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Jordan Poyer

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Jordan Poyer: ‘I’ll Remember Who Passed Me Up’

Asked for a  moment that could shed some light on the make-up of Jordan Poyer, Oregon State secondary coach Rod Perry pointed to October 6 of this past season against Washington State. Poyer had three interceptions in the game to lead the Beavers to a 19-6 win. It wasn’t the performance that was noteworthy to Perry, but rather what prompted it.

“[Washington State] was jawing at him before the game. That got him fired up,” he said. “What I got out of that is that he is a highly-competitive guy that won’t back down. You don’t want to get him riled up. You don’t want to back him into a corner.”

If it’s firewood he needs, then he should be able to pull an acre’s worth from his draft experience.