Pennsylvania Named Best Place to Be Gluten-Free

Gluten Free Travel Site named PA “World’s Most Celiac-Friendly Destination.”

Gluten-free goodies from Center City's Sweet Freedom Bakery // Photo via Facebook

The results are in: Pennsylvania is the most celiac-friendly destination in the world, according to Gluten Free Travel Site, beating out previous winners New York, Florida, Washington D.C. and California.

Each year, the site looks at the number of reviews it received in each geographic area over the past twelve months. The location with the most positive reviews is given top honors. (Okay, okay the methodology isn’t exactly scientific, but we’ll gladly take the title, anyway.)

According to the travel site, a huge reason the Keystone State was able to take the crown is “due in large part to the many, many Philadelphia-area restaurants that have undergone training through the GREAT Kitchens program run by the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness”—a group that just so happens to be HQ’d in Ambler. The initiative focuses on training restaurants in safely preparing gluten-free meals and offers classes for chefs and food-service managers on how to safely handle gluten-free food.

To see which Pennsylvania eateries got the most buzz on Gluten Free Travel Site, go here. For a list of GREAT Kitchens alums in PA, go here.

>> Have a favorite celiac-friendly eatery in Philly? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Kushan Patel

    “I’m gonna continue to want to get better and hopefully someday, something will happen and I’ll be in that situation.”

    Did Saint Nicholas just wish injury upon MV7?!

    I kid, I kid. Relax folks. I was just doing my best Sal Pal impersonation.

    • Mr. Wu

      hahaha when I read that I thought “Sal Pal and Florio will be all over this”….and they will (sigh)

  • Max Lightfoot

    Well, I hope he’s gonna hang around, because Vick will, in all likelihood, stay healthy for about 6-8 games. Barkley sure isn’t the backup just yet.

  • Guest

    Great attitude.

  • Iggles4Lyfe

    Classy man.

  • StormKing

    I was hoping that Foles would outplay Vick and earn the starting spot because it would put the franchise in a better long-term position, but he obviously hasn’t done that yet. I was noting the difference in attitude that they both had in the last preseason game, Foles didn’t appear to have the presence and comfort that Vick had.
    I have to give props to Vick. I didn’t want him back this offseason, I was bothered with his insistence that a starter be named back in the OTAs, and I didn’t think he would respond well to the challenge, but he’s proven me wrong so far. I think he’ll play well for as long as he lasts, but not optimistic on how long he’ll last.

  • EaglePete

    Still time for Foles to see if he can cut it as a starter. He could do the same thing Kolb is doing. Make a lot of money with blind potential. Works wonders for some players, even playing in backup or 3rd string roles for years. See Rex Grossman.

    • #7

      Dang man. And you don’t get half the grief I get on here. The truth though

      • Richard Colton

        is he a Cowboys fan too?

        • #7

          You’re a little “birch” you know that?

          • Richard Colton

            everybody’s tough on the internet, but not everyone can be a Cowboys AND Eagles fan. You’re 2 for 2.

          • JofreyRice

            Stop picking on #22, er..#7. This is the crowning moment of his life! He probably hasn’t been this excited in the preseason since his ‘Boys got Deion!

          • #7

            Judge me from 23 years ago lol. That’s all you got left. That means I won because you can’t even talk football anymore lol. You looking real stupid, and childish.

            My assessment of you was spot on.

            You’re a fraud. Now let me leave this alone before I get banned.

          • JofreyRice

            It was never a football thing anyway, Tex. Vick was better and won this thing fair and square. It is about your posts. Fake fan that floats around team to team following players instead of teams, obnoxiously gloating. Have you ever even been to Philadelphia? You know it’s on the East coast, right?

          • #7

            Good try. Since you day that this is the case why don’t you stop stalking me and ignore my posts.

            How can I debate with the woman who can determine who’s a fan or not without ever meeting thatpperson

          • JofreyRice

            Ok I’m going to run a hypothetical scenario by you. Please answer honestly.

            Tony Romo suffers a career ending injury, and Mike Vick is traded to the Cowboys.

            My question is this: Would you buy the home jersey, Away jersey, or both?

          • #7

            Neither sir. You can read, right?

            Now let me ask you a question.

            I have to be born and raised in philly to be a fan of the team? If that’s so, why do I hear people calling in to the radio shows from around the world? Let’s keep it civil man. I actually liked your posts

          • djack10

            you realize you don’t actually have to reply and perpetuate comment board catfights, right? not every comment deserves a response. i don’t blame you for being a cowboys fan at age 10. what the f was wrong with your parents? :)

          • #7

            You’re right. all they havelleft. They can no longer talk about ffootball

          • #7

            I see you haven’t tried the quizzing you mentioned. How about we just avoid each other in here. For the best

          • Richard Colton

            wait, you were serious? a quiz to prove you’re a fan? maybe you’ve heard of Google? I could prove I was a Falcons fan thanks to the internet. You can never be a real Eagles fan BECAUSE YOU WERE A COWBOYS FAN. Cheer and clap for Mike Vick all you want. Booo the next guy who comes in, or don’t. You gave up all future rights to Eagles fan-hood the second you put on that star.

          • #7

            That’s what you implied sir. Also, I don’t need your permission lol. I told you the story and you’re taking advantage of it because you have nothing else. Yeah, at 10 years old, you can hold that against me all u want. I’ve followed the Eagles for 23 years now and I’m supposed to let a bum like you “determine my privileges” as a fan?

            Go … yourself

          • Richard Colton

            yep. because my fan status was passed down from three generations. I won’t name call. We reserve those words for Cowboys fans in my house

          • #7

            Well good for you Richard. Sure didn’t make you any smarter

          • Johnny Domino

            See, I always figured my fandom came from being born in Philly, hence it is a birth defect.

            You wouldn’t make fun of the kid with the birth defect, would you?

          • #7

            And I’m STILL going to post. Still gonna pull for Vick to lead my team and if Foles comes in, go Foles.

            He didn’t earn the job. Period.

            Quit trolling and talk football

          • fast eddy


  • Richard Colton

    The ideal situation was for Foles to have won this job. What’s missing from Foles’ game that make CK go the other way, and can it be fixed? if not, the team needs to look elsewhere for long term solution at QB.

  • EugeneMike

    Everyone here in Eugene knows what Chip is waiting for….watch him as he leads the Ducks one last year…and then if the draft numbers fall right, you are in for a real treat. Marcus Mariota is the Eagles’ quarterback of the future, but we’re keeping him around for a while!

    • JamesDDl

      Don’t know anything about MM or Bridgewater or any other potential QB, but I think the current situation brings up a legitimate question – Has the question about Foles being the potential franchise guy been answered negatively? If so, would you trade him for a pick that might position you to draft the guy you think is the franchise QB?

  • Richard Colton

    If Kelly doesn’t think Foles is the guy, and someone offered a 2nd round pick, I’d take it in a heartbeat.

    • Adam

      I’m not sure who would give up a second rounder for him.

      • Richard Colton

        Foles looked a lot better in his preseason action than a lot of the slop out there. Frankly, he looked better than Kolb or AJ Feeley ever did.

  • Absecon

    Foles won’t be going anywhere till Barkley, a free agent, or draft pick can replace him, and that’s not happening at this point in the season. I think he’ll be on a year to year basis, where his development and Vick’s play and/or injuries are the variables that will determine his near future here. His long term future now is his rookie contract. He’s not expensive and he’s a talented back-up. Don’t over analyze it folks….