What’s What With … Lynda Carter

From seemingly out of nowhere, Lynda Carter, known best for her ’70s role as Wonder Woman, turned up this week in Atlantic City to begin a three-week concert run at Harrah’s.

From seemingly out of nowhere, Lynda Carter, known best for her ’70s role as Wonder Woman, turned up this week in Atlantic City to begin a three-week concert run at Harrah’s. I caught up with her this morning to discuss nude scenes,
boozing, this so-called "Wonder Woman" Sarah Palin, and, oh yeah, music …

Some of my readers might be surprised to learn that not only can you look really good in a sparkly red-white-and-blue suit, but you can also sing. How’d you get your start?
I had my first singing appearance on TV when I was six years old. I always sang. In everything. I just loved it. As a small child, if you have a gift, people react to it, and you do it more.

What can people expect from the new show? Is it a cabaret? American songbook?
No, I’ve done cabaret in the small venues. Harrah’s is a 1,200-seat house, so it’s a little difficult to call it a cabaret. And songbook sort of smacks of a particular genre. I can’t really say that I’ve got a genre. What I enjoy the most is the dirty blues. But every song I do is specific to me. I pick a song because I like it.

Some years ago, you came forward and revealed that you are an alcoholic. Do you worry about some of the young women in the limelight today who have their own struggles?
As far as Britney and Lindsay Lohan are concerned, I have a different point of view than you typically hear. What’s happening to them is what’s happening in your own backyard. In every high school. In some elementary schools. Every college. Every single one of them. And these women are more isolated than your children are. But they’re under a microscope. But the same thing is happening everywhere. Some people get tripped up by it. Some don’t. Some of it’s bad parenting. Some genetics. But everybody drinks for the same reason. You want a buzz.

How do you get a buzz now?
Ooh baby! I’m singing again. Last night I looked up and felt the lights. And felt the audience, and it just gave me such a thrill. There’s a connection, sharing moments with a group of people that will never happen again the same way.

When I Googled you, I found some nude images, some clearly faked but some that looked real, and I know you did once do a nude scene in a movie. How do you feel now, at 57, having your breasts bared all over the Internet?
I wish I had that body. It’s the most uncomfortable thing a person could do. It’s a zillion years ago. And it is what it is. I don’t apologize for it. I don’t justify it. Do I wish I hadn’t done it? Well, I think so. But the rebel in me, I still have the rebel in me. It manifests itself in lots of ways when you are young.

Okay, last question. I’m sure you’ve seen all the comparisons in the media and among Republicans of Sarah Palin to Wonder Woman. How do you feel about that?
Don’t get me started. She’s the anti-Wonder Woman. She’s judgmental and dictatorial, telling people how they’ve got to live their lives. And a superior religious self-righteousness … that’s just not what Wonder Woman is about. Hillary Clinton is a lot more like Wonder Woman than Mrs. Palin. She did it all, didn’t she?

No one has the right to dictate, particularly in this country, to force your own personal views upon the populace — religious views. I think that is suppressive, oppressive, and anti-American. We are the loyal opposition. That’s the whole point of this country: freedom of speech, personal rights, personal freedom. Nor would Wonder Woman be the person to tell people how to live their lives. Worry about your own life! Worry about your own family! Don’t be telling me what I want to do with mine.

I like John McCain. But this woman — it’s anathema to me what she stands for. I think America should be very afraid. Very afraid. Separation of church and state is the one thing the creators of the Constitution did agree on — that it wasn’t to be a religious government. People should feel free to speak their minds about religion but not dictate it or put it into law.

What I don’t understand, honestly, is how anyone can even begin to say they know the mind of God. Who do they think they are? I think that’s ridiculous. I know what God is in my life. Now I am sure that she’s not all just that. But it’s enough to me. It’s enough for me to have a visceral reaction. And it makes me mad.

People need to speak up. Doesn’t mean that I’m godless. Doesn’t mean that I am a murderer. What I hate is this demonization of everybody but one position. You’re un-American because you’re against the war. It’s such bullshit. Fear. It’s really such a finite way of thinking about God to think that your measley little mind can know the mind of God. It’s a very little God that way. I think that God’s bigger. I don’t presume to know his mind. Or her mind.

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  • Ben

    You are sounding bitter. :(

  • Jason

    Now that's how you do it! Go Lynda!

