Larry Mendte’s Life After “It” Happened

After Alycia Lane, the media frenzy and the federal investigation drama, Larry Mendte shares his story.

I am disappointed that the commentaries don’t run in Philadelphia. Tribune owns WPHL, better known as My PHL 17. But NBC 10 produces the newscast for WPHL, and I’m told that the executives at NBC made the call not to air my commentaries here. Of course, that hasn’t stopped NBC 10 news managers from continuing to send a steady stream of reporters and anchors and producers to call and e-mail me for interviews. One day I might give an interview or write a book or an article. For now, I’m still in the “post-it” stage; things are going well, and I don’t want to screw it up again.

I can’t tell you the right thing to do when the worst happens, but I can tell you what’s working for me. First, it’s important to be honest with yourself and those around you. It helps you to establish a starting point. Next, be open to change and willing to reinvent yourself. Finally, be excited about what you are offered, at least until something better comes along. The only thing you can control in life is your own attitude.

For a time, I avoided going out in Philadelphia; I was embarrassed and afraid of what people might say and do. Yet people have been wonderful. I have not been the recipient of one negative comment or even a dirty look. Quite the opposite: People have hugged me, told me they missed me, and have been genuinely concerned about me and my family. The only negative comments I’ve received are from anonymous trolls on the Internet, who coincidentally have different names but the same IP address — must be a large commune of Mendte haters sharing one computer.

I won’t allow anything negative to contaminate the reinvention of me, which is still in the laboratory, but initial trials are hopeful. I love the commentaries and hope to do them forever. Long before Jon Stewart joined the fight, I made a series of commentaries and interviews pressuring Congress to pass the 9/11 First Responders Health and Compensation Act, to help the heroes who are sick and dying from the dust and debris of Lower Manhattan in the days and weeks and months after the attacks. The president signed the bill into law in January. Using the TV camera to give a voice to the powerless and hold the powerful accountable is something I have long practiced and continue to believe in. My greatest “post-it” regret was that I’d lost the power to fight for causes that were important to me. These commentaries give me a new way to fight for what’s right.

Who knows what’s next? I could turn up on Philadelphia talk radio or a nationally syndicated TV show. My agent even had a conversation with a Philadelphia TV station that’s interested in me as a main anchor. Maybe Tom Werner will call. Maybe I’ll finish that Broadway play. Any of those things or none of those things could happen, or something else completely unexpected could happen. If it all falls apart tomorrow — there’s always Bangalore.

Or I guess I could sell my story to Holly­wood. If you see a movie trailer starring Corbin Bernsen as Larry Mendte in his underwear, you’ll know I hit bottom.

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  • Joanne

    I think that the scandal, lies, self-reflection, abuse of power, media malpractice and courtroom drama would have been much more interesting. Was the movie offer declined because he does not want to end up having to give it to her if she wins this law suit?
    All in all, I always liked him and his wife and miss watching them on the Phila news.

  • Scott

    Cmon Larry you are still playing the victim ?
    Give it up already – you are lucky a right wing publication like this has given you a blog. Now you talk about national sindication – please – we know yo

  • Jackie

    Alycia Lane has been known to be trouble with a capital “T.” No, we don’t completely know both sides of the story, but Alycia has been in several troublesome incidents, Larry, only one and the cause was Alycia. It seems that whatever happened prompted Larry to use, albeit illegally, his opportunity to access her e-mail. Many good, honest people, in the same predicament would have done the same thing. No, we don’t know the whole story, but things happen, like Larry says, “it” happens. He and his family paid heavily and are still being held back by this one mishap. I wish him well and that Alycia gets nothing from the suit and finds better ways to earn a living!

  • Pat

    I’m proud to be one of these anonymous internet griefers. This man cheated on his wife, broke federal privacy laws, and yet I’m supposed to cry for him because John didn’t point out the landscaping. Sorry, not from me, Lar.

  • Bill

    No one cares about your Emmys, you disgraced yourself, your wife and your family! Move to China for all we care, they don’t egos over there! And it appears that you still have a problem with yours! SEE YA !

  • Jax

    Never have I seen a more narcissistic screed. How many times was the word “I” used? It was an interesting read until mr Mendte decided this article was a good time to fling a bit more you-know-what at the actual victim in this case.
    Sheesh. Sad.

  • joshua

    ill never be sad that larry dug himself in a hole he is still fighting to get out of. ill also never be sad that john didnt tell him about the landscaping. plain and simple.

  • Mark

    I can’t read this. The title says it all: Larry Mendte doesn’t think that HE actually DID something, he thinks that “it” just “happened.” Weather happens, Larry. Stealing and lying, though are things that people DO.

  • Kyle

    haha, At first I thought this guy was serious, saying that he only cared about how his kids would be treated in school. If only he did not cheat on his wife and comit a felony….maybe that would have caused his kids less stress in school

  • Ken

    ” I have not been the recipient of one negative comment” from the looks of these posts, looks like ol’ larry is lying again

  • Ken

    Did you ever have nightmare that when you went to trial for “it” that John was going to be the judge?

  • Nancy

    but once you started in on Alycia, I lost sympathy. You could have risen above it in this story, but you chose not to.

