Lurie Backs Howie Roseman

Jeffrey Lurie backed general manager Howie Roseman in a big way Monday, just hours after officially parting ways with Andy Reid. The Eagles owner made it known that he faults Roseman little for many of the bad personnel decisions made over the last several years.

“I keep voluminous notes on talent evaluation — not just who we draft, but who is valued in each draft by each person that is in the organization that’s working here,” said Lurie. “And I came to the conclusion that the person who was providing by far the best talent evaluation in the building was Howie Roseman. I decided to streamline the whole decision-making process for the 2012 draft and offseason, and that’s the first draft and offseason I hold Howie completely accountable for.

“The mistake that were made in the 2011 draft have little or nothing to do with Howie’s evaluations. And I think it was important for me to own up to the mistakes that were made and understand where they were coming from and it was awfully clear, and so an effort was made to streamline the entire operation.”

Lurie said the decision to keep Roseman on as the organization begins its transition “was a very easy decision when the facts were in.”

Roseman explained that during this past April’s draft, he had an opportunity to lead the process as opposed to just being a part of it. While it is still early, the early returns are pretty positive when it comes to the 2012 draft haul. Still, the 37-year-old GM helped build a roster that went 4-12 this season and 8-8 the year before that. He says he isn’t looking to be absolved.

“Our season that we just went through, it’s unacceptable,” he said. “Whatever has happened here is not good enough for the fans, we’re not happy about the chemistry of the team. I’m not trying to shirk any of that responsibility. It’s going to stop. We’ve had a chance to meet with a lot of the players today. We’re going to get to the bottom of the things that don’t work and [make sure] that they do.”

Lurie said that head coaching candidates will be interviewed by himself, Roseman and president Don Smolenski.

Roseman was asked if there is any conflict of interest given that a lot of power is up for grabs — maybe he wouldn’t be inclined to just give it away to a coach looking for more sway.

“The most important part of my job is to make sure that we have a great head coach and a great quarterback. Everything pales in comparison to making sure you have that,” said Roseman. “We want to get the best head coach. I’ve worked in a situation for a long time where we were supporting a head coach — that’s how this organization has been built, that’s how it will continue to be built — and we look forward to sitting down with these people and making sure that we explain that fully.”

Lurie detailed how he expects the power structure to work.

“The new head coach — whoever that is — will report directly to me. That’s the only structure that I insist upon,” said Lurie. “As we go through the process we have the flexibility to finalize personnel decisions and everything else that goes with the coach/GM relationship. But my goal is to have the coach and the general manager work hand-in-hand, work collaboratively and work in a very terrific way together. But there’s no question in my mind the head coach will report directly to me as every head coach has. It’s important in terms of attracting the right coach, it’s important in terms of the autonomy that coach will have, and it also fosters an owner-coach relationship that I think benefits a football team in many, many ways.”

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  • So Howie was the guy who evaluated the safety position and determined we didn’t need to draft anybody?

    • Mike P

      You choose the Best Player Available when it is your pick, not the best safety available.

    • duder

      Hey Capitain negative – you draft the best player available. When a quality safety wasn’t available he didn’t take one. Not pursuing THAT strategy is what got us in this mess to begin with. “Next Question” – Drew Rosenhaus

  • 1972

    i’ll reserve judgement until the 2013 draft howie,,its you turn, no excuses.
    get us book end OTs for the next 5 to 10 years and two quality safties,weather it be by free agency or draft and then we can go from there.Im looking forward to a offseason of NOT picking up 5’11 high motor guys

  • xlGmanlx

    I personally have no problem with Roseman being the GM. He basically locked in Shady, DJAX and other core iggls players with little resistance. They are team friendly deals and he was also able to pull trades off (mecco/Cox) and admitted they are going with best player available method moving forward. Yes the draft might be light on players we need, but if it is a position of abundance the GM needs to do his job. None of that matters however, like Roseman said, until we get the head coach.

  • JofreyRice

    I’ll take Lurie at his word, but I can’t shake the feeling this was a bit of a PR move to try and instill some confidence in Howie Roseman in the eyes of the fans. He knows Eagles fans are plugged in and following the team, and he knows they are going to be critical of Roseman, as well.

    2012 looks like a solid draft…so far, but to say it’s been a success is a little premature. Cox is a good pick that could be great, but isn’t yet. Kendricks has to make a pretty significant improvement in year 2. Curry is still completely unknown. Foles is largely an unknown, showing both good and bad signs. Boykin is a solid player, and would probably be the second best player out of this draft, if they hadn’t gambled on Brown in the 6th. Bryce has a bright future, with a little more polishing.

    Locking up Mathis was smart. I’m glad he found the Eagles offer preferable to the Ravens. We’ll see how smart it was to lock up DJacc…He’s been an explosive roleplayer, but not a versatile weapon. I’m worried about the way Foles throws the deep ball. Extending Cole seems like maybe a misstep, as he appears to be severely declining. Failing to address safety is also pretty damning.

    We’ll have to see how Howie deals with the draft & FA this year. Rebuilding the entire secondary is going to be tough, but it needs to be done. It’s nice that Lurie has now removed all doubt about who’s roster this is, and who will be shopping for groceries in the future.

    • I’m sure it’s also the same thing he’ll be telling coaching candidates who could be wary of the Eagles recent track record in the draft.

    • xlGmanlx

      How much of Cole’s lack of production a biproduct of Wash? He appeared to be way more active in the tail end then in recent memory and was asked to do more. Either way, the iggs are smart with their money. I bet there is something they can use to either lower/lose money or move him if he starts to fall off.

  • People always harped on Howie for the ’10 and ’11 draft, I felt like there was more to it than that and that he didn’t have as much to do with it as people were led to believe. I’m glad this confirms it that ’12 was all him and was our most successful draft in recent memory.

    One thing we’ll probably never find out and that has always made me wonder was how much money had to do with draft picks back in the Banner days (specifically before rookie cap). The strings always seemed tight on his coin purse. Have to wonder how many picks had to do with getting guys that may not have been the best picks at that spot but were more likely to be able to sign at cheaper prices.

    Just some food for though.