Be Well Giveaway: I’m Running Broad Street Because …

Tell us why you’re tackling Philly’s most popular 10-miler and you could win a $100 gift card to Philadelphia Runner!

UPDATE: We’ve selected the winner! See which lucky commenter is taking home a $100 gift card to Philadelphia Runner over here.

So you did it: You signed up for the Broad Street Run this week. May 6th, race day, is probably inked in giant red letters on your calendar, and you’ve probably started researching training plans.

Before you—and I—hit the road, though, I thought it might be super motivating to write down all the reasons why we signed up for the race in the first place. If you’ve never tackled a distance run, trust me: it’s easy to forget the why when you’re slogging through a seven-mile run on a rainy Wednesday evening. It would be soooo much easier to just go home and watch re-runs of Law and Order, right? But not you—you have a goal. If only you could remember what it was …

So here’s what I propose. Let’s jot down, right here at the bottom of this blog post, why we signed up for the 2012 Broad Street Run while our reasons are still fresh in our minds. That way, if you start to feel the motivation slipping, you can come back here for a refresher. I’ll go first:

I signed up for Broad Street because I know myself: I need a goal if I’m ever going to get off the couch and move around. Truth be told, I don’t really exercise just for the sake of it. I have to be working toward something—something tangible, attainable. It’s the latent athlete in me. And I know from experience: the feeling of crossing that finish line is a high like nothing else. I want that high.

So how about you? Why have you committed to train for and complete Philly’s most popular 10-miler? Tell us below.

And here, I’ll raise the stakes: Philadelphia Runner has generously agreed to offer a $100 gift card to one lucky Be Well commenter! So put pen to paper, people. Everyone who comments on this post between now and next Friday, February 24th, at 5 p.m. will be entered to win the prize. We’ll select the winner at random and announce it on this page!

Think you need a little extra help training for the race? Check out the Philadelphia Runner’s Team Philly Race Training running group—just the extra push (and expert guidance) you need to get across the finish line in one piece.

So share your thoughts and whys in the comments below, then check back to read other Be Wellers’ inspiring stories.

Now, let’s do this. [Cue the Rocky theme.]

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  • Diane

    I’m running for a lot of reasons, big and small. I’m running to raise money for cancer research, in honor of my mom who passed away in 2008 of cervical cancer. I’m running to surprise myself and those who know me (since I’ve only gotten into running recently). And I’m running ’cause I want a milkshake when all is said and done!

  • Annie

    I’m running Broad Street (for the 6th year!) because it’s the largest gathering of happy people in Philadelphia.

  • Sarah Castaneda

    I’m running the Broad Street Run because I need to get my butt moving to push myself a little harder. I’m too comfortable running a 5k. I want to cross that finish line feeling good about myself for accomplishing this goal I’ve set for myself

  • Jackie

    I am running Broad Street because for too many years I sat on the couch doing nothing. This will be my second year and for me will be a celebration of leading a healthier, more active lifestyle. Can’t wait!

  • Bekka

    I signed up for Broad Street because running is really really hard for me, so finishing is really rewarding. Also, as a Philly resident, running through the incredibly diverse neighborhoods along Broad Street with people waving from church steps, stoops and sidewalks everywhere you looked was the most amazing way I’ve ever seen the city, and made it worth a repeat.

  • Allie Harcharek

    I’m running Broad Street because it means a whole lot to me. After gaining 30+ pounds from a medical issue last year, I found myself depressed, overweight and waiting tables on the day of the 2011 Broad Street Run. As more and more healthy, sweaty and happy-looking people came in to the restaurant for post-race burgers, I felt this strong desire to do something — anything — about my life. That night my equally out of shape boyfriend and I made a vague pact to run it the following year, then forgot about it for several months.

    But now it’s a reality. Now we have real running shoes. Now we go to the gym together. Now we talk about training schedules and health lunches. Now we have made a commitment to our health and things are changing for the better. Completing Broad Street hand in hand, the first race for us together as a couple, will be a big milestone.

    And then we get to be one of those people who goes out for burgers after the race, without guilt.

  • Eileen Brunner

    I am running the Broad Street to prove to myself that I can. I am a year exsmoker. Did my first 5k on December, and at 37 years old (38 by broad street) I can’t believe that can run like I can 😉 I’m super proud of myself and love the feeling I get when I accomplish what would have otherwise thought was impossible…..

