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This Video Production Company Can Help You Create Branded Video Content at Home

Courtesy of VC Productions

As a business, your reputation is as important as the products you produce — how you present yourself matters. Marketing has always been a part of doing business, and nowadays, customers expect the best. 

And in a time when remote work is increasingly prevalent and Zoom calls are the norm, optimizing your video operations has never been more vital. That’s where VC Productions, a commercial, corporate and event production studio based in Philadelphia, comes in. 

“Our mission is to provide an elevated experience in creating content,” says Jon Sherman, VC Production’s creative director and founder. “We want to help clients create content consistently and allow them to connect more deeply with their audiences.”

You probably have your own content strategy and audiences you’d like to reach with your marketing materials, and it’s here that VC Productions  excels. Whether you want to create a weekly video series, produce commercial spots or host webinars, VC Productions is there every step of the way to guide you through the process and offer their expertise.

“The content creation process can be complex, but we always strive to be easy to work with,” Sherman says. “We believe we all do our best work and reach our goals when we work to elevate others.” 

Creating Impactful Content with VC Productions

Courtesy of VC Productions

VC Productions looks at its work with clients as a puzzle. Whether a client is looking to create a narrative or draw more people to its website, there’s a solution to any problem in front of them.

VC Productions has worked with clients across the country in remote and on-site video production, from talking head and training videos to developing intercompany talk shows to discuss the issues relevant to their industry.

Empowering businesses to create content consistently (and more affordably) has given rise to episodic shows like “THE BASH“, featuring BASH Capital’s principals, Matt Bagell and Scott Shaw, where they discuss the economy in a fun framework that is remotely directed, edited, and produced by VC Productions. Check out their latest episode!

In its work with its clients, VC Productions wants to exist as a third arm, striving to learn as much as they can about the industry their client works in. By understanding how a client works best, they can help set them up for success and supply them with the tips and equipment necessary to achieve their goals. 

“We want to have the tools and capabilities and partnerships to address an issue from any angle,” Sherman says. “We’ve collaborated with clients of all kinds to share their stories, impact their audiences and capture their priceless moments.”

Telling Impactful Stories 

Courtesy of VC Productions

“Every piece of content has to tell a story,” Sherman says. “Storytelling is the best way to create an emotional and memorable reaction or connection to an audience. We advise people to lean into who they are — authenticity is more important than anything else you can do.” But marketing is also about getting a return on investment. Fortunately there are so many new tools that brands can use to tell their story, and VC Productions is focused on helping businesses use any and all that make sense for their brand.

Take VC Productions’ work with Clark Capital, a family- and employee-owned investment management firm in Philadelphia working with financial advisors across the country. Before starting work with VC Productions eight years ago, they hadn’t done much internal video. The Clark Capital team was impressed by some of the work they had seen VC Productions produce with its other clients, and formed what is now a long-lasting partnership that has lasted throughout the pandemic.

And now, in working with the VC Productions team, they’ve produced company overview videos as well as a quarterly look at the markets they serve to help show their clients that they are an authority to be trusted. 

“VC Productions is fun to work with,” says Patty Quinn McAuley, the senior vice president and head of marketing at Clark Capital. “They really take an interest in your brand and bring the best out of your employees. Every time we speak with them, they’ve got another tip to up our game. They’re very focused on producing a great product.”

Preparing for the Future

Courtesy of VC Productions

In order to optimize your video production, it’s important to be aware of the resources at your disposal. When VC Productions partners with their clients, they let them know how to make their videos look crisp and clear, whether that’s in a client call, a livestream or an informational video. This collaboration became especially important during the pandemic, as the VC Productions team guided their clients in the transition through an especially uncertain time. 

And while slowly but surely companies are returning to the office, it’s more likely than not that most will operate under a hybrid work model. That means that their remote operations will need to remain as evolved as their in-person capabilities. 

“People are still going to continue to need functional, high-quality setups to work and connect remotely,” Sherman says. “We’re seeing people investing in sprucing up their home and their background, so that when they’re on Zoom in their homes, they come across looking better and more professional.”

VC Productions has the tools and expertise to ensure this professionalism. In a time when there’s a lot of unknowns as to what the future might hold, having established systems becomes all the more important. 

“But it’s not just about looking good on Zoom,” Sherman says. “It’s also about finding scalable ways to create bingeable content for your audience. The businesses that create relevant content to connect with their audience are going to outperform those who don’t. These virtual tools make it more accessible so that everyone can create content more easily; we just want to help them do it.”

For more information on VC Productions and how it can help you with your video operations, head here.