  • James

    It's always nice when someone speaks truth to power- especially when that someone is Wonder Woman! You'd have to be raving mad to support his radical extremist for VP. It's a shame that a moderate like John MCcain has sio capitulated to the nutty fringe of his party. I just wonder what's to become of the Republican Party? It seems to be increasingly taken over by the lunatic right-wing, to an extent that can only bode ill for the party and for America. It's heartbreaking that someone who stands up for separation of church and state gets called a "bigot" by people who clearly have no love for America or her ideals. The far right has always hated america and everything she represents. Thank God there's Wonder Woman to save the day, and kick "Hardly Human" Palin to the curb!!

  • Tom

    Where the heck did you get the wrong idea that she wants to dictate her religion to others? She doesn't, and you owe her a BIG apology for your mistaken assumption. She has never pushed for abortion to be banned, she vetoed a bill that would have restricted benefits to gay partners, and she has not tried to have creationism taught in schools. You should look into these claims yourself rather than buying into the leftist hype about her. She is a real Wonder Woman!

  • Jason

    "She is a real wonder woman!"

    As in, I WONDER why she's under investigation for abuse of power? Or, I WONDER why she lied about the bridge to nowhere? Or, I WONDER why she used state funds to pay herself per diems for 300 nights when she was NOT on the road but sleeping in her own home? I WONDER why she lied about the cook, who was not fired, but merely transferred? Or I WONDER why she did nothing about rape vicitms being forced to pay for their own rape investigation tools?

    Yeah, quite a "Wonder" Woman Palin is.

  • B

    And I used to think highly of Ms. Carter. She's absolutely nuts. What's with the vehement anti-religion rant? So much for me buying the Wonder Woman series on DVD…I certainly don't want to support Lynda's obvious crack habit.

  • B

    I don't think that Lynda could have been more on the point of truth. No one in this world has the right to judge someone else and tell them how they choose to live is right or wrong. If everyone just minded their own business, this world would be much happier.

  • lynn

    Wow! You tell 'em, Lynda! You rock!

  • david

    Lynda, I am not sure you will read this; however, how refreshing to hear your heartfelt honestly. I am so proud of you for reaching this point in your life. You are so honest about who you are. You have nothing to hide. How liberating! Unfortunately, so many follow and never question. So many hide behind judgment. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. You are an inspiration.

  • Josh

    Right-Wing would-be tyrants deserve exactly this calling-out! Good job, Lynda! Thank you for telling it like it is. Right-wing Christo-fascists, guess what! You are not the only game in town. You have NO monopoly on theology, morality, foreign policy, domestic policy, social behavior, etc.!!! Your ignorant hubris, your arrogant short-sighted and destructive foreign and domestic policy has done GREAT damage to our nation! The United States is poorer because of your poisonous influence. Thanks for nothing!

  • terry

    She sounds nuts. Great rack, but she's nuts.

  • sheesh

    What is so radical about a woman who loves her country, family and motherhood? What is so radical about a woman who believes life begins at conception? What is radical is the extreme response to Sara Palin's goodness and decency.

  • M

    Is Linda Carter drinking the kool-aid? Why a rant on all the wrong things? It sounds like Linda Carter is judging and mad that everyone is not like her. Moreover, she does not have her facts about Palin right, but people hear what they want to hear. The more I hear Palin, the more convinced she will be good for our government.

  • Cinnamongirl

    Lynda, honey, you need a drink. Chill, take a deep breath…

  • Darleen

    and their Bowdlerized interviews. Start doing your own research! Is there any ANY proof that Gov. Palin has imposed her personal beliefs on anyone? And while you're at it,you might like to look at the Constitution again and look at the part that forbids religious tests for office. Fact remains, Palin has ACCOMPLISHED much more in her short political career than Obama has, AND she has 80% approval ratings in Alaska. Cure yourself, Lynda, of the PDS. You're sounding like Pam Anderson.

  • Darleen

    and their Bowdlerized interviews. Start doing your own research! Is there any ANY proof that Gov. Palin has imposed her personal beliefs on anyone? And while you're at it,you might like to look at the Constitution again and look at the part that forbids religious tests for office. Fact remains, Palin has ACCOMPLISHED much more in her short political career than Obama has, AND she has 80% approval ratings in Alaska. Cure yourself, Lynda, of the PDS. You're sounding like Pam Anderson.

  • Jason

    Get your facts straight, here's Obama's accomplishments BEFORE becoming a STATE senator:

    Director, Illinois Project Vote

    Founding Member, Board of Directors, Public Allies

    9 years, Board of Directors, Woods Fund of Chicago

    8 years, Board of Directors, Joyce Foundation

    Founding President, Chicago Annenberg Challenge

    4 years, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Chicago Annenberg Challenge

    3 years, Board of Directors, Chicago Annenberg Challenge

    Board of Directors, Chicago Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law

    Board of Directors, Center for Neighborhood Technology

    Board of Directors, Lugenia Burns Hope Center

  • David

    How disappointing to read that my favorite actress and singer has apaprently gone off the deep end.

