President Obama Should Publicly Support Gay Marriage Now

America: Land of the free. Freedom of religion, freedom to sue whomever you please, freedom to marry your first cousin in 27 states and freedom to marry your significant other of the same sex in … eight? With evidence that a considerable number of Americans are in favor of extending marriage rights to same-sex couples, what’s stopping us from moving beyond one of our last remaining forms of institutionalized discrimination? And what’s stopping our executive-in-chief from leading our progress? Read more »

Playing God on Twitter

No deity has been left behind. God, Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha. Even their greatest rival: Satan. They’re all tweeting, ancient scrolls swapped for timelines. Will following become the new form of worship? Or will @Jesus_M_Christ be crucified?

Temple student Josiah Schlatter (ironically biblical name, check) currently plays the role of @Jesus_M_Christ, a crude, humorous version of the Christian savior, through an account that’s been consistently gaining followers since Schlatter created it last year. He’s now finding himself on all of the best “tweet mocker” lists on the Internet and has nearly 400,000 followers for tweeting things like, “The problem with sending Kim Jong Il to Hell is that Hell is better than North Korea,“ “Why does every singer feel the need to make a shitty song about my birthday?” and “#occupywallstreet all you want so long as I get my 10% every Sunday. #gangstajesus.” Read more »

Degrees for Dummies: Not Everyone Should Go to College

Fingers run in irritating tip-toes on the keyboard behind my back. To my right: Obnoxious images of strangers on Facebook are flashing across the screen. I’m caught between this and what’s on another screen: the irresistible new winter line at Urban Outfitters. I take a gander over the shoulder of the student in front of me, and I can watch a high-speed zombie pursuit in action. Yes, this is academia. College education is becoming less and less what I hoped for every semester. Read more »

Cold-Laser Therapy to Relieve Pesky Pains

I’m trying my best to avoid sounding like one of those annoying, anonymous actors on TV commercials promoting some new drug treatment. “This stuff changed my life! Call your doctor right now!” And in hushed tones: “Some possible side effects may include … you die.”

Maybe that’s what people think about me when I go on and on about my experience with cold-laser therapy to treat my pesky pains. But I can’t help but want to share it with people—it’s affordable, noninvasive, relaxing and, most important, it worked for me.

So here goes: I was never much interested in trying out a chiropractor, especially after watching my mom get her neck snapped week after week. It gave me the heebeegeebees every time. But when my mom told her chiropractor that I’d been having constant, aggravating lower-back pain for months, he said he had a solution for me. At the time I’d been squirming in chairs for months and pasting on Icy Hot patches because it was so awful to have to sit up.

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Toxin-Free Intoxication: Where to Drink Organic in Philly

If you’re on the path of organic eating, finding booze that fits the bill can be a chore. That’s not to say beer or wine made from toxin-free ingredients is impossible to find—you have to know where to look.

So we did some digging. Below, you’ll find a list of local bars and restaurants with tasty organic cocktails and liquor stores stocked with organic ingredients to start mixing at home. Here’s to guilt-free imbibing!

If You’re Hitting the Town …
Six sure-fire spots that sling clean—and delicious—drinks.

2028 Fairmount Ave., 267-639-3063.

This Fairmount restaurant offers a nice variety of organic cocktail choices—all for $8. The menu includes the Really Clean Martini, made with Tru Lemon organic vodka, white grape juice and organic green grapes. Other ingredients you’ll see are Thatcher’s Dark Chocolate Organic Liquor, Papagayo Aged Organic White Rum and Juniper Green Organic Gin.
Fare also sells house organic malbec and torrontes wines. The organic beer list includes Central Waters Shine On Red Ale from Amherst, Wisconsin. And a bonus: They have a gluten-free beer called Lake Front New Grist from Wisconsin.

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A Crime Victim’s Night With the Philadelphia Police Department

When you move from a sketchy North Philly neighborhood to an aesthetically superior, seemingly safe haven in the heart of Fairmount, the last thing you’re anticipating just a few minutes past midnight on a Tuesday is getting robbed right outside your apartment. Not that we were being completely naïve that night: My small-town nervous wreck of a roommate had her Mace cocked and ready, as usual, as the two of us walked back from a neighbor’s house. But I had just finished giving my spiel about how not to look vulnerable and why not to walk alone, strutting my city savviness and convincing her I had picked a neighborhood where we wouldn’t have to always live in fear as long as we played it safe. Read more »