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Charles Ramsey police commissioner announces retirement

Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey Announces Retirement

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey will retire at the end of Mayor Michael Nutter‘s term in January, he announced today at City Hall. His last […]

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Report: Ramsey to Retire

Good morning, Philadelphia. Here’s what you need to know today. Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey will reportedly announce his retirement today. The Nutter Administration has alerted […]

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Ramsey Defends Papal Security

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey this week defended the level of security that was in place for Pope Francis’ visit to the city last month. […]

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WATCH: Charles Ramsey Gets Hair Cut, Gets Frank About #BlackLivesMatter, Gun Violence, Ex-Cons’ Rights

Phila. Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey bluntly gave his take on the Black Lives Matter movement while getting his ears lowered last week. The barber-side chat […]

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Brandon Tate-Brown Family Files Federal Class-Action Lawsuit

The family of Brandon Tate-Brown, a 26-year-old man who was fatally shot by police at a traffic stop last year, filed a class-action lawsuit in […]

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Black Lives Matter Activists Drown Out Charles Ramsey

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey was speaking at an event at the Eastern State Penitentiary on Tuesday night, when Black Lives Matter activists disrupted him, making it impossible […]


Why Is Crime On the Rise in Philly?

Homicides are increasing in Philadelphia. In the first half of 2015, police statistics show there were 155 murders, compared to 145 last year during the […]

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Former Narcotics Cops Sue Mayor Nutter, Commissioner Ramsey and D.A. Williams

A group of Philadelphia Police officers accused — and acquitted — of shaking down drug dealers is now suing Mayor Nutter, Commissioner Charles Ramsey and D.A. Seth […]


The Brief: We’ll Soon Know the Names of All Cops Who Shoot Civilians

1. The police department is going to start releasing the names of officers who fire at civilians. The gist: City Paper reports that Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey […]


The Brief: Why Are Minorities Shunning Careers as Cops in Philly?

1. Why does the Philadelphia Police Department have so few minority recruits? The gist: Citified and other outlets have reported before on the race gap in […]


Tony Williams Would Fire Chuck Ramsey and Mayor Nutter Thinks That’s Stupid

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter rushed to defend Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey’s honor after two mayoral candidates said they would fire him during a televised debate Tuesday.

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Here’s the Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed by Brandon Tate-Brown’s Family

The family of Brandon Tate-Brown has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the City of Philadelphia — and is asking for a court to take […]

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Civic League, Williams Want Police Commissioner Gone

If the Guardian Civic League — a group representing Philadelphia’s black police officers — has its way, the next mayor will put a brand-new police […]

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Philadelphia Police Reform: The Path Forward

We’ve heard what the experts think needs to change about the Philadelphia Police Department. And we’ve heard what the feds think, too. But what about the […]

Lynne Abraham Running For Mayor of Philadelphia

The Brief: Lynne Abraham Really Is Staying in the Mayor’s Race

1. Lynne Abraham had a packed schedule of campaign events on Wednesday. The gist: After fainting on live television Tuesday night, the former district attorney got back to campaigning […]