    Lynda, your rant is totally classless!!!

    And also ignorant. You sound like a fool. Sarah Palin has NOT imposed her beliefs on ANYONE and in fact during the interview with Charles Gibson emphasized that they were her personal views only and would not be part of policy.

    And the full quote from her speech to the church was that she PRAYED that the men and women in Iraq were doing God's will, NOT that she presumed they were.

    You really need to educate yourself on the TRUTH before you go off on a rant that makes you look even the typical clueless Hollywood crowd.

    And I might also remind you that not all of your fans are liberals and if you plan to have success with your new cd coming out this fall, you might not want to alienate people who may think about purchasing it (like me, although after your rant I'm inclined not to).

    For me, this is a kick in the stomach from so

  • David

    For me, this is a kick in the stomach from someone who always thought you were a class act. I was wrong.

  • Danica

    There needs to be more speaking out like this- especially from Xians who are sick and tired of those claiming to be Xian taking over government. We are supposed to have a separation of church and state in this country and that's being erased. It even says in the bible that one should pray in private. The governemtn and laws shouldn't be used for forcing the morals of one group on another.
    The news is also cancelled and yet the truth about how awful Sarah Palin is is out there. Those who choose to ignore that facts and history do so at their own peril.

  • Jackie

    Lynda, read instead of parrot. Think instead of parrot. Why do the hollywood types just regurge the same stuff. Do none of them have independent thought? Another actress bites the stupid stick.

  • Phil

    Palin is a wonder woman. I believe that other women are intimidated by her. I have never heard her even once say that she would govern according to her belief in God or that she "knows the mind of God". The fact that over 80% of Alaskans approve of her leadership is a testament to the fact that she can lead both liberals and conservatives.

  • Patriotic

    Lynda, you are a REAL Wonder Woman and inspiration to men and women. Ignore the wingnuts who want a religious zealot/ proudly ignorant reactionary anti-choice Dick-Cheney-With-Ovaries to be a heartbeat away from Bush Jr.'s third term.

    Lynda, there are more of US than of those wackos.

  • Betty

    Lynda you rock!! I will think of you when Obama and Biden are sworn in! Keep up the good work.

  • dourg

    I look forward to ripping your guts out you filtny commie bitch.

    i hate you

    you and all hollywood commie rats are just scum.
    fuck off and die

  • Michael

    The only thing I can figure is that Lynda prefers a middle-of-the-road candidate. 'Tis a shame.

  • c

    Amen, Linda! Good for you. You are absolutely correct. This woman is behind you 100%.

    Oh — and she's a Republican.

  • sharon

    i just saw here in atlantic city i think she is awesome a very extrodinary lady and can she sing she impressed me so much i went again and drove the 2 and half hours to jersey keep it up lynda as soon as i find put ur cd is out ill be there and yes i ahve collect the entire wonder woman series every one has to have a superhero in ther life and yes i still watch them even at my age hope u coming back to jersy or anywhere cl;ose so i can have the pleasure of listining to hear u sing i live in pa and as for the political stuff i think she right on the ball

  • H.

    The only whackjobs I see here are people afraid of someone having a dissenting opinion or making death threats over a perceived slight to the governor of a podunk town no one had ever heard of until a few months ago.

    Yeah, I can see how tolerant you are.

  • Mark

    The article asked for Ms. Carter's opinion. She gave it honestly. Apparently honesty scares a few folks who have replied to this thread.

  • Valentina

    Lynda, You don't need to agree with the comparison but your response is inaccurate. We should respect women who stand by their "PERSONAL" not "MANDATED" beliefs. Do not twist the facts. I really thought better of you. A true Wonder Woman would never have bashed another woman who has accomplished wonderous things!

  • Matthew

    How is Palin dictatorial? I don't think she's out there forcing anyone to give birth. She's not making anyone have a husband and children. And she's not forcing you to shoot wolves. A lot of "liberated" women seem to have a big problem with a woman having a great career and a great family. Women's Lib = women must choose abortion. Wow – what a great achivement.

  • LT

    Unbelievable, but yet again, the loonies come out of the woodwork, to bash an incredibly accomplished woman, who doesn't tow the republikan talking points lines. Newsflash for the rabid, cowardly repugnants who think Sarah Palin walks on water: Lynda Carter is not a liberal. That's right wingnuts. She is mostly conservative, and even stated in this article that she likes McCain. She is a thinking American, unlike those of you who condemn anyone who doesn't believe as you do. Stop whining, and get used to the idea that we still have freedom of speech AND opinion in this country. And whoever made the death threat against Ms. Carter needs to be reported to the police.

