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OL Review: How Did Bell And Reynolds Hold Up?

Here’s a player-by-player review of how the Eagles offensive linemen performed after re-watching Sunday’s game against the Ravens.

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Reynolds Takes Over Kelce’s Pre-Snap Duties

As cut-down day was approaching, Dallas Reynolds‘ goal was simple: to not get a phone call.

Every year since 2009, as the team was shaping their roster, he was left on the cutting-room floor. For three seasons he was relegated to the practice squad. His practice squad eligibility now up, it was make the 53 or bust. Fast forward a couple weeks, and the 28-year-old is not just on the team, but starting under center in front of Michael Vick for the 2-0 Eagles.

“I’ve been looking to this moment for a long time,” said Reynolds. “A few years on the practice squad and now to be active and have a chance to play and start, I’m excited for the opportunity.”

It should not be understated how important of a role the BYU product is now filling.

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Life On The Bubble: Behind the Scenes Of Cut-down Day

Philadelphia Eagles defensive tackle Antonio Dixon.For bubble players, cut-down day is all about the phone call. If you go the whole day without one, you have made the 53-man roster. If the phone rings and the incoming call starts with a “215” area code, chances are you are being summoned to gather your things and drop off your playbook.

Just imagine how slowly time ticks by. Or how your stress level shoots through the roof when  your cell phone buzzes because a friend or family member is unaware of the circumstances.

“You go about your day. If they call you they call you, if they don’t they don’t,” said cornerback Brandon Hughes. “You get an unknown number, that’s probably them calling you. I can’t be sitting by the phone all day hoping the Philadelphia Eagles don’t call me.”