Sixers Acquire Draft Pick They Can Use if the NBA Still Exists in 2020

The 76ers made a trade yesterday, shipping Brandon Davies to the Nets for cash, a 2020 second rounder and Andrei Kirilenko (who won't play for them).

While NBA players may all be wearing exosuits like in that Jonathan Lethem short story by the time they can use it, the Sixers made a trade yesterday to acquire a draft pick in 2020. Heck, let’s hope the NBA still exists then!

The Sixers traded Brandon Davies to the Brooklyn Nets for Andrei Kirilenko, the right to swap second-round picks in 2018 and a 2020 second-rounder. The Sixers also got cash. More assets for Hinkie! Won’t you be excited when the Sixers make that extra second round pick in 2020, if you’re still alive then?

So why no mention of Kirilenko?

Reports say Kirilenko won’t ever suit up for the Sixers. He’s an older, solid player, you see, and those don’t currently fit into Philly’s plans. Since he didn’t fit into the Nets plans, this was a salary dump — the Sixers used their extra cap space to help the Nets, and picked up some future considerations in the process.

But maybe not! Per CSN’s John Gonzalez, the 76ers are attempting to get AK47 to stick around. If you can believe it, he’s pissed at being dealt to the worst team in the NBA.

But wait, there’s more! USA Today’s Jeff Zillgitt says Kirilenko is unlikely to play again this year.

Kirilenko signed a two-year deal with the Nets in 2013, but fell out of new coach Lionel Hollins’ rotation early this season. A family issue keeping him in New York, as reported by Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski, kept his value down.

The Sixers may also get Jorge Gutierrez, a Cal grad in his second NBA season, in the deal.