  • Gillian Kocher

    I’m running the Broad Street for several reasons – firstly, I was challenged to run this last year by my boss. After thinking, hey, I’ll just walk this, at some point I decided to actually train. Something miraculous happened – I discovered I actually liked running and that I was challenging myself to do something I had once thought impossible. So, I completed the race and this year I want to best my time.

    I think challenging yourself to run this is important and it teaches us a lot about the limitations we put on ourselves. I now lace up my running shoes every other day and am actually looking forward to May 6 with renewed enthusiasm and energy. I can’t wait to see everyone on the course and even though the city will look very small from the finish line, we should all know we are coming together to achieve something pretty big on race day!

  • Stephanie G

    I’m running for the awesome high 5’s from children standing in the street supporting me. It’s a great feeling to have such awesome supporters… And with signs and bells too!

  • Tara

    i’m running the broad street run because i had an incredible time last year and can’t wait to do it all over again. last year’s run was my longest distance run ever, and finishing it made me realize i could tackle another goal – a half marathon. on may 6th i’ll have 2 half marathons under my belt. the broad street run is also one of the most well-organized races i’ve run, and you can’t beat the crowd support and excitement of all of your fellow runners. it’s an incredible feeling!

  • Natalie

    It will be my 9th year in a streak so I have to do it! It was my first race ever 9 years ago and started off my running career :)

  • Amanda snyder

    I’m 30, I have 2 kids and I want to get in shape to take care of them!!!!

  • Lauren L

    I hated running. I was completely surrounded by committed runners that were the target of my frequent barbs and jokes. (I told them I wouldn’t run because it would give me wrinkles.) I worked out, did yoga, martial arts, zumba, kick-boxing…but would not run. Then a year a go, I realized something. It was all good and fine to make fun of runners, and their black toe nails and lack of body fat, but what if I was doing it because I couldn’t run myself…that would make me a hypocrite! So I signed up to run a 5k and started training. Well, lo and behold, by the time I crossed the finish line I realized that I didn’t mind it so much. In fact, I was beginning to enjoy it. So I kept running, adding on a few more races along the way. Broad Street is the next stop for me. And for all the haters out there, I’m proof of the fact that you shouldn’t knock it til you try it.

  • Megan Hoke

    I am running the Broad Street because I want to live in the moment, I want the excitement of finishing and to feel the accomplishment of hard work and training….and I’m hoping all this running will help me to look awesome on my Wedding Day!

  • Diane

    I’m running because I need to do something for me!

  • Peter

    In the summer of 2010 I fractured my tibial plateau playing soccer. This required emergency surgery during which a plate was embedded and a bone graft performed to enable my tibia to heal. For 3 months my leg was immobilized, and for nearly 8 months I went through therapy. I have worked hard to get back in shape, and the Broad Street is the start of a journey to run a full marathon in the next 2 years. That is why I am running the Broad Street Run.

  • Jillian

    I’m scared to run with 30,000 other people, so I’m facing that fear!

  • Justin

    I’m running Broad St because I’ve turned my life 180 degrees and it is because of running. Broad St 2011 marked a momentous occasion for me as it was the longest distance event i’ve ever done. After losing almost 50lbs, i’ve continued to keep running and BSR will always be the marker on my calendar that reminds me of my true potential. This year will be the first time my wife will be doing it with me.

  • Sophie

    I’m running broad street to keep me on track for my marathon training, and also because I like free pretzels :)

  • Rachel

    I’m running Broad Street this year for the 1st time because I’m turning 29 two months before and I want to give my twenties a nice send off. I’ve never been a runner and honestly never thought that I could run a mile let alone ten. The thought still terrifies me a little but signing up gave me the push I needed to move towards becoming a healthier and happier person which is all ive ever wanted and have had a very hard time achieving. The race is more about the start of good things to come and something to look at and be proud of.

  • Mark

    I am running Broad Street for the first time this year! Recently started running this past summer and have not been able to stop. Looking forward to running through the city down to the Navy Yard!

  • Mikey

    Being physically fit enough to complete the Broad Street Run is another step in an unwritten list of personal goals I have for myself. Beyond the fitness perks of doing things like quitting smoking, eating better and getting exercise, the Broad Street holds a lot of sentimental value for me and the run is something I’ve always wanted to do. My girlfriend and I even made a casual pact to do this year’s run and both of us managed to get through yesterday’s registration.

