Richwine

    Why argue about which was the better QB last year? It will make almost zero difference when it comes to who will start this one.

  • Chip Henderson

    About this QB situation, I have no clue what Foles and Barkley will be in the future. I do, however, know what Vick has been in the past and that isn’t a good QB. How many underperforming seasons do people need to see before they give up? Zebras don’t change their stripes and Vick won’t all of the sudden develop to be a good QB no matter what the system is. He had 10 good games 3 years ago and that was it.

  • southy

    Can we just stop our bickering about Vick/Foles and just admire for a second how Kelce continues to prove himself the most insightful football mind on the squad? He just constantly gives solid, intelligent feedback to the Philly media.

    • EaglefaninAZ

      He’s the player I like hearing talk the most. He’s not big on the cliches, and is obviously bright, but more importantly, the BS meter doesn’t seem to register when he’s saying something.

    • slorck

      Forget the media. I just hope he’s sharing those insights with the coaching staff.

    • ClydeSide

      If I hear Les Bowen whining one more time about Vick/Foles or 4-3/3-4, I am going to puke. Les Bowen is the poster child for the lazy, arrogant, ignorant, self-important Philly press. He was complaining about the secrecy of the Eagles. If he would do a little background reading, he would already have figured it out (Well, maybe not Les. More Les, is Less.) Thank goodness for this blog–and Tommy’s–REAL INFO, ANALYSIS, AND THOUGHTFUL OPINION.

  • Andy124

    So an article about Kelce turns into 50+ comments about Vick/Foles? lol. Glad I was busy at work today.

  • ThanksUnclePhil

    Howdy. Hippy/TrackTownUSA resident (home of the Oregon Ducks) here. Chip ran the OR offense at 3 speeds (red/yellow/green). All up tempo, yellow more up tempo than red, green more than yellow. Green was warp speed when the offense knew the opponent was on their heels. Red is fast to the line but not necessarily fast to run the play. Fast to the line keeps D substitutions down. You guys all know this already. I got the feeling from the article that going fast meant lost communication (possibly) but listening to Duck players for the past 6 years they felt their communication/where to strike increased with tempo. Their trust went up. They saw the weak links and the coaches (especially upstairs) saw the breakdowns and they were exploited. If you haven’t watched last season’s Duck vs USC game do so. Barner goes for some crazy number like 320+ on the ground and it’s play after play of seeing where USC is breaking down because they are worn down by the tempo, mainly yellow. The end of the first half of The Fiesta Bowl is a great example of green/full throttle/warp. Bam. Bam. Bam. TD. Cheers. GoDucks GoEagles

    • slorck

      I hope it works as well here with the Eagles as it did with the Ducks.

      • ThanksUnclePhil

        I’ve heard/read a lot about the offense being a gimmick but it’s really just hard-nosed run-first. A few plays, with several variations, run until you find a weakness. The Eagles D will benefit from practicing at tempo. There’s the physical conditioning aspect of practicing/playing at tempo and the mental. You want players who consistently make the right decision at high tempo, like it’s second nature. OR’s motto of Fast Hard Finish (not to be confused with WinTheDay) is important, especially the “finish” by every player on every play. It’s amazing how often the ball bounces The Ducks’ way because so many players play to the whistle, run to the ball, finish blocks. When the players buy in the system works. Heck, The Mighty Fighting Duckies nearly took Auburn down in The Natty with a team with little future NFL talent, just kids playing hard and playing smart and never giving up. I’m stoked to see how the Eagles do….

    • ClydeSide

      Chip Kelly was the guy I wanted as an Eagles coach–I didn’t think we had a chance. But he is the real deal: a completely current strategy, but with historical understanding.

    • Prowler

      Good Input, Thanks

    • ThanksUnclePhil

      I should have added that at the end of the first half of last season’s Fiesta Bowl you can see the O-Line just charging to the line and communicating because they knew where to attach and were pumped and could hardly wait to rip off another huge gain. The knew they had K-State beaten down and confused and just pummeled them. It.Was.Awesome.

  • Laura

    hey guys, im having jason kelce on my radio show tomorrow night. the website to access the blog talk radio show is http://www.thasportsjunkies101.com.. tune in at 9-11 and hear kelce at 9:45!