Juice Your Way To Bridal Beauty

Photo courtesy Erika Ianoale.

Last spring, we filled you in on the Catalyst Cleanse—Philly’s very own contribution to the juicing craze that was earning rave reviews from our staff (in fact, a few more of us have done it since then!) and healthy-minded people across the city. Because while a juice cleanse isn’t going to magically (or permanently) erase a huge amount of lbs from your hips, thighs and rear, they can be a great way to jumpstart more balanced eating, a diet, a new workout program, or just a general commitment to a more healthy lifestyle. Actually, juice cleanses are an awesome way to do all that—which makes them extremely popular among brides trying to whip themselves into shape for their Dress day—oops—we mean wedding day.

So it’s happily, then, that we share with you the news of another Philly-based juicing company! Our friends over at Be Well Philly recently chatted with Erika Ianoale, an esthetician at Rescue Rittenhouse Spa who last year created Pangea Earth Foods, a line of organic, freshly pressed juices available for consumption in whatever amount you feel like consuming them (read: You don’t have to order a cleanse with these; you can buy one while you’re dashing around the city running errands, or have a bunch delivered right to your door).

Read all about Erika’s fab juice here—then let us know if you try them! We love hearing about the ways brides make small changes in their lives during the planning/getting dress-ready months before their wedding to get toned, fit and healthy the right way—and your fellow brides do, as well!

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