    It’s only fitting that I complete a run that encompasses my life story. I was born near the start line and baptized a mile down the road. The BSR spans the campuses of LaSalle and Temple where I spent a lot of time hanging out with friends during college. At Girard is the subway stop where I surfaced to go to high school at The Prep. In Center City I’d pass the area where I attended college at The Art Institute. Further down by South Street is where I currently live, beyond that is East Passyunk and the old neighborhood I used to live when I first moved down to South Philly. Finally, I’d reach the stadiums where I have plenty of memories.

    I was born, raised and have lived the majority of my life going up and down this arterial road. The feat of this run would be a metaphorical accomplishment for me, and another milestone of my life on Broad.

  • Lisa

    I’m running Broad St for the 5th time this year. I enjoy running but nothing gets my friends and I together on a Saturday morning at Valley Green except knowing we have a long run, that we signed for, to prepare for. I love the actual run as well as the training. Sure there are days that getting in that 8 mile run isn’t fun but catching up with friends, while in fresh air, makes it worthwhile. Plus the reward of a nice, big Wawa coffee (with creamer bc I ran) is so worth it!

  • Emma

    Two years ago, I was seventy pounds heavier than I am now. I lost the weight and now want to push myself to lose the last bit that has been hanging around.
    The prospect of running 10 miles is scary but I want to push myself to do something I have never done before that will also help with my overall health goals.

  • Nancy

    I am running Broad Street for a couple of reasons. I ran my first half marathon back in September and fell in love with running distances. I always heard about Broad Street run and figured it’d be a good run to help my training for a second half marathon. I am also running because back in August my dad had a life threatening experience with a fence and when he saw me cross the finish line at my half marathon he said he wanted to do something big like that so now I am running with both him and my mom. It’s going to be a fun event that will bond our family even more.

  • Christine

    I’m running Broad Steet in order to train for the Chicago Marathon. I started long distance running in 2009 after I got bored with races 5k and 5 miles. I initally hated longer distance runs because we were always timed in high school sports (especially soccer) and the coaches wouldn’t play those with lower times. I finally got the motivation to go long and since done 15 1/2 marathons and 3 marathons!

  • Fidel Gastro

    I’m running the BSR because I’m a fat shit and need to be less of a fat shit. I’m also running because I love North Philly at dawn.

  • PJ M

    I’m running the Broad Street Run because less than a year ago I couldn’t run 4 minutes without stopping. Now with the help of an awesome running partner, we have done numerous 5ks and want the challenge!!! Can’t wait to cross that finish line :) it will be such an accomplishment.

  • Lauren

    running 10 miles is an accomplishment, it is exhilarating, it is exhausting, and it is in the city of brother love where there are more supporters & fans than runners :)

  • Tara Hughes

    I signed up to run because I haven’t since the Philly Half in November, because I’ve put on weight, because I ‘keep meaning to go for a run’, because I need to be more accountable for my own health, because I miss how good a long run feels for my spirit, because I want to explore the area around my new home, because I want to get new running shoes, because of how great my legs look when I’m running regularly, to show everyone who thinks I’m crazy for being a runner that I can do this again, because I can, and for that crazy-emotional high that comes only from finishing the race.

  • Sabrina

    I am running the Broad Street Run to prove to myself I am as healthy and fast as I was 9 years ago (the last time I did it), if not healthier and faster NOW!! BRING IT!!!!!!!

  • Susie

    I’m running Broad Street (for the 4th time!) because back in 2008, someone told me that I could never run 10 miles. So in 2009, I did. And then again in 2010 and 2011. I am also a finisher of 2 half-marathon and have signed up for the lottery to run all 26.2 miles of the New York Marathon this fall! So here’s to the doubters…I’ll see YOU at the finish line!

  • Rose J

    I used to run in high school but hadn’t run in 15 years. I decided one day that I wanted to feel and look like I did when I was running and started again…very slowly. I having been running for eight months now with a partner, neighbor, friend and fell in love with it all over again! We have several 5ks under our belt and Broad Street seemed like the next natural course of motivation! And I can’t wait to see how fantantstic I am going to feel when we cross that finish line!!!!!

  • John E.

    I am running Broad Street as an excuse so I don’t have to incur the expense of going to my cousin’s wedding in Chicago. $40 is much less than $600 for hotel, airfare, etc.

