Bride-to-Be Blogger Danielle: A Bridal Beauty Regime

I am not a girly-girl.  I mean, I have a girly side, but I can only handle so much primping and preening before I go break a nail playing softball or installing something with power tools. I don’t like to put on makeup, so I often don’t wear it. So clearly I scoffed when all those wedding checklists told me to “begin a beauty regimen.” However, I am still a little vain.

I’ve struggled with my skin since I was 16. I’ve tried practically everything: dermatologist-prescribed washes and ointments, antibiotics, and until recently, I used Proactiv. Until I saw some photos (not by my awesome wedding photographer — amateur photos with no editing) and realized that I had some serious hyper-pigmentation. I also was not particularly happy with the results of the latest product, so I was feeling self-conscious all around. The last thing I wanted was discolored and broken-out skin on my wedding day.

So I marched myself over to my favorite local spa, Juju, and made an appointment for a facial. The esthetician told me that it was not that bad. I’d been over-exfoliating, but it was not irreversible. She recommended a small handful of organic products to hydrate, brighten and help me get in top form, so none of the photos from my wedding will have a trace of my damaged skin.

The day after my facial, Tim and I went out to dinner. I put on my usual dab of concealer, a swipe or two of bronzer and a touch of lip gloss. After we ordered Tim looked at me and said, “Wow babe, your skin already looks so much better.”

Who’s scoffing now?

Are you following any “beauty regimes?” What prompted you to put one in place? Do you have a beauty isue that you worry about overshadowing your wedding day?

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