  • Pat

    He actually believes this. He lives in a world where he is King. Accept the fact you ruined her, and you had to go there in this article, why your EGO is shocking. You are a disgrace to news reporters and anchors. This whole article just shows you have no sense of what you really did. Negative comments please you just decide not to see them but they are there…

  • Juan

    you got calls and emails from people who just wanted to know if they could do anything to help… what? this is your burden buddy not philadlephia’s

  • kyle

    people wish you never met lane? I dont you were a great team, what I do wish is that you never read her emails and sent them to the media

  • Stephen

    Being an attorney, I have to laugh at the comments above. The article was great- a fascinating and humble look at a man trying to make a comeback in his life. The problem for Alycia’s legale team is – it was TOO good. They need to do some damage control. That is why in a 400 word article they are picking apart certain things – especially the lawsuit hurting his kids – which was not a big deal to most readers. Nice job Larry – you have team Alycia scared.

  • John

    When you say, “Some in the media — who I know do worse things… than any of the things I was accused of — were the first to condemn me” and then mention John Bolaris, is that in reference to the time when he predicted a snowstorm that didn’t happen? How can it be John Bolaris’s fault that you broke the law? He was just reporting the local news. Its unfortunate that your wife was there, but maybe YOU should’ve thought about that one.

  • Ben

    Alycia Lane made a career of mistakes – She hits a cop and calls the cop a dyke and she gets off scott free. Mendte looks at her emails to defend himslef and he gets charged – what a joke!

    • Jim

      Defend himself hahahahah

      • Meterhead

        Yep again, proved in court. Alycia on the other hand lied about everything.

  • Pat

    Lar, buddy, miss you on the air, but come on. These are crimes you committed against your family and against your coworkers. These are your crimes. This isn’t an “it,” Lar. This is all you, buddy. And, I gotta say, I’m kinda shocked that you’re bragging about your IP address detective work. It IS your computing tricks that got you dumped off the air, right? In any case, love ya, buddy. If I ever see John, I’ll give him hell for ya. I refuse to believe that he didn’t know about that landscaping.

  • Tony

    There are moments when I am so proud to be a Philadelphian. One of those moments was learning that CW Philly refused to show the “Larry’s musings” clips. I’ve watched some of these clips on his blog,, and they are pathetic blend of inanity and narcissism. I’m shocked that any market carries them. Proud of my town, let me just say that.

  • Jesse

    You haven’t received any negative comments? Well, what about the fifty posted right here? You want me to believe these are all from the same one internet troll? Hard to believe. This just looks like your latest lie.

  • W

    I’m glad you wrote this article because I often wondered what happens to someone who tries to retrieve their life after a self inflicted disaster. For the sake of your family, I am glad you have made a commitment to Philly. Sorry that the Philly blog is not enough income to feed the family. But really, if you were pulling down more than a million a year, why didn’t you pay off your debts and live off the interest? Most of the world could retire on a million dollars a year. Don’t it always seem as though, you don’t know what you have till it is gone.

  • Lynne

    So TMZ, a hit national TV show owned by a major studio, asks Mendte to report – his lifelong profession – and he declines. Instead, Mendte chases silly pie in the sky projects for which he has neither experience nor skill: a play with a Main Line dilettante and a sitcom with an executive out of the tv business for a while. Mendte seems to have no intention of returning to gainful employment in his chosen career. Instead, he seems only interested in still exploiting his notoriety through ridiculous and ultimately fruitless gimmicks. Good luck.

  • craig

    Sadly, Larry clearly hasn’t learned anything from this experience. He’s the same pompous, self-involved jackass he’s always been. No Larry, you’re not big in the Middle East. You’re just another local TV news anchor who self-destructed.

  • todd

    Let me get this straight. YOU wish you never met Alycia Lane. I can imagine Dawn wishing you never met Alycia Lane considering your affair completely humiliated her. But you? You’re the one who had the affair. You’re the one who broke into her computer. You’re the one that sold her privacy to Ladyglasses. And YOU wish you never met HER. Larry, go back to buffing your Emmys. Certainly no more of those in your future.

  • joshua

    Could there be a more perfect depiction of Mendte’s arrogance and narcissism than that photo of him lying on the couch polishing his Emmys? He’s so far gone, he can’t even see the outrageousness of that pic.

  • james

    29 dislikes on this article? i admit, i tried to dislike it twice and it told me i had to wait 24 hours… this afternoon when i disliked it, i think it was in the single digits. so, mendte has, at least 20 internet trolls following him. one of those HAS to be john’s landscaping. we know that much. its still trying to trip you up.

  • caleb

    I literally just looked up what Emmy awards were possible because I couldnt understand how Larry had so many. There were no categories for “CBS3 News’ Best Internet Hacker” or “Worst Blog” though, so, I dont get it.

  • Joe

    Great point, Caleb. How so many Emmys? Do they give an Emmy for “longest stretch without going to sleep” or “most epic floodwater face plant?” Maybe an Emmy for “most impressive use of a leather jacket and untucked oxford?” Hmmm.

  • Joe

    Show of hands? Anyone care how much money Larry made before he flushed his life down the toilet? Didn’t think so.