  • Rose J

    Because I know how good it feels to cross the finish line of a 5K and know that crossing the finish line at the Broad Street Run has got to be even better… And because my fab running partner wanted to sign up!

  • lori z

    I am not making this run. Although a friend of mine is and her story and training to get to this point has been inspirational. She mentioned how filling out the registration was extremely challenging to her- she never thought she’s be at this point.

  • Kate

    I’m running because every year I’ve lived here I’ve been out of town and have by dying to see what they hype is about!

  • Kate Harner

    I am running the Broad Street Run because I love this city. There is no greater day spent in the city for me than running down its major artery, straight through the heart of so many of its great neighborhoods; the streets lined with supporters, smiling and rallying around a common cause. To be surrounded (quite literally) by 29,999 other folks who love to run is an amazing feeling. I spend the 364 days after the race just waiting to be a part of this tradition.

    I am running the Broad Street Run because it makes me feel strong. I feel a great sense of accomplishment, not just in terms of the miles of pavement I’ve pounded that morning, but in terms of having set, stuck to and achieved a goal. A goal separate from work, separate from my family life; a goal that is totally my own. The sense of empowerment and strength I feel when I cross the finish line is something I carry with me every day. I remind myself that I am strong enough to run through the entire city of Philadelphia! There is nothing that can stop me, if I am strong enough to do that, I am strong enough to do anything.

  • EL

    I am running Broad Street, because its my 46th Birthday! It’s a great way to start off a new year for me.

  • Laura P.

    I’m running to beat my time last year, to encourage myself to get faster, and to complete for the title as fastest Vynamic runner!

  • Courtney

    I’m running this race to prove to myself that I can do it. I can’t wait to hurl myself across that finish line.

  • Angela

    I’m running Broad Street because I work so much better when I am working towards a goal I set for myself. 10miles here I come!

  • Meg

    I’m running because it has turned into a tradition with my mom to run Broadstreet eAch year. It is our favorite race and something to keep us both running all year long!!

  • Lex

    I was a competitive runner and high school and college. As fun and as well as I ran, the stress was no longer worth it. So when I graduated college I told myself I would still train because I still love running at valley green, but would never run a race again. I no longer wanted the stress that came with me running a race.

    I told this story to my new girlfriend a couple weeks ago after she was telling me how she was running her first ever 5k and that she was going to run a 10k and enter broad street. She encouraged me to do it and to just try and enjoy the race. No stressing what time I would run or how I would place. So I’m entering the race to see what I can do and to rekindle the love I once had for being a participant of the sport.

  • Jen

    Same reason I run it every year — to high-five Ed Rendell in front of the Bellevue, baby!

    (Now, if only there were actual Tastykakes at the finish line, I might run even faster…)

  • Brett Scarbinsky

    I run the broad street run because it was a challenge I set for myself. It pushes me to expand my limits and test my resolve and heart. I can’t wait to push myself to get under 80 mins.

  • Heather

    I am running Broad Street because this race turned me into a runner. The first time I watched the race, I realized that there wasn’t a reason why I couldn’t become a runner. Two months later, I started running. I ran the Philly Half Marathon once and a bunch of shorter races. Why not take part in the one race that motivated me to start this journey!

  • Marc

    I’m running Broad Street for the first time for a few reasons. First, I’m turning 40 in April and I want to prove to myself I can do this. Second, I thought it would be a great team building exercise for my company, UTRS, Inc. Lastly and most importantly, my company has 20 of us running to support a great veterans charity – The Mission Continues. Check it out at and make a donation to support our troops coming home.

  • Kristin

    I’m running broad street this year bc it was the last race I ran before I had my son and I wanted it to be the first race now that he’s here – I want to teach my child the importance of setting and achieving goals and getting ur butt off the sofa from the very beginning.

  • Layla Rezaeepour

    I am running the Broad Street Run because….I would like to prove a point. Not to my friends. Not to my family. My ex-boyfriends, or my potential love interest. I want to prove a point to myself: with a little discipline, love, focus, and sweat. I can do anything my mind tells my body to do. Plus we get a tee shirt! 😉

  • Carrie

    I’m running BSR because it’s my favorite local race on the calendar. I love the feeling of surging down (hill) on Broad with tens of thousands of other running fanatics. It was my first double-digit race (I have since done three halfs and a Ragnar) and it will always hold a special place in my heart. I’m so happy I got in this year. (I’m also doing the Ragnar Cape Cod the next weekend so it’ll be a good training race for that.) WOooooohooooooo!

