VIDEO: Moment-Stealing Dude Makes Internet Angry With His Today Show Proposal

PW-today showOof.

I honestly think I could show you this video and just leave it there, with no other commentary beyond oof, but, well, I guess I’ll give it a little intro, at least.

This lovely girl, Simone Jhingoor, was on the Today show this morning talking with Al Roker—or so she thought—about the work she does with the Women’s Housing and Economic Development Corporation when her boyfriend Chirag Shah appeared and, well, proposed I guess is the term you’d use, but I could come up with a few others, I think. (As could many websites the Internet over, today. Here. Here. Just Google around for a minute.)

The body language alone is enough to make you shudder. Here’s hoping he’s really amazing in non-proposal moments—?—and that this all works out, um, the way it should.

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(Simone did, later in the day, come to her groom’s defense, though, the record should show.)

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