Will Greg Osberg’s Testimony Be the Curve Ball that Puts Bill Marimow Back in His Office?

Greg Osberg

Greg Osberg. Photo | AP/Matt Rourke

A publisher didn’t hire Bill Marimow. So a publisher didn’t have the right to fire Bill Marimow.

That, at least, was the take of the Inquirer’s once — and, possibly, future — editor on the stand Wednesday during a court hearing challenging his October firing by publisher Robert C. Hall.

It was a stance affirmed by former publisher Greg Osberg who — despite a contradictory story put out at the time — said Wednesday he had nothing to do with Marimow’s hiring. That was the work of Lewis Katz and George Norcross, then the incoming owners, now rivals in the lawsuit over Marimow’s firing. The pair make up the management committee of Interstate General Media, the ownership group which bought the Inquirer, Daily News and philly.com in April of last year.

“I didn’t hire him, so I couldn’t fire him,” Osberg said.

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Philadelphia Newspaper War Will Resume on Nov. 13

The legal war between the owners of Philadelphia’s major daily newspapers will continue on Nov. 13, a judge said today.

The major participants in that war—George Norcross, Gerry Lenfest and Lewis Katz, all partners in Interstate General Media—were in a City Hall courtroom today for a brief status hearing.

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ThinkFest Snapshot: Tracey Welson-Rossman

We’re rounding up the reasons Philly Mag readers should not miss ThinkFest, our week-long event connecting the brightest minds and most innovative ideas in Philadelphia. 

Tracey-Welson-Rossman-400“As a gender, [women] are not economically participating in a field [technology] that provides a good living,” says Tracey Welson-Rossman.

According to Welson-Rossman, a founder of TechGirlz and chief marketing officer for Chariot Solutions, there is a severe shortage of qualified technologists across the nation, with a lack of participation from women.

Welson-Rossman is also one of the founding board members of PhillyStartup Leaders and was recently named one of the 40 Women To Watch Over 40. She is recognized for her role in helping to raise the tech profile of women and Philadelphia. The Philly-native claims change can occur by “[looking] at younger women as means for filing the pipeline,” starting with the city’s “committed community.”

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ThinkFest Snapshot: Marc Vetri

Marc Vetri

We’re rounding up the reasons Philly Mag readers should join us at ThinkFest, our week-long event connecting the brightest minds and most innovative ideas in Philadelphia. 

Philly uber-chef and restaurateur Marc Vetri will be at the Kimmel Center for this year’s ThinkFest. Will you?

Vetri trained in Bergamo, Italy, and now has five Italian restaurants under his belt — Pizzeria Vetri being the latest — with the just-announced Brig headed to the Navy Yard in 2014.

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Surprise! 7 Superfoods You Already Have in Your Kitchen

If you’ve read any health blogs (including this one) for any period of time, ever, I’m sure you’ve come across the term “superfood.” But what, exactly, does it mean? Superfoods are foods with a “concentrated amount of beneficial nutrients and food components that can help prevent the risk of the major food related health problems we face today,” says Bensalem-based dietician Lauren Swann. In other words, they’re foods that pack an extra nutritional oomph, which means they give you more bang for your caloric buck.

One big misconception with superfoods, though, is that they’re all super exotic, have names you can’t pronounce (Queen-oh-ah? Kween-waah? Quinoa?) and hail from far-flung parts of the world. The truth is that you probably already have a few superfoods in your pantry or freezer without even knowing it. Here are seven unsung super-charged superfoods I’m betting you already have in your kitchen. So, what’s for dinner tonight?

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The List: 10 Heartbreaking #Philly1stDay Tweets

Not so long ago, back-to-school was a time for nervous anticipation: Students made sure they sported the trendiest outfits and backpacks; parents exhaled a sigh of relief; and teachers inhaled the scent of fresh school supplies. Thanks to the school district’s funding crisis, however, this morning was different. We’ve been scanning the #philly1stday hashtag for tweets that provide some insight and perspective on how the crisis is translating to the classroom. Unfortunately, the lugubrious tone matches the weather.


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