  • Kim

    I have no reason not to run.

    I believe that you shouldn’t put off to tomorrow what you can do today. You just never know what tomorrow holds. Today, I can run and I will not take my health or my ability for granted. I will run for everyone who wishes they could, but physically can’t.

  • SAF

    This will be my fifth BSR – I ran my first shortly after the painful breakup of my marriage. Running Broad St. that day was the first time I believed that I was going to be OK, that I could make it on my own. This race is my annual reminder to celebrate all of the good in my life. It will always hold a special place in my heart.

  • Sarah

    I’m running Broad Street to prove to myself that I CAN do distance running. I’ve doubted myself far too long and refuse to not empower myself when there are so many great opportunities to shine and have fun!

  • Elaine

    I am running in BSR because it is the first race that inspired me to run for the last seven years. It renews me and inspires to continue each time I put on my sneakers…

  • Sarah

    I am running the Broad Street Run because it combines two things are are very important to me: hometown pride and running. I can’t wait to get out there and show my family the results of all of my efforts to train, while hitting the streets of Philadelphia!

  • Rachel T

    I’m running in the BSR because I’m new to Philly and want to be a part of this great city. Won’t break any records, just want to finish.

  • Michelle H

    I’m running Broad Street because it’s simply the best running experience that Philadelphia has to offer. The race takes you through several wonderful and distinct neighborhoods of Philadelphia – and let’s face it, the neighborhoods are what makes this city so great! The only thing more diverse than the scenery are the crowds cheering you on through the miles – Temple University drum lines, doctors and nurses in their scrubs, ballerinas from the Rock School, South Philly hipsters. It’s a literal cross-section of the City, and like the Phillies World Series victory Parade in 2008, it’s nearly as jubilant.

    I run Broad Street because it’s the best way to experience the City of Runnerly Love.

  • Kathleen Glica

    I’m running Broad Street because 6 years ago I signed up for it- not ever having run in my life. Since then, I’ve completed a number of half marathons and finished a full in 2011. Broad Street will always have a special place in my heart as the run that started it all. Also, I’ll keep running it until i get to high-five the mayor!

  • Tiffany L.

    I am racing because all I do is work work work and I want something to look forward to! It’s also my birthday and what better way to celebrate than with thousands of people :-)

  • Rob P.

    Last June, at 40 years old, I suffered a brain hemorrhage. In the emergency room, doctors gave me a 10% chance of surviving.

    A year later, what better way to celebrate than by running 1 mile for each percent I was given.

  • Melissa

    I am running to do something for myself, to make me happier and healthier. The training will require me taking more time for myself and hopefully I will love myself more by May 6.

  • Julie

    I am running BSR because last year it seemed like a goal I could accomplish despite being at a low point (graduated law school without a job, ended a long relationship, etc.) It was oddly emotional to run past so many of the important places in my life along Broad Street. BSR ended up being the start to a successful study period for the PA and NJ bar exams, eventually finding a great job, and being in a great relationship. This year I will run to celebrate the fact that I’ve never been happier and to remember what it took to get where I am now! (also, because my job came with far too many free cookies… :)

  • Christine H

    Last year, I ran Broad st. at age 41 as my first race ever. Since then, I have ran 2 1/2’s and Run the Bridge. Although I was able to run the whole thing, I limped for 2 weeks after and looked like Quasimodo at the end, so this year I want to do it upright, limp free, and 20 pounds lighter.

  • Rebecca B

    I’m running because I haven’t run Broad Street (or any other longer race) in a few years. Every year, I would think maybe I’ll register – then the race would sell out, so I had an excuse. This year, no excuses!

  • Erin

    I am running broad street for the third year in a row to better my time and get in shape for the summer!

  • Dan

    Im the one in a group of friends who drinks and smokes too much. Also the one who takes cash bets without thinking them through. So now I either have to do it or shell out cash. Money is a great motivator. Pay up bitches.

  • Chrissy

    I wish I was running. I tried and no avail :( Good luck runners!

  • Danielle

    I had a tumor removed from my foot in November and I want to put it behind me for good by running down Broad Street.

