5 Reasons Why I Deleted Grindr

Honestly, #GirlBye.

Yes, I deleted Grindr, and, yes, I’m single.

It honestly was so freaking cathartic to see that little orange box vanish on my iPhone (and iPad, too) that it got me thinking why I didn’t get rid of the app a long time ago. Like Facebook, Grindr has become almost a prerequisite for gay dudes and I’m not entirely sure why. Sure, there was some novelty when it first came out, but that soon vanished, partially because of the app’s competition (Scruff, etc), and partially because, well…it was just getting old. It felt good to get rid of Grindr, and I came up with five solid reasons why it was so easy for me to kiss the app goodbye.

1. The Absurd Amount of Fake Profiles: Yes, there were always fake profiles, but since the turn of the year, the abundance of obvious fraud schemes was out of control. Sure, I was getting messages all of the time…from bots that were 2,583 miles away and used profile pictures from porn websites circa 2001. Speaking of profile pics…

2. They Didn’t Approve One of my Profile Shots: The Grindr admin didn’t like a picture of me wearing gym shorts doing a downward facing dog. But, they’ll approve someone’s pic wearing neon pink assless Andrew Christian briefs…

3. You Nasty: The total and complete pig nature of people started to get uncomfortably freaky. Okay, sure, tell me I’m sexy, but, um, newsflash: Introducing yourself by saying, “I want you to come over so I can f*ck you til your dead” isn’t quite the best way to start things. (And you wonder why you got blocked…)

4. Point Blank: I Just Wasn’t Meeting Good People: Before you start to freak out, I’m not saying that there aren’t good people on Grindr, and I have heard stories about future husbands meeting on there, yadda yadda yadda. However, for me, I was having a prolonged bad streak, and I’m not quite sure that the app provides the best way to meet people, even for a one-night stand. When it’s just as common as Facebook, everyone is on there. In short, its uniqueness factor has worn off.

5. The Awkwardness! It Burns!: I was so sick of all of the strange social situations that Grindr was causing, and I don’t think these are terribly unique to me. Case in point: at my old apartment complex, the man who lived across the hall from me with his wife would constantly message me. The day after the first time he Grindr’d me, the three of us got in an elevator together. #awkward