Rude Facebook App Declares Your Prime Marrying Age Whether Or Not It’s Already Passed

PW-FB marriage app

Screenshot of Time’s lovely and judgmental new Facebook app via

So today in The Myriad Ways Facebook Makes You Feel Bad About Your Life, Time magazine would like to present an app that investigates your Facebook life and the Facebook life of your Facebook friends, and then tells you when you should get married—or, sad trombone, when you should have gotten married.

My target marrying age is 24 days away, so whew. My trusty intern is screwed, though—she’s got 7 days left. Good luck with that, Jessica.

Obviously, one need not even read Time‘s methodology in order to grasp that one should probably take this little experiment with more than an ocean’s worth of salt grains—so if you’re interested in a different and perhaps more accurate type of equation that will present to you your prime marrying age with Facebook-crunched numbers, let us please recommend the one offered on Jezebel.

Now if this thing manages to announce that your target day is actually your future wedding date, then I’ll pay attention.

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