What They’re Saying About the Eagles

There has been a lot of reaction nationwide about the Eagles’ draft. Praise, criticism, grades and more.

Click here for our first roundup. And here for roundup No. 2.

Finally, here’s one more look at what they’re saying about the Eagles.

The Eagles are 25th in ESPN.com’s post-draft power rankings:

New coach Chip Kelly remains a mystery. Will Matt Barkley be a factor at QB in 2013?

Pete Prisco of CBSSports.com gives the Eagles a B:

They did some good things in this draft, but are they things that help right away? First-round pick Lane Johnson will be a special player. It was a nice start for the new regime.

ESPN.com’s Todd McShay says Lane Johnson was the Eagles’ best pick, and he calls Bennie Logan their most questionable:

Quite honestly, he ended up right where we graded him. I see there’s talent there, and the coaching staff loves him. I’m more uneasy with the deification of him during the process. On tape, I saw that he took a lot of plays off. He’d establish himself during a game, work in waves as he’d play hard for three, four, five or six plays at a time at 100 miles per hour. Then, he’d take plays off. He’s the one pick the Eagles had in the first four rounds in which they didn’t hit a home run.

Chris Burke of SI.com has a 2014 mock draft out. He’s got the Eagles picking ninth and taking UCLA quarterback Brett Hundley:

Renowned QB guru Steve Clarkson said that Hundley would have been the top pick in the 2013 draft, had he been eligible. It’s hard to argue, given the skills on this 6-3 QB. Another year like his freshman campaign (3,745 yards passing, 38 total touchdowns) should push Hundley to the draft.

Bucky Brooks of NFL.com gives the Eagles a B+ and calls the Zach Ertz pick the best by any NFC East team:

Ertz is a playmaking tight end with the speed and athleticism to stretch the field down the middle. Barkley might be the future at the quarterback position, despite his status as a fourth-round pick. He is a cerebral signal-caller with the ability to make quick decisions in a fast-paced offense. Earl Wolff and Jordan Poyer are sleeper prospects capable of upgrading the Eagles’ secondary.

Gregg Easterbrook of ESPN.com offers his thoughts on the Eagles’ draft:

So is Matt Barkley the next Todd Marinovich or the next Tom Brady? Barkley dropped from lottery pick, which he would have been in 2012, to fourth round mainly because USC had an off year. Football is a team sport — Barkley didn’t play as well as the previous season but was surrounded by people who weren’t playing as well. If EJ Manuel flames out and Geno Smith falls victim to the Jets’ organizational dysfunction, Barkley could end up the star quarterback of the 2013 draft. Though he is a traditional pocket passer; where will Barkley fit if Chip Kelly implements a zany Oregon-style blur offense?

Gregg Rosenthal of NFL.com names Danny Watkins as one of 20 veterans hurt by the draft:

The team’s 2011 first-round pick is headed to the bench. Lane Johnson will take over at right tackle, moving Todd Herremans inside to right guard.

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  • jabostick

    It wasn’t the draft that hurt Danny Watkins stock.

    • Wilbert M.

      Haha – good one Jabo! I think Danny might be a decent backup though.

      • GEagle

        he should already be forced to restructure his contract lol

    • Richard Colton

      what if one of CK’s outrageous new plays on offense is so complex, so specific – that only an elderly Canadian firefighter could possibly pull it off? then you’ll be sorry he’s on the bench.

      • Johnny Domino

        A SSgt. Vollmer kinda play

        • Richard Colton


      • southy

        Maybe if we ask him to throw DJax over his shoulder and carry him to the end zone…

      • GEagle

        grown ass man playing with Fire trucks!~…Ugh…
        Atleast we have a coach now, who would never even consider a Danny Watkins type,..You dont get to play for Chip unless you have a genuine passion, and love for the game…This Qausi canadian Hockey player, who might or might not like football, who likes to play dress up, and slide down a fire pole, would have never been drafted by Chip…

        • Be careful what you say about us Canadians… The North Remembers.

          • Gagle

            lol….as an eagles fan, Im sure you would like to keep Canada off of the Eagles…But you are more then welcome to bring some Canada to the Flyers lol… who is the best Canadian football player ever?

          • Best Canadian every to play in the NFL? Probably Nate Burleson. OJ Atogwe was good in his prime as well. Lots of greats in the CFL but that’s a different topic.

          • GEagle

            was wayne Cherbet from Canada…or just a french canadian last name?

