All-22: Brown, O-Line Clicking On All Cylinders

Here’s an All-22 look at Bryce Brown’s 24-carry, 169-yard performance Sunday night against the Cowboys.

Play 1: Big runs require several different elements to come together within a matter of seconds. For example, on this first-quarter play, it initially looks like the linebacker is going to meet Brown after a short gain.

You’ll also notice Jake Scott and Dennis Kelly are double-teaming the nose tackle. But Scott comes off the double-team and blocks the linebacker.

Suddenly, Brown’s got a running lane. And he’s shown in the past couple of weeks that when he’s one-on-one with a defensive back, he’s winning more often than not. Ok, forget that. He’s winning every time. Brown first breaks the tackle of safety Danny McCray, and then, the other safety, Gerald Sensabaugh, takes a shot.

Looks like he’s got him, right?

Wrong. Brown once again shows excellent lower-body strength, shakes free and is eventually pushed out of bounds after a 24-yard run.

Play 2: I thought Marty Mornhinweg and Andy Reid did an outstanding job with their game-plan of neutralizing DeMarcus Ware. Here, in the red zone, the Eagles line up in shotgun with three wide receivers. They get Ware going upfield, creating a huge running lane for Brown.

Evan Mathis (highlighted in yellow to your right) throws the key block. And Dallas Reynolds takes care of the linebacker. Another key aspect of the play design iss Riley Cooper going inside. The Cowboys initially have two defensive backs to that side of the field, but Cooper takes them with him. And Brown has nothing but open field in front of him.

Play 3: Nice job here by Scott, who has to get outside the defensive lineman to execute his block.

He does so flawlessly. Brent Celek and Dennis Kelly also get the job done, allowing Brown to get outside.

Once Brown gets into the open field, McCray once again has a shot at him.

But Brown once again shakes him off and picks up 39 yards.

Play 4: On the second touchdown run, you really can’t execute a double-team better than Celek and Kelly do here.

Reynolds also gets the job done on the linebacker. And Jason Avant deserves credit for busting it to get to the safety.

That’s your weekly reminder of the importance of wide receivers blocking in the run game.

Play 5: The draw on the Eagles’ final possession of the first half was set up perfectly. Look at the blocking.

Mathis and Scott pin defenders to the inside. Reynolds sets up on the linebacker. Avant is on the defensive back. And Dunlap is out in front.

We’ve picked on Reynolds plenty in this space, so it’s only fair to give him credit here. He sticks with the linebacker 15 yards downfield. And keep in mind, this is a player who was questionable going into the game because of an ankle injury. Great effort.

Obviously, Brown had the fumble in the fourth (his third in two games). He’s got to do a better job of taking care of the football. And the Cowboys were without Jay Ratliff, Sean Lee and Bruce Carter. But as you can see, even with the makeshift offensive line, the Eagles’ running game is clicking on all cylinders right now.

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  • Andy

    Can we skip the All-22 analysis of the defense this week?

    Credit to Reid and Roseman for taking a chance on Brown in the 7th round.

    • morgan c

      Haha, I feel your pain man, but Sheil PLEASE let us see the defense All-22. I need to see just how bad we are, and who precisely is to blame. I need to know who in the DLine is playing well, and how Kendricks is doing. More importantly, what are we going to do with our secondary? They all should be gone, but we can’t fill 4 starting positions on one off-season. Hopefully we can resign DRC for cheap and maybe try to at least pair Allen with a competent SS to see if he’s not a total bust??

      • You know…a new scheme minus all the coaching messiness that’s plagued the team for the last couple of years may make some of these guys look like all new players. Considering the Wide 9 and other defensive debacle I think it may be hard to really know who’s good and who sucks.

        • UncleCarm

          Maybe I’m being naive, but I want to agree with you here. These guys can’t really be that bad can they? They have played better in past seasons and even earlier this season. I hope you are on to something here, because there is little chance of replacing all four with quality players.

          • xlGmanlx

            Kurt Coleman should be cut immediately. Regardless of scheme, he seemingly bites every time on play action. Good riddance

  • The Guru

    Amazing how the offensive line went from “worst o-line in football”….to “not great, but ok” in just a couple weeks. Wonder if it has anything to do with the new QB getting rid of the ball and changing protection?

    • LOL Or maybe it has to do with the new lineup – this is a diff combo from the one we’ve seen most of the year. Remember Demetress Bell? And Foles isn’t getting rid of the ball quicker – there are however a lot more slant/screen and less down field throws as well. This ONE game is the best they played all year. Look at Foles first couple starts – not so great. Scott was a good pickup – this is what – his 3rd/4th game..yeah. Remember Watkins is healthy but isn’t playing.

