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    Two Rules Elite Runners Follow That You Should Follow, Too



    At face value, running seems like a very simple sport. All you need is a pair of shoes and the will to exhaust yourself and that’s it: You’re a runner. At the beginning, getting better is pretty simple, right? Just keep running. For the most part, the more you run, the better you’ll become. However, at some point, the novelty of being a beginner wears off and you may find yourself struggling to improve. Then you’ll probably spend hours upon hours searching the Internet for anything running related in hopes of finding the secret to becoming a better runner. But the Internet is a deep black hole full of running knowledge and fads, some good, and some bad. So let me save you the trouble: I’m sorry to say, there is no one secret to running. There is no one magic workout, no one training plan that’s best, no one form fix that will suddenly make you faster. Instead, the secret to running lies in a few golden rules that all good coaches and smart athletes follow. Elite runners live and train by these rules. These aren't fads, but time-tested guidelines proven to produce results.  Read more »

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