          • Richard Colton

            Doug Flutie is an honorary Canadian citizen, thanks to his years in the CFL and general polite demeanor

          • Johnny Domino

            America’s Hat

          • GEagle

            Canada is like the 2nd floor apartment, occupied by two nerds trying to fall asleep at 8pm on a saturday night..and America is the first floor bar throwing the best party ever! lol

          • Richard Colton

            ehhh. I used to hang out in Kingston, Ontario when I lived in upstate NY. cool town. How sad was it for buffalo that they had to play home games in Toronto? just move the franchise there, ’cause EJ Manuel ain’t selling out the stadium.

          • GEagle

            He certainly isnt…Im actually going to be traveling to canada a few times in the next year…very excited for Montreal….I would always run into like a canadian team away on tournaments, and you would get to know them in Hotels, and they always were INSANE, like partying out of control insane…so I always been excited to get up there

          • Kingston is fun town.. basically just one big student party town. Ever been to The Palace? Good times.

          • Richard Colton

            I have – then they basically put the place off limits to Americans (well to guys from Ft. Drum, which was 90% of the Americans in Kingston)

          • You’ve obviously never partied with Canadians. Beer runs in our veins. And not that watered down horse piss you guys like to call beer!

    • Jack Waggoner

      Well, it’s certainly true that he had already damaged his own stock, but even if he makes a big improvement this year, he won’t get to play unless and until someone gets hurt or underperforms. So it did hurt him in that sense.

  • Geagle

    sal Pal just reported that he found out that the Eagles really like Nick Foles..Tampa Bay wanted to go after Nick, but we made him untouchable to the entire leage. he is saying that a lot of GM’s around the league thinks Chip really likes ST. nick……Peter King reported all this like 10 days ago, finally some other “experts” are catching up….funny, the Eagles have been trying to tell us this for months

    • Bobby

      It’s funny nobody wants to listen. I saw Charles Davis on Path to the Draft talking about the Eagles possibly running a two QB system. They’re still baffled that Kelly would play a pocket QB. What has Kelly always said since day 1? He looks for repetitive accuracy and quick decision making. The mobility part is a bonus.

      • GEagle

        incredible isn’t it?…Since Chip was hired, nothing but assumptions about how Vick will be our starting QB because of his 40time. Now Barkley got drafted and so many people are assuming Barkley is the QB of the future…you got a prominent guy with an impressionable platform like Mike Misanelli, who won’t even give a thought that Nick Foles might actually end up being our QB….The Deleware value could be in for a BIG SURPRISE!! Lol

    • eaglepete

      The talking heads are having a real hard time letting Vick go from the starter landscape. They want to have him to talk about I suppose, only thing I can think of. Or conventional wisdom based on his longer career means he starts. Every single time I hear Eagles QB talk on radio or TV Vick is always mentioned as the built in starter. Even Dan Patrick this morning said it and hes usually one of the more even approach kind of guys.

      • GEagle

        It’s sooo insane. When do you thnk they will start coming around? Preseason?

        It’s just sucks to be a football fan, and want to read up on eagles info, or listen to sports radio…yet all you will get is either Vick is the starter because he can run fast and the others can’t, or Matt Barkley is the QB of the future, because Chip Kelly drafted Matt and he didn’t draft Nick…like, in a nutshell, that’s the level of football we are getting from 90% of media outlets….I try to turn to Ike Reese, in hopes that maybe he will talk schemes, or how much we should expect Foles to improve from rookie to sophomore year?, yet you get the same exact nonsense from him as well, lazy “theres no way Nick can play for chip oppinion”

        • You really need to curb your man crush on Foles. It’s clouding your judgment…lol.

          • Which by the way, that doesn’t mean I’m pulling for Vick. That experiment needs to be put to rest & have this team continue moving forward in developing they’re young talented QBs & see what they have in them.

            I just like busting your chops over Foles.

          • GEagle

            you do realize Im just exaggerating about ST NICK! Sooo Many people get sooooo mad when I call him St. Nick hahahahaha.
            If Nick was 29years old, and had the year he had last year playing behind our Healthy Oline, I wouldnt be anywhere as encouraged about Nick as I am now….Vick is OLD, EXPERIENCED, and Simply NOT good enough to win a superbowl, we already know that…..Foles and Barkley at the very least, provide a glimmer of hope…….I am not ok with wasting a year of nicks development by playing Vick…With that said, I dont want the job handed to Foles either…..So really hoping the Kid takes that next step and wipes the floor with Vick during the camp battle

          • aub32

            If Nick wins the job, then fine. However, if he does not, as I expect he won’t, then he can still develop without being the starter. Rodgers sat, Brady sat, Young sat, and so did a host of others. Every QB isn’t a Luck, Wilson, or RG3. I would much rather see Foles sit and work on his mechanics, than have him continuously revert to poor form in pressure situations because he never got the opportunity to have the coaches work with him and integrate their teaching into his style of play.

