The Flwry, Philly’s First Floral Subscription Service, Is (Almost) Here and It’s Awesome

Twenty lucky people will be able to get in on the action before its official launch.

I’ve often talked with my friend Carrie about one of the extravagances we’d indulge in if we were very rich: fresh bouquets of flowers all over the house, replaced as soon as the blooms start to wilt. (Peonies, if you’re interested.) An investment in something that will eventually die feels very indulgent, which is why it also makes a terrific gift (i.e. something for her that she would not buy for herself).

The Flwry is Philly’s first-ever floral subscription service, and it’s the brainchild of Nicole Paloux and Nicole Rossi. It works much like a CSA: Members can choose from once- or twice-monthly bundles fresh, locally grown flowers, which can be picked up at a number of local pickup spots (think: cafes, coffee shops, etc).

Head to Philadelphia Wedding for full pricing details, and take note: While they aren’t taking subscriptions until late April or early May, The Flwry is offering 20 early memberships right now. Want to get in on it? Email to secure your stems.