6-Year-Olds Will Be in College When Temple Plays Oklahoma

Temple and Oklahoma announced the teams will play a three-game series in football. The last game is in 2028.

Hooter the Owl leads the team onto the field during an October 10, 2015, game against Tulane at Lincoln Financial Field.

Hooter the Owl leads the team onto the field during a game last year at Lincoln Financial Field.

The Temple football team is on a bit of a hot streak. The team opened 7-0 last year, beating Penn State, and finished 10-4. The Owls may be moving up in the football world. And yesterday Temple announced a three-game series with Oklahoma, a traditional football power.

“We look forward to starting a series with a great program like Oklahoma and hosting the Sooners in Philadelphia,” Temple University Director of Athletics Patrick Kraft said. “Our goal is to continue to schedule the best games possible for our program, alums and the college football fans in the city.”

Since Temple is punching up here, the Owls will play two games in Oklahoma and one at home at either Lincoln Financial Field or wherever the team plays by that point. That’s because the games are well in the future. Here’s the schedule:

  • August 31st, 2024: in Norman, Oklahoma
  • September 13th, 2025: in Philadelphia
  • September 2nd, 2028: in Norman, Oklahoma

Got all of that? This series runs from 2024 to 2028. Who knows where Temple’s football team will be then? The Owls could be a powerful team playing in an on-campus stadium. They could also be back to also-ran status, perennial losers in a crappy league nobody cares about.

And, yes, that’s right: The players who will play in this series of three games in Oklahoma are currently little kids. Some six-year-old running around the Philly area right now will probably step onto the field in Norman in 2028 and play for Temple.

The two teams have met twice before; Oklahoma beat Temple, 9-6, in Oklahoma in 1940. Temple won, 14-7, in 1942 in Philadelphia. The players on those teams are now in their nineties.

Amazingly, Temple bumped LSU out of a scheduled home-and-home with the Sooners. Temple: More important to a traditional football power like Oklahoma than Louisiana State! The Owls really are moving up in the world.

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