WATCH: Ratmobile Invokes Pope Francis Outside Comcast Center

IBEW Local 98 cites a 2013 Pope Francis homily about "slave labor" conditions after NBC 10 technicians and photographers went on strike.

Last Thursday, NBC 10’s technicians and photographers went on strike. On Friday, IBEW Local 98 leader John Dougherty said two union members picketing were hit by cars driven by NBC 10 employees. Later that night, the Giant Inflatable Union Rat was spotted outside the Comcast Center.

Today, it’s back. And along with it, an appearance of the Union Ratmobile, an actual car tricked out to make it look like a rat. And they have a message for Comcast.

NBC 10, who is owned by Comcast, refuses to give its photographers and technicians a fair contract. NBC 10 rejects Pope Francis’ message, and I quote, “By not paying fairly and not giving me a job because you are looking to make a huge profit, that goes against God.” Please tell Comcast, the parent owner of NBC 10, to be fair and respect the holy father’s wishes. Put families first.”

The (only slightly paraphrased) quote comes from a homily Francis delivered in 2013. Vatican radio quoted the pope criticizing companies interested in “selfish profit” after the horrific building collapse in Bangladesh that killed 1,129 people. The pope was talking about “slave labor” in that address, but maybe the point holds.

A flier passed out by IBEW Local 98 today criticized the high salaries for Comcast executives, but didn’t ask anyone to stop work or deliveries. It’s your standard Union rat protest — only this time, with a papal theme.

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