  • J

    Wishing you never met Alycia Lane makes it sound like she is the problem. You systematically ruined her life yet you seem to think that you are the victim. Very Sad.

  • Tom

    You can mock Larry’s Emmys but the truth is he was the most talented and dedicated TV journalist I ever worked with. Those Emmys were well deserved. His talent is whhat makes the whole story so sad.

  • Kevin

    I imagine that Larry Mendte is laughing as he reads all of these comments – for three reasons. 1) The negative comments all within a time frame of a few minutes just prove his point about the same people posting. 2) He probably now has The Most Read article EVER on PhillyMags site for one day. Nice job morons. 3) It shows Alycia is still obsessed with him and he has moved on

  • Scott

    Guy above me,
    Really ? Did we all read the same article as you ?
    Is that you Larry ?

  • Georgeanna

    Larry Mendte is a local guy who spent Thirty years working for charities, changing laws and winning awards. He lived and admirable life before “It” happened. Alycia Lame is out in LA, the modern day Sodem and Gorah where she belongs, after hitting a cop, abusing coworkers and trying to pick up married men. I’ll side with Larry when he says like many people he is sorry he ever met Alycia Lane .

  • Ben

    Larry said he never received a negative comment out in public – quite the opposite. He said the only negative comments were from anonymous trolls on the Internet from the same source. And you just proved his point

  • Scott

    I think that is because Larry has been in hiding. If I engaged him in conversation in publice I sure would have negative things to say about him.
    Lets remember Alicia is the vicitim – Larry is the cr

  • WPIX

    Larry Mendte has been nominated for three NY Emmy awards for his commentaries. We are happy and excited for him and are glad to have him at our station. He is part of the reason our ratings went up 57%.

  • GiveMeabreak

    Please – she is a predator of married men and she hit a cop in New York. Is she sitting in Hollywood Hills with Charlie Sheen typing this crap?

  • Scott

    Hey WPIX
    Please, take Larry and keep him. That egomaniac will fit in just perfectly in NYC. So Larry, when are you moving ?

  • Scott

    If she is a predator of married men, all the married man needs to do is SAY NO.
    I am a married man, and it is sometimes difficult to do the right thing but it IS the right thing.
    Larry is certainly

  • Rick

    Hard to believe this town loves Mendte outside of that one internet troll. Everyone I know thinks he’s a loser. Also, 43 people “disliked” this story in the first day. Those are 43 different IP addresses because you can only vote once every 24 hours. Think about this. When Bolaris misjudged a snowstorm, we ran him out of town. Compare that to Mendte!

  • Mary Jo

    I cannot believe your arrogance. I don’t know how you manage to carry the big head of yours around on your shoulders all day long. You deserved everything you received. What you did was horrible a

  • Robin

    If WPIX is such deep love with Mendte, it’s a wonder that they don’t hire him. Makes you wonder if it was Larry himself who wrote that comment.

  • Nick

    You’re big in the Middle East? Are you kidding me? Well, then GO THERE. I’ll pay for your ticket.

  • Jim

    I want to read an article penned by his wife. What a self-serving blowhard. Poor Larry. Waahhh, I got caught being a scumbag, Waahhhh. Shut your pie-hole you arrogant elitist.

  • Jim

    I want to read an article penned by his wife. What a self-serving blowhard. Poor Larry. Waahhh, I got caught being a scumbag, Waahhhh. Shut your pie-hole you arrogant elitist.

  • Jim

    I want to read an article penned by his wife. What a self-serving blowhard. Poor Larry. Waahhh, I got caught being a scumbag, Waahhhh. Shut your pie-hole you arrogant elitist.

  • Joshua

    1) Well, that’s a tough thing to dispute. Links from other sites, or Twitter, or Facebook could just be driving groups of people in a certain timeframe. 2) What does that matter? Does he get paid by the view? 3) Despite what Alycia’s current stance is, this article pretty much proves that Larry hasn’t moved on.

  • Michio

    Color me suspicious that a brilliant producer of theatre wanted to create a spectacular new Broadway musical and thought to herself “I have finally settled on the enormous stage talent that I need behind this production…Larry Mendte!” Get real. Get your head out of the clouds, Lrry.

  • Albert

    There is a reason why while in Chicago he was known as Larry Mental. This guy is a freak.

    Sorry, Philly…

  • Tyler

    THis guy is delusional. Hey Larry, I heard Tom Cruise dropped out of Mission Impossible 4 and they want you to replace him.

  • rob

    I guess you have alot of time to polish those emmys nowadays, im surprised they don’t melt…..they are made of chocolate right?

  • kelly

    Remember the episode where mike seaver stays home from school but cannot beleive that the school bus still picks up kids without him,that the world still goes on without him….well larry that is you,the bus is philadelphia, and I guess “it” is…..boner?

  • Simone

    You know alot worse things other newscasters have done…why tease us and not tell the media what they have done…oh I get it because they are not women and you never had a “kissing” affair with them

  • Sarah

    Nobody ever gives you a dirty look on the street? Could it be because nobody knows who you are? I would barely be able to pick you out of a lineup and I watched you on the news for years, sir.

