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QUIZ: The Ultimate Guide to Tipping

To tip or not to tip?  That is the question. The answer wasn’t a difficult one for one wealthy patron of Rouge in Rittenhouse Square.  […]


UPenn Jerks Tip 40 Cents at McGlinchey’s (After Brandishing Two $100 Bills)

Jo-Ann Rogan was bartending at Philadelphia dive bar McGlinchey’s on Thursday night, as she has many times over the course of her 21 years there. […]


Meanwhile, Over On The Philly Post: Misinformation Is Like Information…

If the (very) active argument surrounding servers’ tips, City Council bill No. 110341 and Victor’s Q&A about same with Marc Vetri isn’t enough to satisfy […]


What Do You Think: Should Restaurant Owners (Like, Say, Stephen Starr) Use Waiters’ Tips To Pay Some Of The Credit Card Fees?

You probably know that restaurants get hit with fees when you use a credit card. If your bill is $300, you leave a $60 tip […]


Quick Bites

Jolly’s Dueling Piano Bar will be opening Friday. There will be 2 dueling baby grands, room for 125 and a menu put together by Brendan […]


Here’s a Tip: Anyone Can Be A Restaurant Owner On The Internet

FINALLY! We almost fell off of our chairs yesterday when we saw that the blog Consumerist had picked up a story from the comments–yes, the […]


Tip Log: The Legality of Auto-Gratuity

Yesterday, we discussed the slippery nature of the auto-gratuity. Today, we find out if it’s even legal! What happens when you’ve received crappy service and […]


Tip Log: The Etiquette of Auto-Gratuity

While looking over the menu at Bindi, the new Indian-ish spot in the Midtown Gayborhood, we were slightly taken aback by a notice on the […]


We Still Tip The Best

Yes, Philadelphians are still tops in tipping, adding 19.4% on top of the bill over the past year. While some other nations’ diners pay much […]