FROM OUR SPONSOR: Need Energy for the Holidays?


By Sue Schick
CEO, UnitedHealthcare of Pennsylvania & Delaware

The holidays can be filled with joy as you spend time with loved ones, eat good food, and observe longstanding traditions. But these activities may also be exhausting!
It’s important to find ways to recharge your batteries.

Here are some helpful hints that can help keep you energized:

•  Walk in a winter wonderland. Exercising every day will help you sleep better, making you feel fit and full of pep!

•  Don’t fast and feast. Try to refuel with small meals every three to four hours while you’re awake. Fasting before a holiday meal may lead to overeating, so consider having a light snack beforehand.

•  Take it easy with the sugarplums. You don’t have to skip holiday desserts, but try to keep your fat and sugar intake low. Fill up on fruits, veggies, and whole grains, and be sure to start the day with a nutritious breakfast.

•  Enjoy your nightly hibernation. Try to sleep on a regular schedule. Don’t eat for two to three hours before bedtime. Also, limit caffeine and alcohol, which interfere with sleep.

These recommendations can keep you feeling great through the holidays, while helping you maintain your good health. Learn more.

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  • GEagle

    Everyone knows who is the BIG DAWG, and who is the bait Dog!!! St. Nick is IN THE BUILDING!!!! Lol?..Gotta find a nickname for Barkley

    • Richard Colton

      LeSean already gave Barkley his rookie nickname. He can have a cool nickname when/if he becomes the starter.

      • GEagle

        lol “Mark” it is…

    • cliff henny

      pious passer…world’s worst nickname, but that’s what he’s called out in LA

      • MediaMike

        Sounds like a good deal as long as that pious nature is used for helping orphans in South Africa and working on landscaping for our troops on military bases like he’s been doing and NOT working for hate groups like Focus on the Family or any forced pregnancy group.

        • cliff henny

          not sure if you spent any time in LA around USC fans, but the pious part was as much to do with how great they think the program is as barkley. my 1st college football saturday out in LA, became huge UCLA fan. but, MB has pretty well documented semanitarian deeds, give him credit there. i’d be like Manziel

          • MediaMike

            I looked them up and he seems like an awesome guy. I love that type of charity work and give him a lot of credit for it. I just don’t want him to devolve into a Tebow type.

  • GEagle

    let me pose a question since this isnt inspiring much debate today….
    how do you you guys view Eagles players in terms of Fantasy value for the up coming season?
    Shady obviously has to be drafted in the top 5….

    • Damien

      5. Shady- top 5 pick due to the system and him already being so good
      54. Desean- Somewhere in the 4th-5th round range. Super valuable if player ST counts and if the Eagles run with him a lot
      60. Maclin- 5th round guy. Should average 1000 yards and 6-8 TDs. 2nd-3rd receiver.
      64. Brown- Pick him fairly high unless you have Shady already. 5th-6th round since he will probably run for 500+ yards and 4+ TDs making him a top backup RB.
      81. All Eagles QBs- Vick gets more run yards, but TOs make it even. Whoever starts should be a 6th-7th round pick which could be good value.
      88. All Eagles TEs- Whichever one starts will probably get similar stats.
      100. Avant- 8th round guy since he won’t be utilized as much this year, but still valuable. Try and pick up a 4th Eagles receiver in FA as Avant could be ousted for one of those guys.
      105. Henery- Top 10 kicker
      2015. Eagles Defense- Don’t draft…

      • bentheimmigrant

        I don’t know… I might be willing to draft the Eagles defence by 2015.

    • G_WallyHunter

      Agreed with everything Damien said, I also like Ertz and Casey as potential valuable waiver wire pickups in the first quarter of the season. It’s worth keeping an eye on them, seeing how much they’re used in the red zone and what not.

      I like lesean as a top 5 pick, he’s extremely motivated after such a bad year last year, I have faith he’ll repeat 2011. I like BB as a potential sleeper that could drop to round 8 or 9… all depends on the league formats u play

  • usmcnole

    I hope he gets his carries too…and plenty receptions

  • cliff henny

    that has to be the biggest collections of Philly stars in good ole Lancaster since the sixers used to run camp at F&M. can remember riding my bike there and getting 20 feet away from bobby jones, dr J, andrew toney and chocolate thunder. crazy how times change. parents would be put in jail if they let their kids ride 5 miles across town at 8-10 yrs old, let alone the sixers part.
    anyway, good for shady, 99% of times seems like an alright guy, just need to keep him away from golddiggers and baby mama’s.

    • MediaMike

      Considering these vile pigs do everything in their power to destroy the careers and finances of players by trying to get pregnant, I’d invest in a vasectomy the second I believed I was going to be a pro player. After any lawsuit, I’d tell them to check out the stitches……………….on deez nutz!

    • Maggie

      Pretty hard to “keep him away from baby mamas” when he’s one of the many immature twits who are bound and determined to keep making more of them.

      • MediaMike

        I’m telling you, vasectomy is the way to go! All the fun, none of the liability.

    • Maggie

      To you and Media Mike: Wearing a condom or having a vasectomy does not make anybody, including you, mature. Recognizing that women are human beings with hearts, souls and spirits, JUST LIKE YOU amazingly enough, would signal a real man. Keeping it in your pants would prevent all the so-called woes some males go on and on about, also.

  • MediaMike

    I’m expecting a big year out of Shady and an even bigger argument with a lot of you as I start to rip on any projected contract for Maclin that pays him more than 4 years / $24 mil.

    • CJ

      if the Eagles pay him that much, I’ll be arguing as well, on your side. He’s not worth anywhere near that to this team, I think they should just let him walk. I honestly though he’d have been dealt already so they could at least get something for him.


    Hernandez has three incidents of gun play in his known history where there’s smoke there’s fire

    • MediaMike

      Also, where there’s smoke, there’s Snoop.

    • CJ

      When I saw this article and looking back on the Hernandez situation, I think we can all looking back and appreciate that these (McCoy’s baby mamas and Peters’ fast cars) are “only” the types of “stupid” we’re dealing with down here. At least no one on our team needs to be thinking of calling OJ or Ray Ray for advice these days.

      Just remember, it could always be worse . Unless you’re NE, I guess. Even then, at least it’s not Brady, so yeah, it could always be worse.

  • Dr. Rick

    Sheil and Tim,

    First of all, Great Site!! Thanks!

    How about an article highlighting the running abilities of our RBs and the blocking abilities of our WRs? You touched on these during OTAs but a refresher and warm up for the upcoming season would be good. If the upcoming offense has any elements of the inside and outside zone reads the skill positions will be called on to show some mad skills.

    This article by McMillan of the Washington Post is good, and talks about how the ‘Skins, Niners, Hawks, Panthers and EAGLES have some similar features. It is worth it to watch again, of for the first time, the way the IZR and OZR set up so many other things.

  • Wilbert M.

    ” …the goals now are clear: Get back to being one of the league’s elite running backs and avoid negative press off the field.” I’d be more impressed if goal #2 was to demonstrate character and behave admirably.