  • theycallmerob

    6 articles in less than 12 hours? Someone had his wheaties this morning.
    Best of all, you left out the no-longer-welcome opinion of Alex Marvez. Obliged.

    • Max Lightfoot

      These cats are total pros. I was a journalist and I had to bust tail to file three a day. Plus they write about angles the Phjilly papers’ writers do not. Kudos to Tim and Sheil!

  • Richard Colton

    In the spirit of “way too soon Chris Burke” I’ll be releasing my own 2015 mock draft next month. I have the Eagles picking 32nd.

    • G

      HAHAHA, I can do the 2016 mock draft, I have them picking 32nd that year as well

      • GEagle

        Friday I will be ranking the top pee wee players in the nation, and analyzing how each would fit in an eagles scheme(No, Im not focusing on zone read QBs, or 3-4 NTs)……if anyone is interested!!!

        • UKEagle99

          What use is any of that to anyone? I’ll be re-doing the 1976 draft later, now that’s useful!

          • GEagle

            lol my sincerest apologies :)

    • Mostel
      • Richard Colton

        can’t believe you went there. nice early 90’s reference though

  • Mostel

    I hope a lot of you pro-Vick, pro-read-option folks read Easterbrook carefully! Read-option, JV, gimmick, flavor of the week, scramble bum, Kaepernick, Scam Newton, RG3, TRASH playcalling is a dead end is this league.
    A Barkley / Foles combo for 2013, and get another REAL NFL STYLE QB for 2014 if Foles / Barkley bombs.

    • B-West

      However you feel about the read option, nobody should read Easterbrook carefully. That dude is such a clown, there are entire articles dedicated to pointing out the ridiculousness of his NFL columns.

    • aub32

      So are you saying you’d rather have Foles/ Barkley over RG3, Kap, or Newton? I have to think you would be in that boat by yourself. Also, Kap was a play away from winning it all last year. There were plenty of “Real” QBs sitting on the couch watching.

  • BrettConnolly

    It seems that Todd Herremens is getting mentioned as the defacto RG next season. It makes sense to pencil him in there, but I wonder if he wouldn’t be a better fit in his old spot at Left Guard. Sure, that would require Evan Mathis moving to RG, but Mathis would be a big time benefit playing on Lane’s left. My guess is that Evan is completely capable of switching sides. And I kind of like the thought of Peters pairing back up with the mainstay, Herremens. Not that I think keeping Evan at LG is a bad idea at all, it just doesn’t seem written in stone right now.

    • Token

      I dont think you move Mathis personally. Leave that left side alone. Peters and Mathis are as good as it gets right there assuming Peters can still play. Todd is used to being moved everywhere.

      • Jack Waggoner

        I agree. Don’t mess with what is working here. Herremans can play anywhere on the line, other than perhaps center, and do it well.

      • GEagle

        yeah I would not move Mathis. He has very good chemistry with JP…I actually like Todd playing next to and tutoring, rookies

      • xlGmanlx

        Anybody looks great next to Peters. If he comes back at at least 90% of his former self, he is still the best LT in the game.

  • CapeCodEagleFan

    what they are saying about sheil…lol…re Brandon Graham and his new responsibilities….

    “dealing with a new team, new coaches, and the pressure of knowing Sheil Kapadia will be doing All-22 breakdowns of his game tape”

    love it

  • Posted by Mike Florio

    Every year, at least one player admits that a team engaged in shenanigans near the end of the draft, striking a deal with the player as a free agent before the draft was over

    This year, it’s LSU receiver Russell Shepard, who claims that he agreed to terms with the Eagles before the draft ended.

    “I actually took myself off the draft board during the draft,” Shepard told WNXX radio, via LouisianaDaily.com. “Teams started calling me probably in the middle of the sixth round asking me ‘Is it true that you’ve signed with a team already?’ and I actually got it out of the way before the draft was over, because that was the perfect fit for me.”

    The host asked for clarification, and Shepard gave it.

    “I signed with them before the draft was over,” Shepard said, explaining that after he fell through round five he decided to focus on the Eagles. Shepard believes he’ll play receiver, running back, and Wildcat quarterback in Philly’s offense, and that he’ll return kicks and punts and play gunner on the punt team.

    Shepard also said that Eagles coach Chip Kelly personally called Shepard at the beginning of the sixth round to explain that the Eagles couldn’t draft him because the team had lost some picks via the trade up to get quarterback Matt Barkley at the top of round four.

    • GEagle

      interesting…thanks for sharing…
      ….Is this OK/ or did we break some rules?

    • knighn

      Trust guys like Tommy Lawlor to straighten this stuff out. Like the Bard once wrote, “Much Ado about Nothing.”