I Am Woman, Smell Me Roar: What Happens When You Wear Christina Aguilera’s New Perfume For Three Days

“You smell like the Nittany Mall at Christmas.”

That’s what my boyfriend said after he hugged me the other day while I was wearing the new Christina Aguilera perfume, “Woman.” It’s described as “a sensual combination of golden amber and white flowers — radiating femininity the way a woman does.” It also apparently radiates Central Pennsylvania holiday shopping excursions.

This isn’t Aguilera’s first fragrance. She has six others, each of which has its own persona. There’s the starter house of Aguilera fragrances, the eponymously named “Christina Aguilera.” Then there’s the “flirty” By Night, the “luxurious” Royal Desire, the “empowering” Secret Potion, the “seductive” Red Sin, and the “timeless” Unforgettable. Now comes Woman, and its adjective is—most definitely—”feminine.”

“Every year that passes by I realize more and more what being a woman means to me,” Aguilera says in a press release. This makes mathematical sense because, well, the longer you’re stuck with a vagina, the more keenly you understand the implications of having one.
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Pros You Should Know: Meadowbank Designs

phillymag pros you should know - Meadowbank Designs

TRENDS we’re SEEING // Gray is the new beige; neutrals with pops of color; antique brass hardware in kitchens. Chintz is back, with modern, fresh coloring and patterns.

IF YOU’RE DOING A TOTAL RENOVATION // Have your entire team — architect, interior designer, landscape architect, contractor — on the same page. Pay attention to the architecture of your home, and find a style that complements the interior and the exterior. If you’re on a budget, work in phases, with a master plan.

TO DO THIS SEASON // Visit Terrain and Valley Forge Flowers for interesting seasonal decor, and treat yourself to a custom flower arrangement on the dining table for the arrival of holiday guests. Be on the hunt for outdoor furniture sales, to be ahead of the game for spring.

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Zillow Is the Subject of a Disgusting Lawsuit

zillow-inc-cl-a-logoAs ValleyWag reports, a former Inside Sales Consultant for Zillow, Rachel Kremer, has brought a lawsuit against the company with the following charges: sexual harassment, civil harassment, intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligent infliction of emotional distress, negligent retention and supervision, retaliation and wrongful termination.

The charges are based on an experience Kremer alleges is commonplace at the headquarters, which the suit compares to a frat house.

Ms. Kremer quickly learned that Zillow had a pervasive culture of degrading women. Ms. Kremer’s male supervisors ranked her according to her breast size, sent pictures of their penis to her, and demanded sexual gratification and obedience by Ms. Kremer to continue her employment.

Ms. Kremer’s experience was not limited to one supervisor, but instead, was pervasive throughout Zillow’s leadership…Eventually, after experiencing the most heinous acts of sexual harassment imaginable, Ms. Kremer was terminated.

Her supervisor, in particular, is subject to the most persistent allegations — he was allegedly the kind of guy who dubbed a new employee “Rachel 2.0″ because she was like Kremer “but with bigger breasts and less miles on her.”

Below are some examples of the inappropriate behavior (graphic language, etc.) that the suit likens to an overall atmosphere of “sexual torture”:
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Jonathan Papelbon’s $7M Rittenhouse Condo for Sale

TREND photo via Redfin

TREND photo via Redfin

Despite the lack of interest from other teams, Phillies closer Jonathan Papelbon is apparently optimistic about being traded. He’s put his unit at the ultraluxury 1706 Rittenhouse on the market and has Kelly Pendino Betley, a realtor who works with athletes like LeSean McCoy, Cliff Lee and Mark Streit, handling the property.

All the units at 1706 are full-floor units with terraces that have fantastic views. Private elevators lead directly into the units, and there’s an automated parking system that allows residents to swipe a fob on the way down and have their car waiting when they get to the lobby.

Papelbon (or his contract, to put it more humanely) has reportedly been priced “prohibitively” by Ruben Amaro. This luxury unit is priced high as well, but is not surprising in Philadelphia’s most expensive building.

Fine print and gallery below.

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Architype: Off the Grid in Mount Airy

mt airy

Photo of celebration at Final-ly Friday by Michael Albany Photography via Go Mt. Airy

About six months ago, after 11 years in West Philadelphia, I decided to move. I’d been part of a wave of young white professionals who came to Cedar Park and made it possible for someone to open a haute-cheese patisserie where a friendly bodega used to be. I liked the bodega better, but it was my own fault.

Now I’d priced myself out of my neighborhood, but I still wanted trees, the birdsong, the mix of old and young, black and white, and the progressive vibe. So I moved to Mount Airy.

This decision has been met with undisguised horror. You’d think I moved from a 12-room penthouse on Rittenhouse Square to a shack next to a rest stop on the New Jersey Turnpike. There also seems to be a significant degree of geographical confusion. A couple of people have said, “I never thought you’d leave Philly.” And absolutely everyone has said, “But it’s so faaaar.”

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From Bomb Scares to Parking Payoffs: Philadelphia’s Top 7 NIMBY Battles

A screenshot from the Great Experiment film series.

A screenshot from the Great Experiment film series.

“Pennsylvania is timely Case Study A for witnessing the impact of the not-in-my-back-yard movement against casino development,” the Gaming Industry Observer reported in 2009 when both the planned Foxwoods and SugarHouse casinos, despite being licensed, were still stalled after two and a half years. Each of those situations turned out quite differently (see below) but the trade publication chalked up the delays to “fierce local opposition”; Philly doesn’t play when it comes to NIMBY battles.
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NoLibs: One of 26 “Most Hipster” Hoods in the World

According to Business Insider, Northern Liberties isn’t just one of the “most hipster” neighborhoods in Philadelphia; it’s one of the most hipster neighborhoods in the world. Lauren Browning explains the criteria:

The hipster population is spreading nationally and internationally. Skinny jeans-wearing, beard-toting 20- and 30-somethings are flocking to areas in which they feel right at home.

I swear this was written this year. Here’s how and why Philly made the list:

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KOP Becomes the Montreal of Malls


When a co-worker first heard that the King of Prussia Mall would be expanding, she wrote, via chat, “WHY IS KING OF PRUSSIA EXPANDING??? IT’S ALREADY LIKE 55 MILES WORTH OF SHOPPING. I can’t.” This was a legitimate response, especially for those of us with credit card debt.

But the expansion isn’t just about shopping. It’s also about warmth, since one must now go outside to walk between the two malls, The Court and The Plaza. The expansion will make the entire site fully enclosed. For renderings and details, go here.

Forum to Discuss LOVE Park Redesign

PennPraxis is hosting a public forum at the Free Library to discuss the upcoming redesign of JFK Plaza/LOVE Park. The overhaul of this very important public space merits as much community input as possible, so register now.

More info here.

Senator: Lack of Diversity in Philly Casino License

Here’s a statement from Sen. Vincent Hughes that’s come across the transom in the wake of the announcement that the PA Gaming Control Board has awarded the second casino license to Stadium Casino LLC, aka Live! Hotel and Casino:

“I am extremely disappointed to learn that qualified minority-owned companies will not be given the opportunity to participate in Pennsylvania’s gaming industry. The Gaming Control Board had an opportunity to ensure that the second casino license in Philadelphia was awarded to an investor group that reflected the demographics of our city. That did not happen. This is another missed opportunity to promote minority-owned businesses in a statewide industry that has been very successful thus far with the exception of diversity.

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