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Lower Merion township


Spotted: Lower Merion Victorian with Turret Bathroom

Lest the above image dishearten you, take a look at the home in snowless weather in the gallery below because, ultimately, we think it’s a winner. […]


For Sale: Adorned Penn Valley Home with Spa Room Attached to Master Suite

Where to begin? This house is distinctively outfitted to say the least (hint: see the gallery to catch a glimpse of faux stone walls, pillars, tiger print rug, […]


Morning Headlines: Wynnewood Is One of the Most Popular Suburbs for Renters

Last week we heard homeownership in the area had been slowing down, only to learn the next day that the apartment market in Center City […]


Morning Headlines: 1,300 New Apartments Planned for Lower Merion Township

As it goes in the nation, so it goes in Lower Merion: Rentals are trending. Heavily. That’s why developers are betting on projects like a 33-unit […]