      • The Guru

        Stop it. They had Todd Herremans back with your precious Vick. Or are you saying King Dunlap is that much better than Bell?

        • daggolden

          Shady should be released ! Bryce Brown has done a hell of alot more in 2 games than shady has done in 6. Ask McCoy about the oline now vs when he was healthy.

          • Andy

            That’s crazy talk!

          • Thank you. What folk keep missing is it’s not even about Vick. The running game is 10x better because the line is blocking better. I’ma guess Vick effs up hand-offs as well the way @matjacobs is talking. There was a stat that showed of all RBs in the league Shady was met by defenders behind the LOS more than anyone. Shady couldn’t get ANYWHERE ’cause as soon as he got the ball he had defenders in his face. But some folk are so blinded by Vick hate they can’t see the truth when it’s right in front of them.

    • daggolden

      No nothing to do with that. What it does have to do with is Reynolds finally getting it. What it does have to do with is getting Watkins off the field. Jake Scott may be the best olineman right now, amazing. What it has to with is Demitrius Bell never setting foot on the field right now. One last thing if thats the case then Shady McCoy should be released immediately because Bryce Brown is definetly doing alot more than he did. Ask Shady if the oline affected his play.

      • The Guru

        And you’ve lost all credibility!

        • daggolden

          My point is you cant have it both ways. On one hand Vick wasnt very good and needed to get ball out quicker. On the other hand the oline sucked thats why McCoy wasnt doing well.

          • EXACTLY. Either the Oline is bad – affects QB and RB play OR the players are incompotent Vick getting sacked/not getting the ball off and Shady getting negative yardage. One or the other but not both.

          • The Guru

            Shouldn’t you be at the buffet?

          • The Guru

            I disagree….Vick was responsible for protection and blocking assignments. His direction led to Shady getting stuffed. Watch Shady (if he comes back) with Foles directing things.

          • daggolden

            wow. so it was vicks fault shady had a bad year. He didnt call the right blocking schemes. Gotcha. So then its safe to say Vick made Shady a all-pro last year by calling the right blocking schemes? Nah that doesnt So its Aaron Rogers fault that they dont have a running game because he doesnt call the right blocking schemes. hmmm see how dumb you sound.

          • The Guru

            No genius….it was Vick’s fault the O-line wasn’t not playing up to par with him running things. And with a much better line because Herremans was there all year. It affected Shady’s performance this year no doubt. Last year when the o-line had it’s 4 starters THERE and Kelce was calling blocking schemes is why Shady was an all pro.

            Wanna try again? Or should I just keep knocking them out of the park? BOOM!

          • daggolden

            So Shady had a better year last year because the oline was better. You have stated that.Agreed So then how the hell was Vick suppose to function behind that same oline that we have established was terrible? So Shady gets a pass because the oline sucks but Vick doesnt? Doesnt seem fair to me.

          • The Guru

            The o-line was better AND Kelce was making the blocking calls last year. Vick gets the responsibility this year because HE made the calls which obviously did not work the first 8 weeks of the season.

            It’s not a coincidence once Foles took over and starting making the calls, that Brown went off.

          • Vick wasn’t calling protections this year – not until the Saints game. Reynolds has been calling protections – for Foles as well – so once again what you’re saying doesn’t make sense.

          • daggolden

            OK OK you win Nick Foles the 3rd round pick in his 2nd NFL start is better than the 10 year veteran Vick. You win. I dont know what I was thinking. Every player in the NFL has said it to. They are very scared to face Nick Foles. Hell he should have a commercial already. The Nick Foles experience. WTF did Vick do to become the #1 pick in the draft. How the hell did he survivee all these years. Vick sucks Foles is great.

          • The Guru

            Perhaps you should learn this game from watching games instead of Madden. Vick is a horrible QB and always has been. His only discernible skill was that he was faster than everyone else on the field. Now since that’s gone, Vick is not even a top 25 QB. I guess we’ll see who’s correct when there will be 12-15 teams vying for his services after he gets cut right?

          • fran35

            Moron. Vick must be great because he was the Number 1 pick in the draft. Or he had a commercial. Brian Bosworth was hyped and has made movies, so he must be awesome? Vick is hot garbage. There are absolutely zero teams that “are scared to play Vick”. He has lost his speed and has zero instincts at QB because all he ver did was rely on his legs. I would rather spend my time and emotions hoping a rookie blossoms than hoping Vick, at 32, will have the light bulb finally come on.

