ActionAIDS to Invade Center City Rush Hour on December 1

After this week’s Charlie Sheen interview, it’s clear that our population still has grave misconceptions about HIV/AIDS and how it impacts individuals. However, long before Sheen’s interview, ActionAIDS was planning an innovative street campaign scheduled to deliver factual information about those living with HIV/AIDS.

To commemorate on World AIDS Day on December 1, staff and volunteers from ActionAIDS will take to Philadelphia streets during the busy morning rush hour to enact a guerrilla advocacy campaign. Teams from the organization will be stationed at Market East, Suburban Station and City Hall starting at 7:30 am and will distribute 5,000 copies of an HIV/AIDS awareness publication to commuters. The document will contain information about AIDS awareness, prevention, and advocacy according to representatives from ActionAIDS.

Also highlighted in the campaign is the ActionAIDS “Linkage Program,” which provides resources to incarcerated clients. According to ActionAIDS, “When former inmates stabilize their health care, medication regimen, and linkage to social services, they have a better chance for a productive future.”

Executive Director Kevin Burns added, “We are very proud of our Linkage Program, which has received national recognition…Our model assists clients to access a range of services in the community and provides support during and post incarceration.”

For more information on ActionAIDs, visit their website.