NATIONAL NEWS: President Obama Predicts That AIDS Can Be Ended By 2030

Plus: Christian rocker Trey Pearson comes out of the closet.

President Obama reflects on 35 years of HIV/AIDS in America.

On Sunday, President Barack Obama issued a public statement acknowledging the 35th anniversary of The Center for Disease Control’s first report on HIV/AIDS in America. “The past 35 years tell a story that bends from uncertainty, fear, and loss toward resilience, innovation, and hope,” Obama said. “Over these 35 years, American ingenuity and leadership has shaped the world’s response to this crisis.” The President also mentioned his implementation of the nation’s first comprehensive National HIV/AIDS Strategy with updates extended through 2020. And while growing numbers have impacted sections of the community, he also acknowledged that “the global community is committed to ending this epidemic by 2030.” “While there is more work to do — the economically disadvantaged; gay and bisexual men, especially those who are young and Black; women of color; and transgender women all continue to face huge disparities,” Obama added. “I’m confident that if we build upon the steps we’ve taken, we can finish the job.”

Christian rocker Trey Pearson came out as gay publicly this week sparking backlash from the faith community.

Popular Christian musician Trey Pearson came out at as gay last week. The 35-year-old singer previously came out to his fans in a letter stating that “I never wanted to be gay … I was scared of what God would think and what all of these people I loved would think about me.” Pearson told the press he first revealed his truth to only a few close friends, including his wife of seven years, before he told a passenger he drove around during his part-time job with Uber. The passenger was a writer for the Ohio magazine 614 Columbus named Travis Hoewischer and Pearson opened up to him for an exclusive interview. “There is a weight that has been lifted, and I have never felt so free,” Pearson told Hoewischer. “I cannot even believe the joy and lightness I feel from being able to accept myself, and love myself, for who I truly am … but I have also lost some of the closest people in my life.” While Pearson has enjoyed coming out, there have been negative reactions from the Christian community. Right-wing faith blogs have called Pearson’s announcement a “tragic choice,” with some also offering a “personal prayer” for him. Pearson is the lead singer for the Christian rock group Everyday Sunday which has released several successful albums, including 2009’s Best Night of Our Lives that impressively broke onto the Billboard Top 200 as a faith-based record.