          • Also you did notice how badly the line played Foles first 2 and 3/4 starts right? Oh Okay.

          • The Guru

            Are you really comparing a guy in his first two starts with a guy in his 10th season? think first. then speak.

          • atlvickfan

            Great theory. One small problem: Vick took over protection calls during the Saints game — when Shady ran for 119 yards on 19 carries, his 2nd best performance of the season.

            The only thing you’re knocking out is the brain cell function of anyone who reads your posts. You’re making this entire blog dumber. Please become less dumb so that this comment section becomes less terrible.

          • The Guru

            Absolutely false. As soon as Kelce went down, Vick took over protection calls.

          • atlvickfan

            You are wrong yet again.


            People like you who form their opinions and twist the facts to suit them are what’s wrong with America.

          • The Guru

            Marcus, Rueben Frank on CSN Philly said as soon as Kelce went down Vick picked up those duties. And if he were so great at these duties, then why did they rip them from him before the start of last season and give them to Kelce (a 6th round rookie)?

            Marcus, I have have dominated you in every sense of this argument. Now you’re just making yourself look silly.

          • The Guru

            Wait for it….wait for it….I’ve left this fraud nowhere else to go. So this is the part where he plays the “racist” card…

          • fran35

            One problem with your theory: saints have the worst defense in the league. Also, they were playing Prevent because they were up by three touchdowns. Lots of running lanes with a horrible defense playing Prevent defense.
            Vick called protection and sucked. The guy can’t even read a safety blitz and this coaching staff wants him to call the O line protection schemes? Moronic. Plus, he is 5’10 and can barely see over the line to call the protection. Now that we have a tall QB who can read a basic blitz package and hit the hot route, the line is performing better? Yeah, this one is on Vick.
            Dude, seriously-get over it. Vick is garbage. He should have switched to WR years ago and could have been an All Pro. Every time you clowns come on here and politic for that guy, you look like morons.

          • atlvickfan

            5’10”, huh. How come all you Vick haters have to lie all the time?

            By the way, bubble screens are not the same thing as hot routes.

    • atlvickfan

      This article is about RUN blocking, not pass blocking. Please improve your reading comprehension skills.

      • The Guru

        Do you think a QB doesn’t call out blocking schemes? Watch every QB in the league call out who the middle LB is EVERY play genius. Oh wait, you only watch Vick who is incapable of doing that. Sorry Marcus…

  • 1972

    this articles about bryce brown right?Marc , vick is no longer the starter what can u possibly be crying about at this point? and if u havent noticed, we havent won a game since hes been out either so yeah the running game looks good and the qb looked solid last week but what does it matter if it doesnt add up to wins?and i dont wanna hear the defense arguement, the defense sucked with vick in and last year , if ur a WINNING qb u have to over come it. Can foles win a game before u start telling us how better he is than vick?

  • aub32

    Matt you clearly seem to have something against Vick as your argument doesn’t make much sense. Vick is better than Foles is now. Foles has potential, but many young players have flashed and fizzled out quickly. I do think we need to see what Foles can do, but to credit him with the entire success of the O line is ludicrous. Watkins has been benched. Bell was not on the field. Foles didn’t line up in empty sets. The team leaned heavily on the run game. I saw more consecutive run calls than any game all season. I don’t know how anyone can’t see these points.

    • The Guru

      It makes perfect sense if you understand how the offense uses blocking schemes, changes plays, and how it all revolves around the QB.

  • what game are we watching?

    First: line calls- the rook is not calling them. No credit for him there, What he IS doing is audibling out to a better run play and setting up the RB’s for success. Something Vick never figured out He is also getting rid of the ball faster. Maybe cause he has to, as he can’t get away like Vick used to- but still, it has led to fewer bummer plays. Yeah, Foles has ALOT of work to do on going through his progressions and looking off safeties, but I have some hope he can improve. Vick never has and never will. Foles already anticipates wideouts getting open and delivers the ball on time, which, again, Vick can’t do. So, yeah, I am glad the kid is starting and I feel no need to see any more of what Vick can’t do. And if you really like the birds, you probably ought to feel the same.

    • A Big Butt and a Smile

      “What he IS doing is audibling out to a better run play and setting up the RB’s for success. Something Vick never figured out”

      Um..Vick has been doing that all year.