  • amy

    Every year since moving to Philadelphia, some 5 years ago, my friends always tried convincing me to run the Broad Street Run. Each year my excuse not to run was “its on my birthday weekend” and I wanted to be able to go out and celebrate it!!! I am not a runner by any means. I have never ran a road race in my life and never tan more than a mile and a half. A few months ago, a group from my church (including the Priest) recruited me to start running with them… 5am twice a week. Not only am I not a runner but I am not a morning person but how do you say no to your priest? So I started running with them the last few months at 5am and it has totally changed my life. I am now a morning person and enjoying running. I feel so much more alive and energized each day. I signed up for Broad Street because running has never been fun thing for me but finishing I think will be really rewarding, not only for me but would love to be able to show the group I run with at 5am 2-3 times a week that I did it and make them proud!!!! And this year the race just so happens to be on my birthday!!!!

  • Liz P.

    Broad Street is my first and favorite race. I’ve been living in Philly since 2003 and there is nothing that I look more forward to every year. I love how it brings the city together in a fun and fit way.

  • Sarah

    I’m running because I *CAN*!

    Story: 2 years ago I was hit by a car while walking in a crosswalk. I had 2 knee surgeries – one on each knee – which contributed to the fact that I had had 1 knee surgery the prior surgery. The doctor’s said I wouldn’t be able to run again but I should be lucky that I can walk.

    Up to 5 miles as my personal record both pre/post accident.

  • Joshua Mondonedo

    I have run the Broad Street Run the past 2 years and have done better each year. But shortly after the race I sustained a few nagging injuries to my calf, foot, and shin splints. I was unable to run well most of summer. I ran one race in the summer and basically felt like a shell of myself. Since my injuries have cleared up, I am running this year’s Broad Street Run as a mission of redemption for my running troubles last year. I’ve lived a more healthy lifestyle and have gained 20 pounds of muscle since last May. I am training harder and with a purpose in order beat my time from last year and PR. Always running in Beast Mode

  • Amanda

    I do it simply because I want to push myself to prove that I can do whatever I put my mind to. Doing it on Broad Street is great as well, because I love living and going to school in Philly! :)

  • Nancy

    I’m running the ten mile Broad Street Run to commemorate my tenth year as a kidney cancer survivor. I wanted to do something big to mark the occasion, and as a non-runner it will be a huge accomplishment.

  • Lesley

    I am running the Broad Street Run because Shriners Hospital for Children is located on the racecourse, and I had spinal fusion surgery there when I was seventeen. After my risky surgery, I never thought I would be able to run ten miles. I owe so much to the wonderful doctors and surgeons at Shriners. I know it will be very emotional for me to run past the hospital where I spent some of the toughest days of my life.

  • Krista

    I’m running Broad Street because I’ve lived in West Philly for almost 4 years, and I love running, so it was about time!

  • Amy

    I am running to honor two darling 8 year old girls who were diagnosed with pediatric cancer. The first is Alexandra Flynn Scott, and the second is my 8 year old daughter who is an Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation Hero, currently in remission (yay!!!). My daughter was preparing for her third grade “Famous Pennsylvanian” project in school, and she chose to portray and “be” little Alex Scott. Alex lost her cancer battle at age 8 but her story is amazing. Little Alex took a small idea and made a huge difference in the world. I felt like I needed to kick it into gear and get back in shape after the last 2 years of taking my daughter through exhaustive brain cancer treatment. This is the perfect reason to do it and it is going to be hard, but FUN and fulfilling. I joined TEAM LEMON to benefit ALSF!!!!!

  • Nicole

    I am running the broad street for my 2nd year. Last year was the first time I set and accomplished an amazing goal of completing this race. I was never a runner, but I trained and did extremely well. I have never felt so good about accomplishing a personal goal. I have vowed to beat my time and have even motivated 8 additional friends to join me this year! If I can assist my friends in having the same great experience that I did – then I feel even more accomplished! See you all there! :)

  • Michelle

    I am doing the Broad Street for Proof. I want to prove to myself that, if I put my mind to something that scares the hell out of me, that I can do it. I want to prove to not only my friends and family, but myself that nothing can stop you when you have persistence, passion, and the right friends to motivate you.