  • Steve

    I would love to have been a fly on the wall for your meeting with Mark Brazill. If only to find out that ‘Mark Brazill’ was actually just a crash test dummy in a wig. Come on, Larry!

  • Fred

    What a sad little putz.

  • Chance

    When the “9/11 First Responders Health and Compensation Act” was passed, everyone was crediting Jon Stewart for bringing the subject some much needed publicity the previous week. It was as if nobody recognized the fact that our favorite failed news anchor had ‘interviews’ about it months and months before! Now, this may be an indication that nobody listens to Mendte or visits his blogs, but, hey,… y’know?… whatever, guys!

  • John

    nice hair, douchebag

  • hauler

    i can’t get over that first paragraph. the one where you say “it” is “always unexpected”. seriously, when you and ladyglasses were dining over twinkies and discussing lane’s personal emails that you hacked earlier that day, how did you not expect that to blow up in your face? im curious. really.

  • Dom

    I’m gonna guess the “Broadway producer” and the “Middle Eastern TV executive” were just goofballs playing jokes on poor Larry. He seems to fall for anything. I’m gonna get in touch with him and ask if he’s interested in cutting some hiphop tracks with me. I’m sure he’ll be bragging about this in his next blog post!

  • Jck

    These comments are way too suspicious – my guess is they all come from Fox29 – and Hollywood Hills – hey has Alycia dumped Booker for a married Hollywood Hunk yet?

  • megan

    My guess is that some of the posts are from Dawn

  • lee

    I spent 25 years in tv news…more than half as a news director.

    This guy is a tool. The picture says it all. Plus he needed money? What did he and Dawn do with all of their anchor money.

    Wake up, Larry and Dawn.

    oh, btw, I grew up in Philadelphia

  • mark

    Larry, such self serving tripe. It is hardly reinventing yourself is it?

  • dave

    Re: winning $133,000 in the lottery, he writes, “The… check helped pay our bills and let us take our two little boys to Universal Studios. The money went so fast, it scared me.” – – My ‘having money troubles’ is not being able to scrap together enough cash in a week to buy groceries. Larry’s money troubles is not being able to find the cash to take a trip to Universal Studios. How unfortunate! Yet, HE is the guy winning the lottery? I’d say that’s gotta be more proof that God does NOT exist, if you ask me.

  • june

    I always loved you on Tv and I loved your wife too. I will pray for your continued success as you rebuild your life. We have all had IT’S in our life. I do hope Alycia Lane drops her suit against you and your children. She needs to let God into her heart and forgive.

  • New Horner

    Hey Philadelphians, you small town, small time, small minded drama queens, Larry Mendte is the man and is way to Bog Time for your Peyton Place Bullshit. We love him in NEw York. Keep the cop hitter tied up to a leash and we’ll take Larry – now that he has had a taste of a real city he’ll never be back

  • lyle

    chill out dude, have you been listening? you can have him in NY philly turned its back on him…oh by the way whats he do there? wash cars?

  • ron

    whats more humiliating: when mendte was caught reading hundreds and hundreds of coworkers emails, or when nick sprayed Mr. Gower with seltzer? discuss

  • Harry

    He’ll never be back!? That’s great news. Unfortunately, it seems like he’s still here since he’s writing for Philadelphia Magazine. Also, we sent the “cop hitter” to LA. We tried to get rid of Mendte the same way but he still haunts us from NY. Since you “love him” and think he is ‘to Bog Time'(?), can you stage an intervention to make him stop bothering us? Please? Please.

  • eden
  • John

    As a 9/11 First Responder I am honored & privledged to know Larry. He is a Man of great integrity & proffesionalism. If it weren’t for Larry, The 9/11 Community would still be out in the cold. He helped make our bill Pass. We are forunate to have him with us in new York City. To all the nay sayers. Shame on You. Don’t Judge unless You are Ready to be Judged. To His So Called Victim. The Ruling Has been Made. Move on and lets see you do something Outstanding such as larry Mendte did for us.
    Larry Fan Forever!

  • hank

    You think Bolaris was wrong in reporting about you in front of dawn, how about when you cheated on dawn while she was home with your kids?

  • noah

    lar if alicia broke into your personal email and spread what she read to the media ultimately causing you to lose your $300,000+ a year job would you sue her to make back the money she cost you or would you drop just drop the case ……. “purely vindictive” are you joking man?

  • noah

    lar if alicia broke into your personal email and spread what she read to the media ultimately causing you to lose your $300,000+ a year job would you sue her to make back the money she cost you or would you drop just drop the case ……. “purely vindictive” are you joking man?

  • zed

    fart noise

  • Caleb

    I figured out what at least three of Mendte’s Emmy’s were for: One was “Best Performance as a Hacker for a Butterscotch Krimpets Lover”. The other was “Best Former Access Hollywood Host turned Hacker”. He won that in 2008 AND 2009 since the field of options are narrow, as you gotta imagine. Pretty low key categories, but congrats nonetheless, Lar.

  • Alycia

    She ws drunk in New York and decided to take on some undercover cops who were showing their badges – she hit a woman cop in the face and called he a dyke bitch. Larry Mendte had nothing to do with that and that is why she was fired. Know your facts.

