Study: Do Couples Who Snuggle Have Happier Marriages?



If you think it’s romantic to cuddle up with your beau and remain snuggled through the night, good news: A new study says partners who sleep touching each other are happier than those who don’t.

Our friends at Be Well Philly report that researchers at University of Hertfordshire in England found that 94 percent of couples who sleep so that they’re touching say they are “happy” with their relationship, while only 66 percent of people who don’t touch could say the same thing.

The further apart couples slept, the less happy with their relationships they reported being: Of the one-inch apart sleepers, 86 percent of couples who said they’re happy; when the gap grew to 30 inches, only 66 percent of them reported happy relationships.

This is all pretty surprising to us, because, well, who can sustain cuddling positions, comfortable body heat temps and that much proximity to snoring/sleep breath overnight? So, dear reader, are you a snuggler or do you need your space? Tell us in the comments and take Be Well’s poll!

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