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Mornhinweg: Players Rallying For Andy

Philadelphia Eagles offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg.Marty Mornhinweg never has a reason to walk over to the field where the defense practices.

As the Eagles assistant head coach/offensive coordinator, his job is to work with Michael Vick, LeSean McCoy and the rest of the team’s talented playmakers.

But for obvious reasons, this morning was different.

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Players Provide Details On Garrett Reid, and the Day He Died

Philadelphia Eagles center Jason KelcePlayers shared their first-hand perspectives of the heart-wrenching events that unfolded at Lehigh University on Sunday, providing details about Garrett Reid the man, and the day that he died.

Jason Kelce said they could see the ambulances rushing to Sayre Park dormitories Sunday morning – the first sign for them that something was wrong.

“When I first saw it going to Building C I thought it was one of the coaches, but then we found at it was Garrett,” said Kelce.“When they first told me had passed I didn’t think it was real. You kind of get that feeling like, this guy’s been misinformed; that can’t be right.”

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Eagles Wake-Up Call: Tragedy Strikes Reid Family

I was typing away in the media trailer here at Lehigh early Sunday morning when a fellow reporter and I noticed the team kneeling down […]

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Amid Tragedy, Players Stand Behind Reid

Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy ReidHowie Roseman made the stroll from the Varsity House to his car. The black BMW SUV was parked in its usual spot next to the practice fields at Lehigh.

It was a couple minutes shy of 2:30 p.m., and the Eagles were getting ready to begin their regularly-scheduled afternoon practice. Roseman grabbed his sunglasses and his camouflage hat. He sprayed on some sunblock and returned to the walkway where the players were filtering out. He greeted Jason Avant, put his arm around DeSean Jackson and made his way to the practice field.

Less than seven hours earlier, Roseman was the man who had to deliver the news to the public: Garrett Reid, Andy’s oldest son, had been found dead at the age of 29. Tragedy had struck the Reid family, and the Eagles’ family.

But practice would still go on.

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McNabb, Kolb React To Passing Of Garrett Reid

A pair of former Eagles quarterbacks expressed their sympathies upon hearing about the death of Andy Reid‘s son, Garrett. “I was both shocked and saddened […]

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Lurie Expects Reid Back This Week

Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie addressed the media Sunday afternoon, and said head coach Andy Reid would be back sooner than most people might think. “I […]

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Roger Goodell Issues Statement On Passing Of Garrett Reid

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell issued the following statement following the death of Andy Reid‘s oldest son, Garrett:

“We are deeply saddened by the news about Garrett Reid. Our thoughts and prayers are with Andy, Tammy and their family. We will support them and the Eagles in any way we can through this difficult time.”

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Statements From Roseman, Police Chief, Coroner

Here are the statements, in full, from Eagles general manager Howie Roseman, Lehigh University chief of police Edward Shupp and Northampton County coroner Zachary Lysek.

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From The Archives: ‘A Family’s Struggle’

Andy Reid and his wife, Tammy, spoke about their sons and their family in an exclusive Philadelphia Magazine interview published in January of 2008.

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Eagles Will Hold Afternoon Practice

The Eagles will hold their scheduled 2:45 practice this afternoon. Tragic news came down Sunday morning when it announced that Andy Reid‘s oldest son, Garrett, […]

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Eagles Players React To Garrett Reid’s Death

Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy ReidMichael Vick and others took to Twitter to react to the death of Garrett Reid, son of Eagles head coach Andy Reid. Here’s a roundup.

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Andy Reid’s Son, Garrett, Found Dead

Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy ReidAndy Reid’s son, Garrett, was found dead at training camp, Howie Roseman announced Sunday morning.

He was 29-years-old.

Lehigh University chief of police Edward Shupp said a 9-1-1 call was placed at 7:20 Sunday morning from Sayre Park dormitories. Garrett Reid was deceased upon the officer’s arrival.