    • Jim

      Why do you know those “facts”? Oh yeah mendte

      • Meterhead

        Nope. Wrong again. Mendte had nothing to do with the cop hitting incident. Never leaked a word of it. You need to read court documents and not rely on media account which were all wrong.

  • Gary

    Larry, I hope you’re reading this. I sent my coworker this article because he always loved to talk about your scandal. To my surprise, he said he wouldn’t read it because he was “over it”. I thought that was really disrespectful, y’know?. I mean, regardless of all of “it” and considering what you’ve done for this city, he won’t even give you another minute to explain your side of things?… Anyway, long story short: Do you want me to hack his email for you? If you do, I’m gonna need some tips, man.

  • sue

    john’s landscaping EPIC FAIL link:

  • Hero
  • howard

    Im with you larry I thought Alicia liked you for your good looks…when will guys learn

  • stella

    how in the world did the ‘like’s for this article go from 40 to 170 in about an hour?… oh no. is this larry’s hacker skills at work again!?

  • pat

    My friend worked with Larry and said he was a mean power hungry jerk and that Alicia always spoke to him kindly and was very professional

  • Jack

    My uncle saw one of your commentary videos and remarked “this jackass looks like the joker”refering to your pale face and dyed yellow green hair

  • Steve

    If you are going to lie you need to come up with something at least believable – there is no one who worked with Alycia and Larry who would say Larry was a “power hungry jerk” and Alycia was very professional. First of all – Alycia probably wasn’t there most of the time which wasn’t very professional – and Larry was always there working and a great guy – which is why this whole thing was so shocking. Nice try LOL – Alyica professional Wow

  • Ben

    because word got out to the 9/11 First Responders that Larry Mendte had this article online. He had our back and now we have his – you can expect a lot more “likes” – hell we love the guy – he fought for us when no one else would

  • Nick

    Larry Mendte is one of us. We don’t care what he did in the past – he was there for us when we needed him. He travelled with us on a bus to Washington to lobby Congress for our Health and Compensation Bill. Larry Mendte will help save lives and help us care for our families. You think we give a shit if he looked at some emails? He’s a good man.

    • Jim

      Just like one of us who makes 350000 a year to read a TelePrompTer who cares for his family by having an affair and commuting a felony in a fit of
      Jealously with someone other that his wife…. Yeah well if he is a good man I can’t image what men you grew up around

      • Meterhead

        You really need to get informed. Again, there was no “fit of jealousy,” Mendte tried to protect himself from a woman who was trying to get him fired after he told her that he loved his wife and wouldn’t leave her – all proved in court and by CBS emails. Alycia Lane lied about everything – again proved in court – and that is what you are repeating.

        • Jim

          Men that love their wives do not cheat… Right mendte? Is that in court transcripts?

  • Nick

    Larry Mendte foguth for our Health and Compensation bill when others in the media turned their backs on us. He even rode down to Washington with us to Lobby Congress. His efforts will save lives and provide for our families – you think we give two shits if he looked at some girl’s emails? Larry Mendte is a good man.

  • brian

    pardon me Larry but he still works at KYW so I wont name names. I am just telling you the facts. sorry to tell you

  • bill

    I am a 9/11 First Responder and when I heard that Larry was emailing around to have us “like” his article I emailed everyone I knew to support his essay. He has done so much for America

  • John

    The 9/11 First Responders got your back buddy. Don’t let these cowards get you down. You were brave enough to own up to your past and move beyond – that takes a lot of guts. These cowards hide behind aliases and throw stones. Ignore them. We are proud to have you in New York with us.

  • Nan

    Let’s see, Larry Mendte has worked in New York, LA, Chicago and Philadelphia all in high profile on air positions and Lee Polowczuk, the guy who posted above, last worked in Greenville, South Carolina as a News Director in 2003 and has been out of the business since – Lee I do think you might be the tool.

  • Ryan

    is that your house in the emmy photo, larry? cause it doesn’t look like the home of a victim of “it” who made “well over a million dollars a year”. but it doesn’t even really look like the home of a criminal haxor who somehow avoided prison despite breaking federal laws either. anyway, im getting sidetracked; where’d you get that sweet framed image of a globe, kid!?

  • geoff

    that’s so cute. seriously. im very happy you got the help you needed and that youre willing to defend him. ……… you do realize that he would illegally search your emails if you crossed him though, right? …or drag your dirty laundry back into the open after so many years because you didn’t defend him when he committed a federal crime?… or act like its your fault for doing your job and reading a script about his failures while his wife is in the room? …or reprimand you like a child on live television for not telling him about the landscaping he tripped on?… you did?… alright, good. just checking.

  • Jessica

    I find it hard to feel sorry for someone who was making a combined salary of over a million dollars with his wife and is now finding it hard to keep his kids in private school. Please? Maybe if you hadn’t lived high on your hog-you would have been set for life. Your arrogance got you into this mess and you still refuse to humble yourself. You are out of touch with reality-with the working class of America-especially Philadelphia where lunch pails are still a common sight as people head to their jobs. Get over yourself and your obesssion with seeing your face on the television. The world has changed-you are an old school tv personality who refuses to accept your age and the fact that people want to see normal working class people telling them the news. You are a has been. And, the lottery winnings went so fast it was scary? Tell that to the millions of unemployed Americans who can’t pay their light bills. Get over yourself.