  • Anna

    This will be my third time to cross the Navy Yard finish line. I’m excited that I’ve once again chosen this goal and thrive on the path I’ve chosen to take long before crossing the finish line. The run itself is the crescendo of the many days prior of sacrifice, consistency, and determination. I am running because I have people around me who would chose to accomplish this fete but no longer have the physical capacity to do so. I want to cross the line a third time not only for me, but for those who cannot. See you at the finish line – orange and pretzel in hand :)

  • Holly

    I am running Broad Street to get better acquainted with Philadelphia. I moved to the Philadelphia area very recently, so I’m still trying to get a feel for the city. I know I love what I’ve seen so far.

    I have moved around quite a bit over the past few years for my career, and literally one of the first things I do when I move to a new area is throw on my running shoes and go for a run around the city. It sounds cheesy, but I really do think that running is the fastest (and healthiest!) way to get to know a new place.

    Running and adventuring around new areas are my two favorite things to do, so when I get the chance to combine them with a ridiculously landmark event like Broad Street, you can bet nothing is going to stop me.

  • Christine Gallagher

    I’m running the Broad Street run to get a high five from Ed Rendell, hear the Rocky theme and run 10 miles with 30,000 other healthy Philadelphians

  • Anna Marie

    Although I work out regularly, I’ve always hated running, and I could never even run a mile during school. So BSR gave me a goal. I’ve signed up with a team, so there will be people counting on me!

    I am moving across the country to Oregon in June, and I could not think of a better way to celebrate my last days in Philly.

  • Amy Pohl

    I am running my first Broad Street Run in support of a friend’s 15 year old son fighting cancer. I am running with those who can’t run in my heart to push me forward. I will wear his name on my shirt proudly to support him through the biggest fight of his life.

  • Caitlin

    I am running Broad Street with Team Fran to support the Fran Crippen Elevation foundation!

  • Jessica

    I am running for the love of being in shape and feeling strong and communicating that love to my daughter. I want my 5 year old little girl to know that she has a momma who is strong and places value on feeling that way and on living a healthy lifestyle. I also want to teach her that you can accomplish so many things in life, great and small, if you put your mind to it!

  • Julie Anne

    I am running Broad Street because I CAN.

    I signed up for the Broad Street Run two years ago as somewhat of a late new years resolution. During my first training run, I made it around the block. After that embarrassment, I didn’t lace up my sneakers again and never did the run.

    On January 1st of last year, I made a pact that 2011 would be my year, and it was. Though I was unable to get into the race last year, in 2011, I lost seventy pounds and ran countless races including two half marathons.

    In 2012, I made the pact to be happy. And what do you know? Running makes me happy.

    A once 230 pound girl who ate her feelings and thought a marathon was something she would never accomplish … Is now running her first in November.

    Broad street is a run that I am doing because at one time I couldn’t.

    And now, since I can, bring on the miles!

  • Haley

    I am running the Broadstreet Run because I can. I am running because I am lucky enough to have my 2 functional legs and good health. If I didn’t run, I feel like I would be wasting a gift that I have been generously given. I am running for all those that cannot and wish they could.

  • Steph

    I’m running Broad to kick off my race season, to prove to myself that I can hang with the “serious” runners (and that I might just be one of them), and to prove wrong the doctors who said I’d probably never be able to run again.

  • Sam

    I’m running because I want to challenge myself.

  • Kathy

    Last year I made a resolution to challenge myself to run one 5k a month. It was just a thrill to meet my goal at the end year. This year I wanted to set a higher goal so I chose Broad Street. I have never been a runner before so last year was a major achievement for me. I can’t wait to cross the finish line of Broad Street and feel that sense of accomplishment again. It is also a thrill to be a part of such a huge event in Philadelphia and the one of the largest 10 mile runs. I am very much looking forward to this event.

  • Emily Leaman

    Wow! Great comments, everyone! As it is now 5 PM on Friday, February 24th, the contest entry period is officially closed; only those comments entered above this one will be considered for the prize. That said, we’ll keep the comment thread open in case any one else wants to add their goals and reasons. We’ll announce the winner on Monday morning. Thanks, all!!

  • Jessica

    Much like the author of this article, I need a goal! After a long day of work a reason to run has gotta be there, or I won’t get out the door. I’m running the Cherry Blossom 10 miler in April, which will be my first distance race. Broad Street is next and hopefully after surviving my first (big) race, my nerves will chill out & I can just enjoy it! :)