Rise and Shine! Now You Can Drink Mountain Dew for Breakfast

A new Pepsi product called Kickstart is a Mountain Dew-based drink you’re supposed to chug at breakfast. Yum?

Yeah, I’m so not falling for this. PepsiCo Inc. announced earlier this week that it’s beginning to roll out a breakfast soda—my bad, they’re calling it a “juice drink”—called Kickstart that’s basically Mountain Dew mixed with fruit juice. And get this: the big-wigs at Pepsi are trying to make us believe that this drink is healthy, saying it contains 5 percent juice and vitamins B and C. Uh, do we look that dumb?

From the AP:

PepsiCo says Kickstart, which is carbonated, is also not a soda because its 5 percent juice content qualifies it to be considered a “juice drink” under guidelines set by the Food and Drug Administration. A spokeswoman for the FDA said the agency doesn’t have definitions for what qualifies as a soda or an energy drink.

And here’s my favorite line: “In a nod to the growing concerns about sugary drinks, for example, Kickstart also uses artificial sweeteners to reduce its caloric content to about half that of regular soda; a can has 80 calories.”

{This is me, shaking my head.}

Photo: Shutterstock

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