  • Tony

    You got his back? And this is how you show it? The man’s in trouble. How about helping him find work? How about raising money to help pay his legal fees. You clicking “LIKE” on a news story doesn’t amount to a pile of beans, friend. Just think about that for a minute. You came to his rescue by clicking a “LIKE” button on a website. Sheesh.

  • Howard

    This delusional, arrogant, narcissist needs to go away. Who cares what he thinks about anything…he has no credibility. And I’m no fan of Alicia L., but to ask her to drop her claim while he continues to take pot shots at her. I can’t believe this guy is given a forum.

  • Kevin

    Anyone can do “it” in the throes of a break up, but 500 times? That is the act of a sociopath. And those self involved, preaching opinion pieces….my gosh! Where is the foundation for the morality from which you speak? Narcisisim never gets old.

  • New

    Where to start? You earned well over a million dollars a year as a couple? Try several “well overs,” perhaps 3, 4 or 5. We should feel sorry that a multimillionaire is broke because of his own stupidity? No. Here’s the problem. You made millions of dollars being bad at your job; you were and are a hack, a no-nothing cliché-spewing card reader who hasn’t an original thought in his head. Seen some of your commentaries–my 9-year-old could do better. Really? Egyptian protesters throwing off the shackles of tyranny inspired by Jefferson and the Declaration of Independence? That’s your major insight? You’re the problem with so-called TV journalism–your calls to cheap patriotism and honoring the flag don’t pay the bills. They might keep you employed with the bosses who love that stuff but in the real world anyone who hears it knows what a phony you are. You’re not a journalist; you’re an overpaid card reader. Please go away and do a reality show. I don’t care about your legal troubles, none of my business, but to paraphrase Jon Stewart, You’re hurting America.” Go away and please get off my TV. What a bunch of sanctimonious crap.

  • curt

    Hey, don’t get me wrong, I’m all for Larry doing some good now – but it’s because he’s trying to build back some goodwill. he’s using 9/11 first responders to help his image. And seriously, for the 9/11 first responders, i say take take all the help you can get. I’m fully supportive of your cause and wish you and everyone else so horrifically effected by the 9/11 tragedy, get everything you need and more. Use Mendte right back if it helps. But don’t be confused on his motives – he IS using you. He surely isn’t doing it for some altruistic reason or because he’s a “good man”. cause there’s a whole lot of evidence to the contrary. just sayin’.

  • kjdu

    you really think Mendte is working for 9/11 first responders because he’s a good man??? Damage control and trying to rebuild his image is the actual motivation. Hey, whatever the reasoning is, I don’t really care, I just think it’s ridiculous to say it’s because he’s a “good man”. That’s just not very likely, is it now?

  • Jeff

    Larry was the worst scumbag I’ve ever encountered. Something like this was always going to happen to him, because he was always doing sleazy things. He hasn’t stopped.. this article’s just the latest, not the last. A power-hungry, jealous, insecure scumbag. And I’m holding back here.
    Alycia was a sweetheart. A hard-working, kind-hearted pro. No wonder they didn’t get along.

  • Marilyn

    I’m glad you’re picking up the pieces of your life. Philadelphia news suffered a great loss when you left. Bolaris and Eskin were awful during your troubles.I hope you return to Philly news and I wish Dawn would return also.Fox treated her unfairly. Don’t listen to these stupid negative comments. I watch you on the WPIX website. I wish Channel 17 wou;d carry them.

  • Jay

    Jay from San Diego…I’m in Texas now…drop me a line _663@yahoo

  • bill

    Larry, I thought it was Lee also, but I cant imagine he has time to read this?

  • Heather

    A few things bothered me about your article. You still take no responsibility for hacking in Lane’s emails and running to the media with her private business. I don’t like Alycia Lane, but you had

  • Dnny

    Wait – Alycia Lane is the one who hit the cop in Manhattan, called her a dyke and was on the cover of the Post looking haggard. Eeek! She is the victim? Man Philly is F-ed up.

    • Jim

      I know people are acting like its a crime to hack into someone’s emails and tell the press what they read in those emails

      • Meterhead

        You have to read the court documents. Mendte did not hack, he was given the passwords by Alycia, who then NEVER changed them. Everything leaked to the press was true. Alycia lied about everything which is why the case was thrown out.

  • Greg

    I was in a Penn class that visited an afternoon taping while you were at CBS, and I was blown away by your professionalism. Obviously I heard when everything happened; today I’m delighte

  • Gary

    Bill, You are a fraud. How dare you impersonate a First Responder? Larry never sent out an email.. I learned from Charlie Giles, a real First Responder,. who is bed ridden. Go crawl back under the rock you came from.

  • Robert

    Larry you are an incredibly talented television performer and producer. But from where I sit you make a lousy victim.