  • Anonymous

    You have made my day — no my week. Sarah Palin is a joke in many ways that I am sure will be revealed. I am just waiting for the other shoe to drop.

  • jav

    Most of these comments show ignorance of what Sarah Palin really is… an unethical, unintelligent, incapable secessionist! I had more hope for Philadelphia. I really did!

  • Remo

    Sounds like Lynda Carter still has a drinking problem. Either that ot the booze has done some serious brain damage.

  • LW

    Maybe Lynda should stand back and look at herself before she calls others judgemental. Just read how she tears Sara Palin down. Thats not judgemental? There is no stopping Lynda and no room in her mind for anything but hate for someone that believes in God and says so. How sad the left has become as they all chirp in to distroy what makes others happy.

  • Cheryl

    You are a complete lunatic. And you know what, you shouldn't have gotten started. What makes you think because someone believes in God and does not believe in abortion is trying to push those belief on you. Those are her beliefs and she has a right to them. She is not demonizing anyone. She is not trying to dictate or force her personal views on you or anyone else. You, my dear, are a lunatic. You people in Hollywood live in your own little world. You cannot relate to people in the real world. We don't really care what you think – it means nothing to me. I know one thing, I will never watch you again and I certainly won't buy one of your CDs.

  • Superman

    Message for Lynda Carter: No one remembers your acting in the 1970s TV series Wonder Woman. You were not playing that part because you could act. It was because you fit in the suit. We all loved watching you spin around. However, Wonder Woman is not your invention.
    Surely you knew that! The DC comic book Wonder Woman was 30 years old before you got in the suit. You don’t have anything to defend. You are not Wonder Woman. Sara Palin did nothing to you. Why the hate for her?

  • Trent

    Everyone on here that is saying nasty things just to prove a point should take a long look in the mirror. We are all humans and we all make mistakes, even our so-called Wonder Women. What people forget to think about is when they are put on the spot, when all cameras are suddenly pointing at them, what are they going to say and how are they going to react to specifics; especially when it’s about strong belief systems or touchy emotional topics. So why do most people when given their fifteen minutes of FAME, when all is said and done, would have said and done something entirely different if given the chance to do so?
    So please, give Carter some slack… It’s not like she rehearsed her speech, unlike Palin usually does rehearse a fair amount, because she knows she is going to be put on the spot talking Politics.
    For Heaven sakes, Carter was just there in the first place to promote a WONDERful piece of Art she made to fill people’s lives with Joy and Happiness. You Go Lynda!!! God Bles

  • Elaine

    Lynda Carter sounds like a bitter, judgemental woman herself. She sounds more of an idiot than Palin. Who is this 70's has-been to stand in judgement of anyone? If any person I've heard so far, Carter sounds like the most hate filled of all! I didn't know she was this bad until I saw Geraldo interview her the other night on TV.

  • Wonder

    OMG Lynda right when you can’t get anymore awesome you have to go and prove that you’re not afraid to fight for Truth,Justice,and the American way! Lynda, you are truly the most awesome, fearless, WONDERFUL human being on the face of the planet. Honestly, I think you should run for President in 2012! Who wouldn’t vote for the REAL Wonder Woman? I Love You LYNDA! =)

  • Sean

    Mrs. Carter, I absolutely love your music, especially “Where did our love go”. So I just wanted to tell you to keep up the good work.

  • Jessie (Your #1 fan under 20 y

    Yeah sorry totally forgot to put my name on the first one. I just wanted to once again tell you how correct you are about Sarah Palin, and how amazing you are at everything!=) I love how you’re not restricted to the opinion of a certain party, because I’m not either, and that gives me something to brag about, being similar to Wonder Woman and all. I just want you to know that you are a shining example of what everyone (famous or otherwise) should strive to be, and that is outspoken when it comes to an opinion, not just in politics, but in life. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH LYNDA CARTER, I REALLY REALLY DO! =)

  • Adrian

    Lynda’s A very smart woman whom knows her own mind and was in Washington for many years during her marriage to Robert Altman around the political arena certainly knows of what she speaks. Shes a good talentented singer and much better actress in her later career than earlier and a respectable activist for causes and gets my respect anyday.

  • Evelyn

    Lynda Carter’s comments are her own political view point. If it was one of crazy liberals saying the same thing as Palin is, she would not have the same reaction