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Liquor Privatization


If This Bill Passes, Privately-Owned Liquor Stores Could Finally Be a Thing in Philly

Less than a year ago, Governor Tom Wolf signed a pretty big-deal liquor reform bill allowing grocery stores, restaurants and hotels that already sold beer […]

City Life

Wolf Floats New Liquor Privatization Plan

Gov. Tom Wolf has floated a new liquor privatization plan as he and the GOP-led legislature try to finalize the year’s operating budget.


Pennsylvania Restaurateurs Want Cheaper Booze

Following what seemed to be a successful hearing before the House Liquor Control Board in Harrisburg regarding wholesale pricing (and a wholesale relationship in general) […]

City Life

Why The Latest Liquor Privatization Bill Might Actually Pass

Yes, we’ve heard a million times before that the Pennsylvania Legislature is mulling a liquor privatization bill. A million times before, it’s gone nowhere. So […]


No One Outside Of Pennsylvania Understands The PLCB

As a matter of fact, issues surrounding the PLCB (and efforts to curtail, privatize or simply abolish it) can get so weird and so confusing […]


Pa. Senator: I’ll Introduce New Liquor Privatization Bill

Scott Wagner, who last year won a special election to the Pennsylvania Senate as a write-in candidate, is attempting to do what many politicians have tried […]

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Republicans Restart Liquor Privatization Efforts

Republicans in Harrisburg have restarted their efforts to privatize the state’s liquor system. AP reports: House Majority Leader Dave Reed, R-Indiana, announced Tuesday a privatization […]

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PLCB Pays State a Half-Billion Dollars

Here’s the best reason for leaving Pennsylvania’s liquor sales in the hands of the state: Selling booze makes a lot of money for Harrisburg’s bank […]

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Pa. Bill Would Decriminalize Transporting Booze Across State Lines

Arthur Goldman may get a bit of redemption after all. You remember Goldman: He’s the Chester County attorney who was accused of bootlegging after he […]


New Liquor Reform Plan Before Senate Panel

There’s another liquor reform bill being reviewed right now, and this one is… Well, not a lot different than most of the other ones, actually. […]

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Another Day, Another Liquor Reform Plan

The Patriot-News‘ Jan Murphy describes the latest “liquor reform” bill before a Senate panel today:

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Anti-Privatization Ad Is the Reefer Madness of PA Liquor

It’s the Reefer Madness of booze privatization in Pennsylvania!

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A Watered-Down Booze Bill Could Hit Corbett’s Desk Within Weeks

Looks like no RIP for the PLCB this year. PennLive reports that House majority whip Stan Saylor, formerly a staunch supporter of the full privatization […]

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New Privatization Proposal Would Allow Beer, Wine, Liquor be Sold In Same Store

PennLive reports on a new liquor privatization proposal put together by the Pennsylvania Retail Federation, Pennsylvania Food Merchants Association, Pennsylvania Business Council “and a group representing […]

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Proposal: No Privatization, But Expand Sunday Liquor Sales

Pennlive reports on a new proposal to end the push to privatize the state-owned liquor stores by modernizing the overall system.