• andrew

    Living in the New Hope area for the last thirty years, my wife and I used to split our trips to the city almost equally between Philadelphia and New York. Though comparing the two is just impossible, Philadelphia has a certain charm and size that is easier to get our arms around. And that, along with the investment opportunity, is why we decided to purchase a “weekend” apartment on Rittenhouse Square last October.
    Our experience has been delightful for the most part, but we still cannot understand the obsession with the steak houses here.
    For us this collection of chain restaurants seems little more than a bunch of corporate cafeterias serving over tested, dummy proof recipes to armature diners with little else to compare them to.
    With the exception of The Prime Rib, which is the only one I’ve seen that is run by a real, honest to goodness restaurateur, there is nothing unique about any of them. In short, like much of the dining scene here, they are over priced and as dull as dish

  • Doug B

    Good god I hope this isn’t true

  • limodriver27

    Shockey has become a virus on any team he plays on. Eagles looking for a blocking TE. VS works better and will be happy just to play.

  • http://twitter.com/ScottJ610 Scott J

    I didn’t know the TE position was a problem for us.

  • UpTop

    Shockey or Shiancoe would seemingly be a clear upgrade over Harbor. In the redzone, it’s no contest that either player would be an upgrade. About players being viruses/divas, w/ the exception of T.O. we’ve been able to envelop those personalities.

  • PaoliBulldog

    Shockey is too fragile. Shiancoe in a heartbeat.