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Why the Myth of the Liberal Press Persists

About a year ago, I wrote something nice—or, at least, not overly insulting—about the Philadelphia Inquirer and the need for its continued survival. In response, […]

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Newspaper Union Agreement Reached: The Inquirer and Daily News Will Exist for Two More Years

Three weeks after the Inquirer owners threatened to liquidate the papers and two weeks after Newspaper Guild president and Daily News gossip columnist Dan Gross […]

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Website and Petition to “Save Philly Newspapers” Is Launched

A new website called “” has launched. You can surmise its purpose. According to an email circulated by newspaper guild Executive Director Bill Ross, the […]

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Newspapers, Union At Odds Over Seniority

Dan Denvir reports that the Newspaper Guild believes that Interstate General Media—owner of the Inky, Daily News, and—is trying to sneak a provision into […]

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Newspaper Guild Opens Negotiations With Interstate General

Poynter reports: The Newspaper Guild of Greater Philadelphia and Interstate General Media “agreed to begin early bargaining on a new contract,” Guild Executive Director Bill […]

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Q&A: I Asked Dan Gross to Tell Me What His Awesome New Job Is

Earlier today, Daily News gossip columnist Dan Gross announced via email that he has taken a buyout and will be leaving the newspaper on February […]

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Gun Advocates Fight Back with Strategically Placed Ads

Talk about targeted advertising. The accompanying piece, by the way, reported that February’s Eastern Sports and Outdoor show, held in Harrisburg, will not sell assault […]

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No One is Coming to Save Philadelphia Newspapers

Well, now we know: There will be no white knight to save Philadelphia’s two major daily newspapers. That was always the hope of course, that […]

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Owners Threaten to “Liquidate” Inky, Daily News Without Immediate Union Concessions

The new owners of the Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News are threatening to become the former owners of the Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News unless […]

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After Traffic Court Corruption Report Leaked, Justice Removed From Oversight

Now this is how we do it in Philadelphia! You may remember a few months back, a private report documenting widespread corruption and ticket-fixing was […]

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Richard Ben Cramer, Who Won Pulitzer at Inky, Is Dead

Richard Ben Cramer, widely regarded as one of the best political correspondents of his time, died Monday of cancer. The journalist won a Pulitzer in […]

City Life to Split from Inquirer and Daily News

It’s hard to keep up with all the changes at the Inquirer, Daily News and, what with all the layoffs, buyouts, redesigns, unfortunate staff […]

City Life Sucks Less, Still Needs Improvement

We spend a lot of time in these parts documenting and lamenting the decline of quality Philadelphia journalism, so let’s celebrate and give credit on […]

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Monica Yant Kinney: “The Newspaper Industry Is Getting Smaller”

In yet another blow to the Inquirer’s editorial ranks, must-read metro columnist Monica Yant Kinney is leaving daily journalism for the Ivy-covered towers of Penn. […]

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The Inquirer or the Philly Mob: Which Will Die First?

If you’ve been searching for Pulitzer-nominated mob reporter George Anastasia’s expert coverage of the Joseph Ligambi trial in the Philadelphia Inquirer, you’re looking in the […]