WATCH: Atlantic City Fire Chief Drops Pants at City Building

Dennis Brooks, who is on leave as chief of the department, says the video "doesn't show anything."

Atlantic City has released surveillance footage that shows fire chief Dennis Brooks dropping his pants briefly at the Public Safety Building. However, he says the clip “doesn’t show anything.”

Brooks was placed on leave earlier this month. A week ago, the Press of Atlantic City obtained a letter accusing the chief of dropping his pants.

The letter, written by a woman working the metal detector at the building, said she “asked Chief Brooks to remove any metal objects before going through the metal detector … Chief Brooks then proceeded to undo and drop his pants and advised [the woman], ‘I am having a bad day.’”

In the video, the person identified as Brooks walks past the security guard at the entrance, then returns and eventually drops his pants to the bottom of his thighs. He pulls them right back up. Afterward, he shrugs his shoulders and talks with the security guard at the metal detector.

An outside counsel has been appointed to look into the case; the decision should come in a few days. The woman’s lawyer told NBC 10 she wants Brooks reprimanded, and hasn’t decided if she will sue.

“Standing there in his underwear,” attorney Sebastian Ionno told the station, “one of the highest ranking members of the Atlantic City government.”

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