    Shhhhh… “it” happens to all of us, yes. In my case YOU inflicted it on me. I am one of the “little people” who helped take you and Alycia to number one. I have THREE children and you DESTROYED their future too.
    Not once have you said “I’m sorry” to those of us who worked our asses off to support you and Alycia. Not once. So don’t bitch and moan we didn’t call. Boo hoo hoo. One third of the Creative Dept plus moms and dads in sales and other postitions were laid off as a direct result of the ratings and revenue losses YOU (not Alycia) caused. LOTS of kids suffered while yours went to Universal. Boo Hoo Hoo, You did to US what you WANTED to do to Alycia. She did stupid things, but you did far more harm through your envious compulsions.

    So here’s an F word for you. Help me Find a job to replace the one you cost me. I have a bunch of Emmys too and three mouths to feed. And it would take me…

  • Frank

    That photo is nothing more than porn, Larry Mendte style. Seriously based on the article he wrote… that photo actually shows him pleasuring himself.

  • justin

    So Alycia Lane has an anchor job in LA. How was she damaged? And she got fired because in a drunken rage she hit a cop and felled her an fing dyke. How did Larry Mendte cause that? And now she wants to take money from Larry Mendte’s young children. Why to pay for clothes and more cosmetic surgery? Move on Alycia – Mendte had.

  • Michael

    Before this article, I liked Larry. I have met him several times, found him to be charming and hard-working, and was well aware of the many wonderful things has has done for the community. We all have insecurities and this one caught up with him. I thought “OK. It happened. He paid the price.” Now, I read this–Is this the same Larry? He comes across as a pompous braggart whose looking to create buzz. Please don’t tell us how you blew through $133k, please don’t namedrop, please don’t state how Fox wants to hire you to anchor their 10pm news, and please don’t bash the Philly media for doing their job which was to cover one of the most interesting media cases in years. Is this your mea culpa? I am not buying it. I would have much rather heard from Dawn.

  • kelly

    you should really allow all comments on your philly post articles not only the “we miss you” its very one sided, but I guess you are still trying to prove your theory that you never get negative feedback

  • Shut

    You have one more comment from a unique IP address calling you an arrogant, ignorant human being. Take some responsibility for your actions Larry. You’re not the victim here.

  • lauren

    I cant feel badly at all for you, Larry. Maybe your “mea culpa” was sincere but I doubt given how youve written this piece. No one, least of all Alycia, forced you to cheat o. your wife and nvade someone else’s privacy. Maybe one day you will actually be remorseful but today clearly isnt it.

  • lauren

    I cant feel badly at all for you, Larry. Maybe your “mea culpa” was sincere but I doubt given how youve written this piece. No one, least of all Alycia, forced you to cheat o. your wife and nvade someone else’s privacy. Maybe one day you will actually be remorseful but today clearly isnt it.

  • lauren

    I cant feel badly at all for you, Larry. Maybe your “mea culpa” was sincere but I doubt given how youve written this piece. No one, least of all Alycia, forced you to cheat o. your wife and nvade someone else’s privacy. Maybe one day you will actually be remorseful but today clearly isnt it.

  • lauren

    I cant feel badly at all for you, Larry. Maybe your “mea culpa” was sincere but I doubt given how youve written this piece. No one, least of all Alycia, forced you to cheat o. your wife and nvade someone else’s privacy. Maybe one day you will actually be remorseful but today clearly isnt it.

  • lauren

    I cant feel badly at all for you, Larry. Maybe your “mea culpa” was sincere but I doubt given how youve written this piece. No one, least of all Alycia, forced you to cheat o. your wife and nvade someone else’s privacy. Maybe one day you will actually be remorseful but today clearly isnt it.

  • lauren

    I cant feel badly at all for you, Larry. Maybe your “mea culpa” was sincere but I doubt given how youve written this piece. No one, least of all Alycia, forced you to cheat o. your wife and nvade someone else’s privacy. Maybe one day you will actually be remorseful but today clearly isnt it.

  • lauren

    I cant feel badly at all for you, Larry. Maybe your “mea culpa” was sincere but I doubt given how youve written this piece. No one, least of all Alycia, forced you to cheat o. your wife and nvade someone else’s privacy. Maybe one day you will actually be remorseful but today clearly isnt it.

  • lauren

    I cant feel badly at all for you, Larry. Maybe your “mea culpa” was sincere but I doubt given how youve written this piece. No one, least of all Alycia, forced you to cheat o. your wife and nvade someone else’s privacy. Maybe one day you will actually be remorseful but today clearly isnt it.

  • lauren

    I cant feel badly at all for you, Larry. Maybe your “mea culpa” was sincere but I doubt given how youve written this piece. No one, least of all Alycia, forced you to cheat o. your wife and nvade someone else’s privacy. Maybe one day you will actually be remorseful but today clearly isnt it.

  • Tim

    I don’t blame this dude for being fixated on that hot Alycia Lane. I still fantasize regularly about her, especially licking her sexy feet.

  • Arthur

    I know I am late to the party here and this will probably never get read, but I had to put in my 2 cents…

    Let’s go over this again…cheated on his wife, broke the law, embarrassed himself and his family, snooped on a coworker who trusted him, threw away a 6 figure job, etc. etc.

    Larry – You are a joke. You are a disgrace to your profession and your family. If your wife had any spine she would have kicked you to the curb months ago. The fact that you still have any job prospects is in itself criminal. I would prefer to see you homeless and eating out of a dumpster.

