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City Life

The Millennial Revolution: We Want to Create

I was talking to a family friend recently who asked me, with genuine bemusement, why it is that my generation—taught by parents like him to […]

City Life

Is Philly Ready for $60 FringeArts Theater Tickets?

It seems like forever ago that we first heard about FringeArts, the waterfront arts venue just across from Race Street Pier. The 225-seat theater was […]

City Life

FringeArts Review: Azuka Theatre’s Dutch Masters

Ah, 1992. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Everyone who was anyone was down with O.P.P. (best), George H.W. […]

City Life

FringeArts Review: Gunnar Montana’s Basement

No one is safe in FringeArts performer Gunnar Montana’s Basement.

The Scene

Fourth Annual Feastival

Rain nor wind nor high humidity could keep 1,500 people from attending the fourth-annual Audi Feastival last night. This year’s event was held on the […]

City Life

FringeArts Review: Saint Joan, Betrayed Is Everything the Fringe Should Be

Last Friday night was a long one. I started out with The Renegade Company’s Bathtub Moby-Dick in Point Breeze at 6 p.m. before checking out […]

City Life

FringeArts Review: EgoPo’s A Doll’s House

Oh dear… Oh dear… Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. It’s all I could think to myself on Friday night as I was walking out […]

City Life

FringeArts Review: The Renegade Company’s Bathtub Moby-Dick

On Friday night — the first official day of the FringeArts festival — I made it to three shows. The first one of the night […]

City Life

FringeArts Review: Dragon Eye’s A Mystery? at Smith Playhouse

On Saturday morning, I took my two kids — ages 6 and 7 — to see Dragon Eye Theatre’s FringeArts production A Mystery? at East […]

City Life

Yes, You Can Do FringeArts With Kids

Philadelphia’s annual FringeArts Festival is now underway, with some ridiculous number of dance and theater shows and events that fall under the oft-maligned “performance art” […]

City Life

FringeArts Kicks Off Today: A Recommendation Roundup

The festival formerly known as the Philadelphia Live Arts Festival/Philly Fringe, now thankfully just “FringeArts,” kicks off today with a blaze of stellar local talent. […]

City Life

Your Complete Gay Guide to the Philadelphia FringeArts Festival

To help you get the most gay for your buck at the 17th annual FringeArts (Sept. 5-22), we’ve combed through the list of shows to find […]

City Life

New FringeArts Venue Books First Shows

The 2013 Philadelphia FringeArts Festival (previously known as the Philadelphia Live Arts Festival and Philly Fringe) kicks off one month from today, and tickets are […]

City Life

Is FringeArts Founder Nick Stuccio Nuts? [Updated]

Philly Fringe festival founder Nick Stuccio is standing in a 10,000-square-foot shell across from Race Street Pier, nearly under the Ben Franklin Bridge. The windows […]


A Look Inside the FringeArts Building

Construction is underway for the the FringeArts  bar/restaurant/theater planned for Delaware and Race Streets. Though it seems ambitious when you look at this photo, FringeArts is aiming […]