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Barclay Prime
Barclay Prime

At the city’s most stylish steakhouse, your server will tell you that you simply must get the $80 tajima Kobe-style filet. He is wrong. What you must get here are the potato skins: crunchy spuds layered with truffle butter, melted truffle cheese, scallions and salty lardons. As for the Kobe: The Australian import does possess a buttery texture and remarkable flavor, but other cuts are also excellent, so feel free to skip this fancy steak (and the so-so salads) and spend instead on the icy-cold oysters and crispy, onion-laced tater tots, as deliciously retro-chic as the restaurant itself.

Niche: Pomp. No place else in Philly—or the world—could actually sell diners a $100 (Wagyu) cheesesteak. Here, they manage five a night.

Signature steak: Tajima Kobe—either the eight-ounce filet or the 16-ounce New York strip.

The tab: Steaks $41 (12-ounce filet) to $90 (16-ounce strip); sides average $9.

Wine list: A comprehensive, luxe list that strikes a balance between familiar big-ticket brands and quirky surprises, with bargains like Prunotto’s snappy barbera d’asti from Piedmont for $55.

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