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Mayor's Office


Lynne Abraham Now OK with Pantsuits, Pot and Abolishing the Death Penalty

Is Lynne Abraham too stuck in the past to be the mayor of Philadelphia today? It’s a question that has dogged Abraham, who served as the city’s district attorney from 1991 […]

City Life

Lynne Abraham’s Startling Admission Should Disqualify Her

So, Lynne Abraham essentially disqualified herself in the mayor’s race last week. She did so in such matter-of-fact, low-key fashion that I’m not sure that Philadelphians […]


Lynne Abraham’s Last Best Hope

(Editors note: Join Philadelphia magazine at 6 p.m. tonight for a Q&A with Lynne Abraham at Pipeline Philly. The free event features complimentary food, drinks and tough […]


Tonight, Join Us for a Live Interview with Lynne Abraham

Tonight at 6 p.m., Citified is sitting down with mayoral candidate and former District Attorney Lynne Abraham for what promises to be an in-depth, lively interview.


The Brief: Jim Kenney is the Mayoral Race’s New Frontrunner

1. Jim Kenney Takes the Lead in the Mayor’s Race, Two Polls Show The Gist: For the first time this year, former City Councilman Jim Kenney has […]


9 Unbelievably True Tales of Philadelphia Mayors

The Philadelphia mayor’s race is in full swing — and something’s missing. It’s not as wild as the last time Philadelphia had a competitive Democratic […]


Is Jim Kenney a True Progressive?

Like a good Catholic boy, City Councilman Jim Kenney was attending mass in South Philadelphia. Unlike a good Catholic boy — at least as far […]

City Life

Civic League, Williams Want Police Commissioner Gone

If the Guardian Civic League — a group representing Philadelphia’s black police officers — has its way, the next mayor will put a brand-new police […]


Hard Jabs — But No Knockouts — at Philadelphia Mayoral Debate

This was a status quo debate. Nobody got pummeled, nobody emerged as triumphantly victorious. As a group, the contenders seemed a bit on edge, aware of […]


New Poll Shows Virtual Three-Way Tie in Mayor’s Race

Talk to some political insiders, and they’ll tell you that state Sen. Anthony Williams has this mayoral election in the bag. He is the only […]


The Brief: Tony Williams Dodges a Bullet

1. Anthony Williams Scores an Endorsement from the Black Clergy, But Just Barely The Gist: State Sen. Anthony Williams will officially accept the endorsement from the Black Clergy of […]


Groundbreaking New Political Data Site Launches in Philly

There’s a brand-new player in the mayor’s race. It could be a gamechanger — not for any candidate in particular, but for all the political nerds who […]


The Brief: Watch the Most Compelling Ad of the Campaign

1. Doug Oliver Has a Compelling, Kind-of-Controversial, Television Ad The Gist: Doug Oliver, who’s running a shoestring mayoral campaign, has scraped up enough cash for a […]


Why Didn’t Lynne Abraham Prosecute a Cop Who Shot a 20-Year-Old in the Back?

Before Michael Brown and Eric Garner were household names, an off-duty police sergeant shot Lawrence Allen in the back in Philadelphia on Nov. 17, 2008. […]

City Life

I Changed My Party Registration Yesterday So I Can Finally Vote for Mayor

I’ve never really voted for mayor in the city of Philadelphia. I’ve always followed the mayor’s race. I remember gambling with a friend on who […]