Ohio Dad Sells First Edition Spider Man Comic to Help Pay for Daughter’s Wedding

In a story that is making the Internet freak out, a darling dad in Ohio, who had been getting a little worried about the cost of his daughter’s wedding, stumbled upon a jackpot in his own attic: a stash of comic books from when he was a munchkin!

Turns out, one of those comic books was a copy of the first ever “Amazing Spider Man,” which he got for $.12 in 1963. That 12 cents turned into $7,900 when he sold it online—which then turned into a large chunk of his daughter’s catering bill, which he was thrilled to be able to contribute to.

The story is everywhere, today—as are, not surprisingly, the comments. They range, as you can probably imagine, from people being extremely touched by this man’s adorableness and generosity and love for this daughter, to being horrified and outraged that the daughter would allow this, that catering even costs this much, and in general, that weddings are ridiculous and stupid and extravagant and out of hand.

All non-involved peoples’ opinions aside, though—everyone who is actually involved in this story seems quite happy with how everything turned out, and that is all that really matters. Don’t you think?

What’s more, Darling Dad has now realized he can use the other comic books in his jackpot stash to pay for some home improvements for he and his wife, so it’s most definitely an extra happy ending.

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