Former Sister’s Mogul Opening Toasted Walnut Bar

But, according to one report, it's not a "lesbian bar," so to speak.

Via Shutterstock

Via Shutterstock

Last November, we found that Denise Cohen, former Sister’s mogul, had submitted an application for a liquor license at the old Hokkaido restaurant. Therefore, we put the pieces together, based on our former reports, that Ms. Cohen might be opening a new lesbian bar in the space.

Well, we were mostly correct: She’s opening Toasted Walnut Bar in the old Hokkaido, but, according to a report in PhillyVoice, don’t call it a lesbian bar. Cohen told them:

“There’s no space for women right now, and we won’t be a lesbian bar, but we will be there for everybody…There’s certainly plenty of places for [LGBT] people to go now. It’s not like the old days where women went to women’s bars and men went to men’s bars; it’s very mixed. People come together. So our entertainment will be geared toward women, but not exclusively. The programming will be a range of events.”

This is quite interesting as Franky Bradley’s (which is, ironically, located at the home of the old Sister’s nightclub) has become something of a “melting pot” in the ‘hood. It appears that Toasted Walnut will echo in that same vein.

You can read the full PhillyVoice article here.