    The best part of the story for me will come in a few years, when your kids are old enough to understand, and they will realize that their Dad is lower than pond scum. You can justify your actions all you want and try to look like a sympathetic victim here, but your kids will someday know the truth. Their father is untrustworty and a complete lowlife. Even though you barely got in trouble for your actions, your kids will live with that forever. Enjoy that!

  • Francesca

    Is Philly Mag that desperate for writers that we must be plagued by Larry Mendte’s constant pity parties?

    As a forward-looking reader of Philly Mag I often think Philly can hold it’s own against the eloquent and engaging articles that NY Mag constantly spins out, but articles and writers such as this will always keep us in NY’s shadow.

  • Francesca

    Is Philly Mag that desperate for writers that we must be plagued by Larry Mendte’s constant pity parties?

    As a forward-looking reader of Philly Mag I often think Philly can hold it’s own against the eloquent and engaging articles that NY Mag constantly spins out, but articles and writers such as this will always keep us in NY’s shadow.

  • Larry

    I find it amazing that two people with very high salaries for a very long time need to hit a lottery ticket to survive. That sums up the 2000’s in a nutshell.

  • Dawn

    Why all the hate for this guy? Sure, he cheated on his wife. That is between them. I always thought Dawn Stensland was very beautiful. But most of you morons would bang Alycia Lane in a minute. The dude paid his price and is still paying it.

  • Robert

    Yeah I feel sorry for his kids but this is a guy who had an affair with his coworker, used his authority/position to break into her private email account repeatedly over a course of years, and then feed the more unsavory bits to public media outlets in order to discredit her & ultimately get her removed from her position as his co-anchor.

    This isn’t the case of a guy who made one really bad decision or was forced to commit a crime because of unfavorable circumstances. He abused his position of authority to get rid of an unpleasant mistake he made. It was something done repeatedly over a course of years that directly harmed another person. Lane is far from innocent either but this ‘tale of woe’ comes across without much contrition & a really healthy portion of ego and narcissism.

    • The truth

      All untrue. You just made up the story you wanted to believe. Court documents show that Mendte spurned Lane’s advances and told her – in CBS emails – that he loves his wife and can’t be around her away from work anymore. That crazed Lane who then tried to get him fired – again proved in court records and CBS emails. Lane made interns in the newsroom cry, verbally abused many, was always late for work and left during big stories, aggressively sought married men and HIT A COP. Everything leaked to the press was true. A judge ten decided Lane lied so much after destroying evidence, that the case had to be thrown out.

  • John

    Larry still is just as spineless as he was back in his Chicago days. He made many many people’s lives miserable there. He has always been a fraud.

  • Bob Monty

    This is as pathetic a story as you have ever written Larry. How can the post allow you to use its blogosphere to try your case in a public forum. You and the Post should be ashamed of yourselves.

  • William Zapata

    There are moments in our lives when dislike or even hatred of another causes us to make mistakes. We are not evil, just fallible. Larry Mendte is a good man who made a mistake. He will vindicate himself and come back to we who continue to believe in him. Come back Larry.

  • Rich Sybesma

    Saw you in Olive Garden tonight, Willow Grove, PA…glad to hear you are doing well….hope that was Dawn with you at the restaurant. We miss both of you in the news here in Philadelphia. I met Dawn at an FCA [ Fellowship of Christian Athletes Golf outing in Plymouth Whitemarsh years ago] Nice woman married to a nice guy. I will pray for you and your family tonight.

  • Thomas Draper

    “IT” will never be over, Larry. You disgraced yourself, your family, and your profession. No matter what you do in the future to attempt to improve your self image, everyone will always cast you in light of “IT”. Good luck living with “IT”. Dawn is a saint. Most would have kicked you to the curbside gutter where you belong. Ain’t buying “IT”, Larry, so continue to suffer with “:IT” all over your face.

  • Maynard

    Larry, you stood up like a man and accepted responsibility for what you did wrong. But the real story here is why the FBI and the US Attorney had any interest in this case…that should be investigated because it makes no sense. Federal resources were wasted on this case and for what? Meanwhile many worthwhile cases are turned down. The media in this town sucks – in New York that would have been the story.

  • Bill Watsynski

    Larry, I ran into you at the Trenton train station. Thanks for spending the time to talk. We miss you on the Philadelphia news. What happened to you was and is complete bullshit. Who on earth gets raided by the FBI for looking at a coworkers emails? Somebody wanted your head. The question is why? If there are any real journalists out there, THAT’s the story.

  • Andrew Noe

    He’s such a creepy POS!

  • John S.

    Saw Larry and his beautiful wife walking on Sansom Street Saturday night. He was a Rock Star with people stopping him and yelling out to him. I thought, “Wow, this guy need to try to market this popularity.”

  • The Truth

    Well, well, well, Alycia Lane had the entire case thrown out because it was discovered she lied about everything from the very beginning and destroyed evidence so that no one would learn the truth. The CBS emails show and the FBI interview show that Lane was after Mendte and it was him that put and end to it. So what do all the Lane defenders feel now? Mendte is a class act who got screwed by a lazy media and a power hungry US Attorney