Patrons at Chinatown Restaurant Dine, Blast and Dash

A group of nine patrons threw firecrackers, then skipped out on a $90 check. No one was hurt.


Dim Sum Garden | Google Maps

This was not your usual dine and dash. A group of nine patrons at Dim Sum Garden on Race Street in Chinatown set off firecrackers before dashing from the restaurant.

The incident, which happened on Friday night, is being investigated by police. No one was hurt.

The Inquirer’s Michael Klein reports a witness says the dine-and-dashers were captured on video and one of them had called to make a reservation.

So, yeah, sounds like a bunch of stupid kids? Especially since, with a group of nine, the $90 bill was only $10 each plus tip. If you’ve made the decision to go out to dinner, you can afford 10 bucks.

This is the Dim Sum Garden on Race Street in Chinatown and not the original location on 11th Street. The owners of the two locations have been in a dispute over the name since September 2013. The case was last in lawyers’ hands.